Deeproot Waters


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) None

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Deeproot Waters


Whenever you cast a Merfolk spell, create a 1/1 blue Merfolk creature token with hexproof. (A creature with hexproof can't be the target of spells or abilities your opponents control.)

Deeproot Waters Discussion

Pheardemons on The sea's rage is a mere glimpse of our power

5 months ago

Thanks for the help and additional info Senomar. I will definitely look into Fallowsage as that has real synergy.

The other two I've considered, but may not be enough for the deck. At three mana, I am casting Kumena or another spell that drastically alters the board ( Deeproot Waters , Intruder Alarm , Arcane Adaptation , ect.). Silvergill Adept just seems a little underwhelming for EDH. I will definitely take them into consideration based on the level you play, though. Thank you again for your insight.

krkinsella8 on

6 months ago


Thanks for taking the time to look through this deck!

I had Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive thrown in at first because of how much I struggle with getting creatures out at the start of the game. I found this to be because I didn't have enough mana/get enough mana at the start, so I would always get squashed. I am planning on swapping that one out when my new cards come in.

I also find that Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma to be really helpful because it helps me cast more than one creature per turn. I like to use a lot of heavy hitters, so Goreclaw seems like a must have for me. Even though my deck doesn't have a TON of +4/+x in it, Goreclaw herself is still a +4/+3, so it's a decent card to have out even if I don't benefit from the first ability. Additionally, because I play against a mill deck 50% of the time, I feel like I see a lot of my +4/+x come up more often than when I play against other, non-mill decks, so her ability does help me a lot of the time. I also think using her second ability will help when I have a lot of Merfolk creatures out that have been buffed to or passed +4/+x

I also just purchased Deeproot Waters ! I tried to include a lot of card draw because of my commander, who gives me unlimited hand size (and hand size reflects her power and toughness). I have a few more cards coming in that should help with that! I will have to investigate Benthicore , thank you for the suggestion! I like that I could tap two low hitters and get a 5/5 to hit with instead. I also appreciate the feedback you gave on cards that would work with my commander, like Library of Leng and Reliquary Tower . The Venser's Journal you suggested seems like it would work well in my other deck, too! I just added Spellbook and Venser's Journal to my checkout list! My partner has a copy of Thought Vessel he is willing to give me.

I am going to remove Etherium Sculptor and Padeem, Consul of Innovation because I don't have many artifacts.

I really, really appreciate the time you took to not only reply to what I've got going on, but by also looking through my cards and considering what would make the deck better and by suggesting cards that would improve upon it! It did not come across as rude in the slightest. I value your feedback and can't wait to improve my deck!

Klazen on

6 months ago

One card I really don't like in this deck is Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive . It seems like you want to pump your merfolk up a bit, but if you do that, Tetsuko's unblockable anthem isn't going to work anymore. Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma 's first ability isn't great in this deck since you've only got 5 creatures that she can actually reduce the casting cost of. I'm betting that when you get her out you probably only see 1 of those creatures appear during a game, unless you get really lucky. That said, I do like her second ability in the deck if you're able to pump your small creatures high enough. In your experience, how has that worked out? Are you able to pump multiple creatures up to power 4 or greater in a reasonable amount of time?

What I do like is your decision to include a lot of card draw and small creatures. I think lots of small creatures is definitely the way to go. I'd suggest also adding in some more tokens. I'm a huge fan of Deeproot Waters for this deck. It's got synergy with all the little merfolk you're running, and creates so many more of them. On top of that, it's an enchantment, and your friend is playing blue and black, which lacks in enchantment removal. Seems like a natural fit for your deck. If you want to keep Goreclaw around, but also want small creatures, consider Benthicore .

I'd also recommend adding in some more "no maximum handsize" spells. You've got options, and some are better than others. Library of Leng would be awesome here against that mill deck, and it's super fast to get onto the board. Also it doesn't cost an arm and a leg in terms of real world dollars. Reliquary Tower is a classic that I include in nearly all of my decks, and I've always liked Thought Vessel for its added colorless mana ramp, but if that's too expensive to purchase, Venser's Journal and Spellbook also do the job, but without quite as nice of a bonus effect (or any bonus effect at all, for Spellbook). I'll mention one more that is in your colors, but is a creature (and therefore can easily be removed), Graceful Adept . The thing here is your commander comes out pretty late, so getting the "no maximum handsize" effect early (so, low converted mana cost) will make it so that you can keep all of the cards you draw before she gets into the battlefield, making her that much stronger when she gets out. Also, if she gets removed, you're not going to want to have to discard 20 cards.

