Shapers' Sanctuary


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Rare

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Shapers' Sanctuary


Whenever a creature you control becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, you may draw a card.

Shapers' Sanctuary Discussion

Darth_Savage on Thuneitude

1 day ago

Your best source of card advantage in white and green is Planeswalkers, white in particular, because it has answers to every permanent type, doesn't get card advantage. Outside of Planeswalkers, Mentor of the Meek exists, it arguably is a break in the colour pie, but it exists. Cards like Shapers' Sanctuary are unlikely to help, your opponent is more likely to use a sweeper than targeted removal, though that is more of a game two consideration. Scattered Groves gives you an easy cycling option for when you don't need the land and is probably a better choice than Fortified Village.

A note on Rule of Law, it hoses Izzet Phoenix and most combo decks like Twiddle Storm or Possibility Storm / Fires of Invention. It deserves a space in your sideboard if not the main. I'd be tempted to run Ajani, Mentor of Heroes as one of your win conditions, most decks fold if you gain 100 life.

Profet93 on Xenagos, God of Beatdown

3 weeks ago


+1 I read the primer, while I knew a lot of the stuff you mentioned as a Xenagos player myself, it was refreshing! I noticed you put dense folliage and plated slagwurm out of the deck, is there any particular reason? I found the reasons in the primer convincing.

As you mentioned in your primer, the worst thing that can happen in a Xenagos deck is having a blowout, getting your creature killed in response to a draw spell. Unfortunately, my meta is FILLED with interaction and spot removal, which is Xenagos's achille's heel. City of Solitude is an allstar in my list, stops blue as well. How would a Xenagos deck deal with a meta that's filled with interaction and spot removal? That's my biggest question for you. I personally don't run extra combat steps for this reason because they only help when I have a creature which sadly isn't that often despite having 31 creatures in the deck BECAUSE I become such a target. For whatever reason, people are afraid of Xenagos :D Another weakness is control decks which are just a bad time for us. While I don't run it in my list, have you considered Prowling Serpopard or even Spellbreaker Behemoth as tutorable ways to deal with blue?

Want to rack your brain regarding recursion as well. Mimic Vat is a very interesting card I never considered by will do so seriously thanks to your primer. I feel like it's exactly what I need to deal with ALL the spot removal in my meta. I added Reap the Past as well as E=wit and greenwardern. The warden might be overkill, but he works nicely with Berserk effects, that way I don't mind if they use spot removal on him.

I'm astonished you are running Thran Dynamo over Skyshroud Claim . Both can be used the same turn, but dynamo gets shut off by your own collector off and opposing null rod effects, not to mention it can get blown up. Skyshroud can color fix you as well, but thats rarely and issue for G/R players.

In your primer you mention Joraga tree speaker is like a green sol ring, but he doesn't actually "ramp" you. Play him T1, Level up T2, you have 2 green mana, no more than you would have had without him. I don't like him outside of elf-centric lists.

Voracious Hydra - Acts as a beater with trample and built in removal, or he can just get HUGE.

Decimate - 4 cards blown up for 1, huge value and can be played prior to Xenagos to clear the field. Note: You do need 4 targets, but you can always target Xenagos for the enchantment should none be on the field.

I noticed you run Return of the Wildspeaker . I think I might replace my Garruk, Primal Hunter with that. Thank you for that, I like how it's instant speed so you can use it in response to removal instead of having to pay ! Speaking of draw, have you considered The Great Henge ? Can cost just , buffs your dudes, gains you life and most importantly draw you cards. It might be better in a deck with more creatures, but I thought it worth noting nevertheless.

What are your thoughts on Shapers' Sanctuary ? Since the deck folds to spot removal, this comes down early and draws you cards. I'm going to add it to my list.

