Shapers' Sanctuary


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Rare

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Shapers' Sanctuary


Whenever a creature you control becomes the target of a spell or ability an opponent controls, you may draw a card.

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Shapers' Sanctuary Discussion

Hexaflexagon on GW midrange setup

1 day ago

Have you tried Sunpetal Grove? They won't rotate out, and they almost always come in untapped if the only lands without a basic land type are 4 of them. Otherwise, you might want to consider Lyra Dawnbringer if that's your thing. I'm not a big fan of Shanna, Sisay's Legacy as the point of your deck is to go big, not wide. You don't have any token producers, so that reduces your chance to get her like 8/8 or something.

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This is my copy of the deck. Additionally, you have 59 cards, so don't be afraid to add in another Aggressive Mammoth or something else.

Good Luck!

OberstHati on GW midrange setup

3 days ago

Hmm, i don‘t see the Control Aspect, making this Deck midrangy, it‘s more of a Aggro/Stompy Setup. The whitesplash only for Shalai, Voice of Plenty doesn‘t make sense imo, so -4 Druid of the Cowl , +4 seal away, -2 Pegasus, +3 Ixalan's Binding, -3 Shapers' Sanctuary +2 Settle the Wreckage6-7 plains, 12-13 Forest. When Blossoming Defense rotates consider Make a Stand? Cheers, C

kysg on Is it possible to put ...

3 days ago

Boza No that idea wouldn't work for bigger midrange cards...because that sounds more like a midrange approach and I don't think that would work very well...hexproof can still get exiled and deathtouched so the only viable card I would pick from that group is carnage tyrant because of it's threat.

landofMordor I think the same can be said about any deck when Settle the Wreckage is involved, but would you use Spell Pierce or Negate to counter it though? I mean UW + splash of green should have an answer here I think.

beyond that should have potential with this deck from a GW standpoint are smaller cards that turn into big threats later and you should be able to load up a lot of enchantments.

Druid of Horns/Deeproot Champion/Shapers' Sanctuary/Blossoming Defense/Talons of Wildwood

Jedne2 on Take on Me - Eric Prydz

1 week ago

Okay, take two with the new commander.

Shalai wants to go wide with a lot of tokens, then to pump them up with her ability, as you get a whole load of hexproof tokens that get +1/+1, so I will recycle the rhetoric I used with Trotstani about tokens. You should probably think about abusing a go-wide strategy.

I playtested this deck 5 times, you have a serious problem with a lack of card draw. I playtest until turn 8, and you were consistently running out of cards. If you wish to assemble your Avacyn, Angel of Hope + Platinum Angel + Shalai, Voice of Plenty + Tajuru Preserver combo, you need draw and tutors. For reference, my wizard deck combos off pretty reliably by turn 8, most combo heavy decks will combo off by turn 4 at the earliest, turn 10 at the latest.

Okay now to the cards:

I repeat myself with Soul Warden You'll want her two sisters, I named them in my last comment.

Elvish Mystic et al. is nice, you are in green, so you may want more ramp past a few dorks.

Shapers' Sanctuary erm... your commander gives everything bar herself hexproof. You won't be using this effect often at all.

Naturalize does too little. If you want enchantment/artifact hate, go for reusable rather than spot removal.

Elemental Bond and Triumph of Ferocity the draw is nice, but the card is better suited in a big stuff deck or in a deck with etb abuse, your deck isn't quite a bigstuff deck, but if you added more powerful creatures then it'd be better.

Krosan Grip same comment about naturalize, if you're going to keep one, keep this one due to split second.

Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist wants you to play in a go wide token strat too.

Aura Shards I'd be careful with playing with this, it is a very strong card.

Harmonize is fine, I do suggest you add more drawpower to your deck though.

Rhox Faithmender while great in a trotstani deck, does not do much for you in this deck, as you do not have all that much lifegain. Including the faithmender, you have 4 creatures which give you some form of lifegain.

Wrath of God interesting include, considering that you are very reliant on your own board state.

Genesis is sort of meh, you don't have much 'yard shenanigans so it's not really worth it. May as well just use Eternal Witness

Asceticism Your commander already does this. This is not useful in the deck. If you want Shalai to have hexproof, give her Lightning Greaves or Swiftfoot Boots

Terminus is fine, but again, you're very reliant on your own board state, so I'm not sure you want to include boardwipes...

Nissa, Genesis Mage is expensive and pretty bad compared to other nissa walkers. There are far, far better nissa walkers.

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite is a fantastic card, especially for tokens.

Reya Dawnbringer is very expensive for what she does. THere are cheaper ways to recur in white/green... if you even want to do that.