I like your idea with Oran-Rief, the Vastwood , putting counters on creatures as they enter the battlefield. I do that in one of my decks. I'd also suggest Novijen, Heart of Progress , to double down on that strategy. Llanowar Reborn can also give a single creature a +1/+1 counter. That may or may not be worth the "Enters tapped" part of it for you. It was for me, but that's because I have counter doublers and things like that in my deck.

I don't really like Etherium Sculptor in your deck with the lack of artifacts. There are only 5 in your entire deck. That's also really hurting Padeem, Consul of Innovation 's value. You either need to add in more artifacts (with moderate to high converted mana cost) or get rid of those cards.

I hope this helped, and I hope it didn't come off as rude or anything. I'm just trying to find some synergies and improvements for your deck! Good luck to you!

Senomar on Olivia Leader of Madness

6 months ago

Judith, the Scourge Diva is nice and Bedevil seems OK :) In this fast format my dude you'll never play 3 CCM cards such as Theater of Horrors that does nothing when it arrived on the battlefield except if the draw back is really really really huge (cf Deeproot Waters in my Kumena deck). Won't even talk about Captive Audience ... Unplayable in duel commander.

sylvannos on Newbie needs help getting into ...

7 months ago

Is this the Fish deck you're using?

Merfolk return

Standard* Farel


The reason you're losing is you're not playing the two strongest cards for the deck (which are also the reason you play the deck in the first place)!

Those cards are Deeproot Waters and Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca . You should have 4 of each. I'd recommend the following decklist:

4x Breeding Pool (or Simic Guildgate if you're on a budget)
5x Forest
4x Hinterland Harbor
6x Island
4x Unclaimed Territory

2x Benthic Biomancer
4x Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca
4x Kumena's Speaker
4x Merfolk Branchwalker
4x Merfolk Mistbinder
1x Merfolk Trickster
4x Mist-Cloaked Herald
4x Silvergill Adept
1x Tempest Caller
3x Watertrap Weaver
1x Zegana, Utopian Speaker

Other Spells:
1x Spell Pierce
4x Deeproot Waters

2x Carnage Tyrant
4x Dive Down
1x Merfolk Trickster
1x Sentinel Totem
1x Shapers' Sanctuary
2x Sorcerous Spyglass
2x Spell Pierce
2x Thrashing Brontodon

You should have no problems steamrolling non-red aggro decks, control, and have okay match-ups against midrange. You won't beat RDW/Burn, so if you get paired up against them don't sweat it if you lose. R/W variants are easier to beat. Just keep Goblin Chainwhirler in mind and don't get 10-for-1'd by overextending with 1/1s.

Spell Pierce and Dive Down laugh in the face of boardwipes (like Deafening Clarion or Settle the Wreckage ) because you can often just go full HAM and keep 1 mana open, which will force your opponent to tap out for the wipe. They get BTFO'd and you kill them anyway.

Watertrap Weaver and Tempest Caller can often end the game just by creating so much tempo, especially against decks that rely on smaller amounts of large creatures.

You should still get a Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca even if you decide to play EDH because he's a powerhouse of a general.

TinkererEDH on Merfolk simic assecencancy

7 months ago

Seems like you'd want 4 x Deeproot Waters and only 2 x Simic Ascendancy . Why? Because of deeproot elite, which should also be a 4x. Get your tyrants out and it'll be hella difficult to deal with, but the card draw, from the hexproof tokens and then the +1/+1 counters from tyrant's third ability gets sick. Plus, with your Merfolk Mistbinder s, they grow big, quick.

I like it.

Hexaflexagon on Simic Standard Merfolk

8 months ago

Hey Skyler1776,

Thanks for another comment. Sorry this reply took so long, I was caught up in remaking another Standard deck.

For Deeproot Waters , I have better things to do on turn 3 then cast an enchantment that will be removed in most games and effectively does nothing.

Jadelight Ranger just feels a bit too clunky and slow. For Emma Handy, Incubation / Incongruity used to be a playset of the Jadelights. But after finding she needed more removal (as the deck had none), she added Incubation.

Hadana's Climb  Flip is bit like Deeproot Waters if you don't have two or three counters on something (impossible if this is a turn 3 play). It'll just get removed.

I think Tempest Caller is worse than Sleep because Sleep gives me two turns to beat down the opponent with littl to no oppsition, where Caller only gives us one.

Thanks again,


Skyler1776 on Simic Standard Merfolk

8 months ago

Our of curiosity, why no Jadelight Ranger , Deeproot Waters , Hadana's Climb  Flip, or Tempest Caller ? All seem sweet additions that are low curve yet powerful.

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Deeproot Waters occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%