Embercleave seems weak, even with Godo tutoring it onto himself, and Xenagos + equipment buff, it becomes 8/8 trample doublestrike, so 16 damage at most for 6 mana seems weak. This doesn't take into consideration that you might draw into the equipment prior to drawing into Godo, which would suck because you would need to pay a higher cost since the deck doesn't go wide as you noted in your primer. Maybe consider Mage Slayer as well or even as a replacement? That way you're not as reliant upon Godo.

Under your section of cards you don't play, I disagree the following....

  1. You should run Berserk ! You won't cast it unless it will kill them and most of the time, it does, at least in my experience. There's nothing better than berserking a Lifeblood Hydra which you should add as well. It provides lifegain and more importantly card draw.
  2. Tooth and Nail - 9 mana for 2 creatures from your deck/hand? It's amazing with value creatures like E-wit or green warden although you don't appear to be running either. Another option is Archetype of Endurance (which has been an ALLSTAR in my deck) and a beater.
  3. Kozilek, Butcher of Truth - Part of me agrees with you, your deck doesn't have that mana capacity per say since your curve is low for Xenagos. The other part of me sees a 24/24 Draw 4 Cards, Annihilator 4, it won me the last few games.

Overall, I'm very impressed by this list. This seems like a beast to play against. I made my Xenagos deck's CMC higher rather than lower to the ground because that would just exacerbate how threatening I am to the table and I choose to sacrifice speed for late game resiliency. Whenever you get a chance, I would appreciate it if you could take a look at my Xenagos list Bro, or should I say, Xenabro

Profet93 on Elf Rush

4 weeks ago

Shamanic Revelation - Draw, draw, draw your boat! Gently to their deaths....

Collective Unconscious - Strictly worse than above but redundancy is useful

Primitive Etchings - With 1/3rd of your deck as creatures, this can put in some value.

Lurking Predators - Similar to above

Regal Force - Tutorable creature to draw cards

Tooth and Nail - Not budget, but can tutor up Regal Force and something like Eternal Witness (add 100%) to draw bunch of cards and do again.

I see some cuts so if you want more feedback, lmk. This list seems interesting. Also, Shapers' Sanctuary is a card?! Thank you for bringing that to my attention, will go lovely in Xenagos!

lagotripha on Mono B Vampire

1 month ago

As a tribal list which gets incidentally hated out, its never going to be tier 1 competitive, but you can cover for a multitude of sins with hand disruption and planning.

Cordial and aristocrat really like 1 drop vamps. Gatekeeper/bloodline like a more midrange style, sometimes with drana to back it up.

If your meta has a lot of burn and decks you can race, go for the 1 drop lifelink vamps route, hit fast and pack a sideboard that hates out the most common combos. It will get hurt hard by midrange/control, but can crush the right meta.

If your meta has a lot of midrange, there is a 'grind the game out' style with bloodline keeper, premium removal, and cards that offer a lot of value like Gifted Aetherborn . The battle is that its diffucult to run tribal 'midrange' without Aether Vial , which is super expensive.

Mono black is light on artifact/enchantment removal, which is why players tend to diversify into other colours.

Green for Hardened Scales might never be as strong as artifact lists, but is more resistant to hate while access to key removal like trophy or decay covers its biggest weaknesses. In addition, Collected Company substantially improves the speed you can drop creatures on the board, while Shapers' Sanctuary helps patch up value matchups.

White gives access to key lords and cards like Legion's Landing  Flip, allowing a far more consistant tribal strategy, as well as fringe strategies like Rally the Anscestors drain. Naturally, also artifact/enchantment removal

Red gives access to a bunch of weird innstrad stuff, lords and discard strategies. The venerable flying brick Falkenrath Aristocrat is seen less now due to the meta's speed. It also answers Ensnaring Bridge which is useful.

If you are seriously looking at playing vampire tribal, look at porting to pioneer (if there is a playerbase). All its key cards are in the format, and the lack of fetches/vial is likely to make the format slow enough for tribal lists to run well. Wait for the first wave of bans and see what it looks like.

jerleg on Mono Green Stompy 2019 Primer

1 month ago

Hi neolions.

