Bristling Hydra

Bristling Hydra

Creature — Hydra

When Bristling Hydra enters the battlefield, you get symbol:esymbol:esymbol:e (three energy counters).

Pay symbol:esymbol:esymbol:e: Put a +1/+1 counter on Bristling Hydra. It gains hexproof until end of turn.

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Bristling Hydra Discussion

JostinFrutz on $100 Jund

4 months ago

Hey Chasmolinker, thanks for the reply! The meta is extremely creature heavy. That's why I'm running Harsh Scrutiny in the mainboard (which I might replace with a Despise instead), with a third Duress in the sideboard to swap out when needed. We calculate based on the price on MTGGoldfish and I'm at $102 right now (, so you're probably right about Inquisition of Kozilek

We only have one burn-ish deck (which also happens to be me running a mono-red prowess variant), so I feel like lifegain can live in the sideboard for now (e.g. Pulse of Murasa & Spike Feeder ). I chose Grisly Salvage over Pulse of Murasa because I was getting mana-screwed pretty regularly. The cheap land package is really difficult to do in these particular three colours. But, Grisly Salvage is a card that I can use when I need to grab a land or when I want to grab a potentially game-swinging threat. And, I feel like since I'm not running fetches or anything that tosses things into the graveyard Pulse of Murasa will only grab low-cmc creatures that I had played earlier in the game rather than massive hulks that can swing things in my favour. That being said, Pulse of Murasa may be better in the late game, but worse in the early game (which is where I have trouble).

As for Aether Hub , I've felt like it's value is extremely dependent on getting Winding Constrictor or Glint-Sleeve Siphoner out. If you are desperate and have to use its energy counter, Aether Hub can be a dead land due to the high number of coloured spells in the deck. That's why I cut one. But, when it goes off, it really goes off! TBH, the land base is where this version of the deck really struggles (as well as the reliance on the Winding Constrictor / Glint-Sleeve Siphoner combo). So, any additional thoughts on these issues would be super helpful!

Bristling Hydra is a super interesting addition and might help with my Aether Hub problem. I'm worried it might be a bit slow and isn't a big enough payoff in the 4cmc slot. Greenbelt Rampager might also work in here. I honestly am not sure about either of those. I'll give it a shot either way!

Champion of Lambholt might also be a bit slot. On turn 4 and beyond, the plan is basically to play one big creature a turn (hopefully). So, I feel like Champion of Lambholt won't grow fast enough. I think you recommended Managorger Hydra in a comment thread earlier. Do you think either of these is better than Sprouting Thrinax in this deck?

Also, do you have a preference between Phyrexian Revoker and Pithing Needle ? I guess the threat and the ability to grow Scavenging Ooze with Phyrexian Revoker isn't worth the vulnerability it has as a creature. Pithing Needle is probably the better choice.

Other cards I've been thinking about: Domri, Chaos Bringer , Domri Rade , Chandra, Pyromaster , Arlinn Kord  Flip, Vampire Nighthawk

Chasmolinker on $100 Jund

4 months ago

Hey JostinFrutz awesome list. What are some of the other decks in your playgroup? Is the card pool Modern legal only? I like Pulse of Murasa over Grisly Salvage . It really helps against burn. Duress is probably better than Inquisition of Kozilek due to the budget constraints.

I would tend to go towards a more energy focused list for the budget. Bristling Hydra comes to mind. I’d cut a swamp for the 4th Aether Hub and probably cut Harsh Scrutiny for Duress . You want to win by having bigger threats than the opponent in this scenario. Champion of Lambholt could be fun with the +1/+1 counters over Sprouting Thrinax .

SB I would squeeze Pithing Needle in there somewhere.

Looks like a lot of fun. I might expand on this on my page sometime soon.

Sarios254 on My take on RG Pummler

10 months ago

The first suggestions are for ur landbase, I think u allready know them and didn´t bought for buget reason, but a solide landbase is important for semicompetitive play at FNM.: - 4x Stomping Ground - 4x Wooded Foothills - 4x Copperline Gorge

Thats a standard aggro/midrange 2clolored competetive manabase.

I would defenitly include 4x Lightning Bolt

Aetherworks Marvel isn´t a good card for this deck there are deck entirly build around it to cheat heavy creature´s into play like this one: My Friendo Emrakul Turn Four!!!. The problem with you´re deck is energy is really only playable in modern with Aetherworks Marvel as a combo piece for giant Eldrazis/Hydra´s, etc. At my FNM you would get wrecked by almost every deck, I know how that feels I came to a Modern Tournament with a casual standard deck at first, it can be really frustrating :D.

Here are cards I would cut for strictly more powerful alternatives:

Boza on Is it possible to put ...

1 year ago

Well, satyr is not good enough to warrant an enchantment deck by itself. It is not the wincon you are looking for. However, I think any hexproof creature is a big payoff towards that goal. Currently, Palladia-Mors, the Ruiner, Vine Mare, Carnage Tyrant and Bristling Hydra are the best targets for loading up with auras for an alpha strike. If you combine any of the above with Onward // Victory, it is an instant win (vine mare and hydra may require an +1/+0 from an aura).

In short, no Satyr is not good enough. You need many other effects of the sort in order for an cnchantress deck to be born.

Pal00ka on

1 year ago

I'd highly suggest adding in Cultivate, etc. for ramp; Inspiring Call for card draw and protection; Armorcraft Judge for card draw; Bristling Hydra nice body and makes a +1/+1 counter; Fairgrounds Trumpeter could get big easily; Retreat to Kazandu +1/+1 counters just for playing lands; Durable Handicraft for more +1/+1 counter generation; Abzan Battle Priest, Abzan Falconer, Ainok Bond-Kin, Tuskguard Captain, and Longshot Squad for great keywords; Regna, the Redeemer because you have a bunch of life-gain effects for her to make an army all on her own; and ways to close out the game like Overwhelming Stampede, etc.

As for a few cuts: Danitha Capashen, Paragon does very little work with only 6 relevant spells; Resolute Archangel is expensive for her effect and has no synergy with +1/+1 counters; Surrak, the Hunt Caller I do not see haste for one creature being a huge deal, this seems to be a more slow build-up strategy; and cut it down to 36 lands plus ~10 sources of ramp (that is what I do at least).

Fun looking budget build, good job!

SereneTsunami on GRN Sultai Muldrotha

1 year ago

Yea, I don't know why I think Jade Guardian is so much worse then Bristling Hydra. It looks so plain, but it's a much better "Boggle" then the Hydra.

clark1424 on GRN Sultai Muldrotha

1 year ago

I think its too board state dependent. We do need cards that are good on their own. Well, we just want to replace Bristling Hydra with a card with built in hexproof that is either cheaper with almost the same power level or same cost with equal or greater power level in my opinion.

clark1424 on GRN Sultai Muldrotha

1 year ago

Actually, i just need to replace Bristling Hydra post rotation with a creature that has hexproof and is cheaper to cast than Jade Guardian. Otherwise, i might go for Ripjaw Raptor in the main.

Regarding Thorn Lieutenant, i think the card stays in the deck regardless of what happens in the next set since a 2/3 body with replacement effect (if targetted), and a built in pump is great.

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