In the end, I feel like you've chosen two commanders now which really want to push you into a token strategy, and you've included some cards which are fantastic for token decks, and yet you have not built a token deck.

You really, really need more drawpower and ramp if you want to stay on your semi-combo big angels strategy.

If you want to go for angels, why not go angel tribal?

Ryx on Rekindling Glory V2

2 weeks ago

Sideboard (for now):

I'm not entirely sure on most of the numbers here, this is much more of a rough sketch. But one of the big reasons for the manabase having so much green is to facilitate sideboard options like Prowling Serpopard whenever there's countermagic that also works as a fairly decent-sized body for the cost. Sure it's no Steel Leaf Champion but it's probably a little much to ask GGG of this deck. Goblin Chainwhirler is probably a little more feasible in that regard, and possibly something I do want to include somewhere in the 75, to punish x/1 decks.

Sweltering Suns is a 3-of because there's just enough floating around that I really, really want to be able to sweep the board if I have to. An argument to be made for Hour of Devastation but that does a number on my board too compartively.

Vine Mare is also in that double-green camp, to be brought in against basically any black-based deck. It can get awkward if I bring this in along with Suns, but there's also the potential to curve suns into horse and just run over a zombies deck.

Shapers' Sanctuary is another one of my pet cards that I've toyed with in the main in the past. In the right match-ups, this is a green ancestral recall. In paper I like to keep a die on it for my own sake, to keep track of how many cards it draws. The fact that it's only a single mana is its biggest selling point, being able to drop it turn one or two and then start deploying threats. I even use them against the aggressive red decks, because I can usually find a turn to slip it in.

Lifecrafter's Bestiary - Aka: Pokedex, one of the most absurd cards this deck can play in a long, grindy game. You end up with lots of land in play, get a scry 1 before your draw, and the ability to make every creature into a cantrip on cast...

Struggle // Survive - This was once part of the maindeck, but the key difference between it and Spit Flame is the ability to kill Bolas/Steel Leaf on turn 3. These are for dealing with Scarab God and Torrential Gearhulk, along with any huge creatures that're too big for other means... although I probably won't be killing Giantosaurus or Ghalta with one anytime soon.

Nethereon on Stompy

3 weeks ago

Your sideboard is all over the place. You shouldn't have 15 different cards. Expect to lose to certain match ups, then optimize the ones you believe you can beat post sideboard. No reason not to run 2 or 3 copies of Wetball, i.e. Damping Sphere. If you're getting blown out by Souls tokens, there's something wrong. You should be able to just run them over, especially with Steel-Leafs. I like Obstinate Baloth but Kitchen Finks is more efficient and it adds the same amount of devotion as Baloth. You'll lose 2 life on the EtB trigger, but your opponent will have less incentive to kill it because of the persist trigger. Melira doesn't really belong here unless you really think you're going to see a lot of infect.

Torpor Orb turns off your Avatar of the Resolute and the evolve mechanic on Experiment One. It's such a narrow card that I don't think you really need it. Spyglass is fine. Commit to either Relic or Surgicals, but not both. In a creature heavy deck, I would say it is probably better to consider Shapers' Sanctuary for the card advantage. Nothing hurts worse than having all your threats removed, and never having anything left to finish the game. Corrosion is a great choice for your Affinity match up. Are you running Back to Nature for your Bogles match up? If that is the case, then why not Spellskite? It's a creature, it will steal the enchantment, or it can eat a piece of removal. If you play Choke as one of that's fine, but otherwise I don't see the need for it.

The_Cardinal on Mono Green Stompy

3 weeks ago

I like the deck ! I've seen a lot of green Stompy decklists and this one seems pretty unique. About the post-rotation : Rhonas can become more Ghalta's, or maybe.. Have you heard of Prodigious Growth ? It could help finishing the games if the opponent plays control. Then : you lose Rhonas' monument. That's kind' sad. I don't know how you could replace it. Blossoming Defense is the same, no card is a good as it in Standard. Since Heroic Intervention is gonna go, why not Shapers' Sanctuary ? It could help agaisnt Control Decks. About the 3 Serpopards : replace them by one Silent Gravestone and 2 Broken Bonds. Both would be so good in your deck. Have fun playing your dinosaurs !

x600NitroXpress on Steel Scales

3 weeks ago

Fetches and Ravagers are a little out of my budget right now, I put the last of my money into buying four Steel Overseers. I was considering running some Fatal Pushes in the side instead of the Shapers' Sanctuary and Etched Champion. The sneks might make it into the main after I pick up a couple Thoughtseize for the main, but every single creature in the main is a construct and I really like that synergy.

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