Thanks for the comments and recommendations. I'll try and address all of your points one by one.

Let's start with Hexdrinker . He's nice as a mana sink but otherwise is a Dryad Militant with no text. I understand once you pay to level up a couple times it becomes "good", but my problem is I dont want to have to pay more mana just to make it playable. This is assuming it's not killed in response to the last level up attempt before pro instant (which I understand is just worst case but still something to think about). In addition once you do get it to pro instant you can no longer use pump spells on it if it's the only lethal unblocked creature which is also a problem. All this in addition to the power of Dryad Militant itself. I say this because it's the most likely slot for Hexdrinker . Dryad Militant exiles random key cards from certain matchups that just makes things so much easier. Ex: Creeping Chill , Conflagrate , Past in Flames , Lava Dart ...

Next up Pithing Needle is a generally useful card as it can be brought in against many different decks. I've definitely played it in other iterations of this deck. I like Shapers' Sanctuary as it provides card advantage against removal heavy decks like jund and control so that you can keep producing threats.

I very much dislike Force of Vigor as you have to lose out on a card to even use it. Stompy cannot overcome losing out on an extra card that could be another threat or finisher spell. I understand that the loss of the card is ment to be used in a do-or-die situation. If you need it to simply slow down your opponent and it's not do-or-die and just on the spot removal then you lost out on an extra card.

Finally, Relic of Progenitus . I actually quite like your recommendation here. The incidental card draw does seem super relevant from graveyard hate. I like Wheel of Sun and Moon as it's a permanent that provides decent devotion in addition to the graveyard hate. It is almost a joke, but it can also be helpful against mill. I'll probably test out Relic of Progenitus once I'm done testing with Once Upon a Time and Syr Faren, the Hengehammer (dont want to be testing too much at the same time otherwise it's hard to attribute successful tests properly).

Hope this answers your questions. I appreciate you commenting and choosing this primer to discuss Stompy.


neolions on Mono Green Stompy 2019 Primer

1 month ago

Hello, I would like to drop by and recommend a couple of things. First thing, is there a reason Hexdrinker is no included? Second, I recommend Pithing Needle in the sideboard instead of Shapers' Sanctuary because your creature output is never going to stop usually and a planeswalker, artifact, Urza, etc. are hit hard with a pithing in this meta. Also, the inclusion of a Force of Vigor could be the difference of life and death in the tron match up so I recommend that too. Another is the graveyard hate, mono-green aggro wants to make their ccontrol elements as painless as possible so I recommend Relic of Progenitus over Wheel of Sun and Moon because of the card draw attached. Thank you for listening to my recommends.

Simerix on Grow your Greens

2 months ago

I like the overall idea. I'd cut cards like Verdant Embrace and Prodigious Growth because their CMC is too high for your mana base and are slow for the speed of your deck. Avacyn's Pilgrim is probably better for our deck that Llanowar Elves .

Tranquil Expanse is a really bad land. Try cheap dual lands such as Sunpetal Grove . Better lands will make sure you get your 2 drop out on turn 2. Fortified Village is another good option.

Shapers' Sanctuary is a good sideboard card. I don't know if I'd run it in the mainboard.

Look for ways to give your creatures indestructible or hexproof. Gods Willing works pretty well, but you are susceptible to board wipes.

CantEvenMagic on Aggressive Mammoth Makes Life Difficult

3 months ago

I am going to get rid of a few cards; 2 Talons of Wildwood an Aid from the Cowl a Shapers' Sanctuary a Thicket Elemental and a Feed the Clan .

I'm curious on what I should replace those cards with. I definetely want more consistency with a few cards, like Larger Than Life but also some removal, which would help this deck out tremendously.

Thanks for any help!

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Shapers' Sanctuary occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.03%


All decks: 0.01%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%