Bristling Hydra


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Rare

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Bristling Hydra

Creature — Hydra

When Bristling Hydra enters the battlefield, you get symbol:esymbol:esymbol:e (three energy counters).

Pay symbol:esymbol:esymbol:e: Put a +1/+1 counter on Bristling Hydra. It gains hexproof until end of turn.

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Bristling Hydra Discussion

PI3L0V3R on Build em up, break em down

3 hours ago

Id recommend dropping both Scrapper Champion, Servant of the Conduit and Bristling Hydra. Scrapper and Hydra eat the needed energy that you want for your Electrostatic Pummeler. You can replace Them with Thriving Turtle, Aether Theorist, and either Fabrication Module or Woodweaver's Puzzleknot. The first 2 creatures I listed are low cost, can be used as chump blockers, and Aether Theorist is a good way to scry until you find the cards you want. I also recommend that you drop 1 of both Botanical Sanctum and Rootbound Crag and toss in 2 Evolving Wilds. Land tutors might seem like ass but in a tri color deck where you are running only 2 Islands and Mountains, you might find your self locked out of those colors. I understand that they both give you the colors you are short of, but I run an energy deck of my own and find that the Evolving Wilds has been a lot more useful than those types of lands. Thirdly, find something that you dont like in the deck or doesnt work out for you and try to toss in 1 or 2 more Harnessed Lightning.

excasteal on Trojan Horses

2 days ago

I would move the Authority of the Consuls to the sideboard and the Bristling Hydra to the main, though you don't have a strong energy package so I'd probably then change out the hydra for Ripjaw Raptor. Authority is really bad against control and midrange, you mostly want it against aggro and the tokens decks. You already have the sunwing mainboarded against those decks anyways. You may also try Tocatli Honor Guard as a hedge against control, GPG (completely wrecks them), and even energy since it still shuts down slows down their energy production and card draw from servants, virtuosos and rogue refiners. I would also highly recommend Solemnity in the board to shut down energy decks almost completely.

Pieguy396 on Esper Control

5 days ago

Hey there! Sweet deck! As you mentioned in your description, Dovin Baan is a little bit of a strange choice here. While he's one of my favorite pet planeswalkers, I really don't think he has much of a place in Standard. Your opponent can just remove all of the counters from their Walking Ballista in response to it being targeted, and they can activate Bristling Hydra to prevent Dovin's ability from resolving. I know that some other Standard players have had success with Tezzeret the Schemer in Esper Control, have you considered him at all?

Delta-117 on Tips for FNM?

1 week ago

Yes, you will want to construct your deck preferably around multiples of certain cards. This makes the deck a lot more consistent in what it is trying to do.

Also become aware of sideboards if you arent already familiar with those. This is where outside your main deck you are permitted to have an 15 additional cards that in your 2nd or 3rd game against an opponent whether you have won/lost are allowed to swap cards out for. You will want to have your 15 card sideboard contain cards that help shore up some weaknesses that your deck may have. For example, in your first match maybe you have a deck that has an issue with dealing with artifacts/enchantments, or perhaps evasive creatures with keywords like flying and, in your second and or third rounds it would never a good idea to swap in some cards that might help you deal with this issue. So you might have cards like Nature's Claim or Manglehorn to deal with noncreature permenants, or in the example of flying creatures you might have something like Plummet.

I have 2 standard decks anyways, one is a deck based around the energy mechanic. In my sideboard I have included things such as Duress, Gifted Aetherborn, Yahenni's Expertise and Lost Legacy. If Im against a deck that plays a ton of removal and such I generally will put 3x Duress into the main deck to help protect my creatures like Verdurous Gearhulk from dying. Or if Im against decks with creatures that can get quite big, I.e. Bristling Hydra or Longtusk Cub J might consider playing Gifted Aetherborn to gain a little bit of life and kill big threats. Yahenni's Expertise I use if Im against real swarmy decks that flood the board with a lot of weak creatures. Lost Legacy I formerly have used to deal with Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger who use to be a big problem for this deck when it was still in standard.

Then my deck based around winning with Approach of the Second Sun, in its 15 card sideboard features Authority of the Consuls if Im against an aggressive, creature heavy deck to slow them down, and then it plays Negates if Im worried of my opponent possibly trying to countermy Approach of the Second Sun.

I think I have said enough for now, and I hope this is of help to you.

Asphodel on You have no library anymore ;)

2 weeks ago

Seems spicy! Any particular reason for the sideboard Deeproot Waters ? Without any Merfolk to trigger them, they literally do nothing. Might I suggest cutting them, moving Spell Pierce to the sideboard instead, and bringing in a few mainboard Essence Scatters in their place? With only 8 creatures in this deck, I'd be less worried about noncreature hate, and more about whatever problematic creatures your opponent could bring to the table (especially something like Bristling Hydra, which dodges every removal spell in this deck, given enough Energy). Baral, Chief of Compliance also seems somewhat questionable in this deck, seeing as you only have 6 mainboard counterspells. It might be worth trying to squeeze in some number of Minister of Inquiries (mills 6 total, chumps in a worst-case scenario) or Seeker of Insight (again, blocks well, but can also draw cards somewhat reliably) in his place.

FullmetalWes on Why Play GW Energy?

2 weeks ago

@Rex_JB24 I love being able to stop spot removal so those are also good. Spells to protect (Heroic Intervention is perfect against board wipes) plus Bristling Hydra with his own hexproof makes the hydra nearly unstoppable, but that's why I have to be careful to watch out for Settle the Wreckage. Thanks!

wyatt0781 on Pumping the pummeler

2 weeks ago

You should take out two Honored Hydras to put in a fourth copy of Bristling Hydra and Electrostatic Pummeler, the two cards are crucial for a Gruul aggro decks victory. A few other cards like Tilonalli's Skinshifter seem to just not have a place in this deck, I would take them out for a fourth Lightning Strike, a fourth Attune with Aether, and you could replace your Invigorated Rampages with four Built to Smashes

wyatt0781 on Pumping the pummeler

2 weeks ago

Bristling Hydra. Electrostatic Pummeler, must haves for any green red energy deck, you should also run two more Lightning Strike, you also need Attune with Aether, and honestly you just need more ways to get Energy. A pummeler on turn 3 can turn into an easy kill if you do it right.

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