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Hello there! You recently made a bunch of good recommendations on a deck I had in progress, 'Abzan Attempt', and was wondering if you had perhaps seen another deck I added called 'Ghave's Minions...meant to be an almost successor to the first attempt. If you have, forgive me for bothering you, if you haven't--would you mind perhaps taking a look? I would appreciate and feedback you may have for me. :) Have a nice day!

May 29, 2017 4:33 p.m.

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Well, tbh, it doesn't seem you've quite grasped the concept of Ghave yet. as a heads up heres and the decklist is here on tappedout.

Soo, where to start. I guess you want to build a mildly competetive Ghave control deck. That said, Ghave is actually a great combo commander, as you will see if you read the primer and the decklist. However a friend of mine currently runs a controlly version of ghave since he lacks the cards to make it full on combo style. Still wins through combos like Geralf's Messenger + Ashnod's Altar + Ghave and so on. Or infinite ETB's with Altar+ Karmic Guide + Reveillark + Triskelion. Sooo In this comment I will give you some control cards to work with. I'd suggest you just look up the combos you wanna put in, since it really is faster and better. If you wanna stay beat down, thats fine too, however not quite as strong.

Now to the control part:

You want to use the tokens you produce as a resource. You create and sac tokens to stuff in a way that gains you mana or boardpresence directly. Since lots of creatures are gonna ETB and die every turn you wanna profit from that as well.If you have Ghave, Guru of Spores, Aura Shards, Death Pact and Ashnod's Altar out on the field you can for the price of 1 colorless mana: 1. Destroy target Artifact or enchantment. 2. Gain 2 colorless mana. 3. Make every opponent sacrifice a creature.

If you have Doubling Season or cheaper(and therefore better) Parallel Lives out you will generate permanent value during that process(you get 2 tokens and only sac 1). In fact if you just add Parallel Lives to the above equation you can generate have infinte Tokens enter the Battlefield and die, Destroying all your opponents permanents that are neither Lands nor Planeswalkers. If you throw Blood Artist in there, you win.

Also you really wanna play every single 1 Mana Mana Dork (e.g. Llanowar Elves, Elvish Mystic,...) you can. They provide the best accelleration and if threatened you just sacrifice them to Ghave instead. And if you hate counters play Grand Abolisher. Find your stuff with Green Sun's Zenith and the likes and yeah.

That said, with Ghave you are quite in the middle of the Beatdown and Control Deck in terms of playstye. During your turn, you play out some of your permanents, but if you don't have the kill you leave about half you mana open for Ghave's and other abilities. You use these either at the last end step before your turn, or in response to removal. Since you are black, green and white, getting stuff out of your grave is easy, so you don't want it exiled. A Path to Exile on Ghave, simply makes 5 tokens for you. Trying to kill one or two of your mana dorks makes Ghave bigger.. and so on.

Look at the ghave list above and tune it down to your playstyle and throw some infinite token combos in there, google for cards that trigger whenever something ETBs or dies and you're good to go I guess :)

May 27, 2017 11:08 a.m.

Ghave should be WAY BETTER on this list. on /r/competitiveEDH he's listet ultimate tier. Sure that's for 1v1 but all his kill cons are infinite combos, and since he really doesn't care much about opponents, he just plays solitaire and wins. First he rams(no target) with manadudes and ramp and casts Ghave on T3. Then wins on T4/T5 with some infinite combo(he has several). Even if he gets disrupted, he just has about 5-7 Infinte Win Combos that overlap partly, making the deck REALLY HARD to beat.

TL;DR: Ghave should be Tier1 or Tier0

May 22, 2017 12:18 p.m.




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