Trial of Ambition


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Uncommon

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Trial of Ambition


When Trial of Ambition enters the battlefield, target opponent sacrifices a creature.

When a Cartouche enters the battlefield under your control, return Trial of Ambition to its owner's hand.

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Trial of Ambition Discussion

Chino90 on Dream Acid (U/B Enchantments)

2 days ago

I made a similar deck last week. But used Cartouche of Knowledge and Trial of Knowledge as an alternative way to bounce Trial of Ambition and draw extra cards. But never thought about Cloudstone Curio, which is a better option overall. Having discovered that, Spreading Seas seems a better alternative to the cartouche, and Trial of Knowledge can be replaced with.......- and this is janky AF, but could work wonders-... Colfenor's Plans! Get an extra undiscardable hand each turn! Bounce it at the beggining of your upkeep for no drawback, cast all the spells you need, then play it back at the end of your turn to get back acces to your exiled spells. Though you will be restricted to 1 spell on your opponents turn. But meh, you aren't playing DRAW-GO, since your game revolves around enchantments, so...

Maybe Brain Maggot could be helpful aswell.

Another janky synergy would be Colfenor's Plans. gives you an extra undiscardable hand each turn with no drawback.

Murphy77 on Counter-Terrorists Win

1 week ago

Make Obsolete is in conflict with Solemnity. I would consider replacing it with a cheap creature (like Dread Wanderer), but would also like to see some Trial of Ambition in this deck as extra creature-hate.

PloughedJester on -1/-1 Counters Everywhere (under $20)

1 week ago

Hey gabriel, mind if i pick your brain for the whole nickel? You have some good points that I really agree with and some that I don't quite get, so I bet I'm missing something and could learn from your ideas...

1/1s that do nothing are just ok imo, so I'm not sure why nest of scarabs beats out the eternals. What makes it so amazing in your eyes? Just curious. More chump blockers?

The cartouche for 3 gives a -1 counter, a plus to your creature and lifelink, possibly a deathtouch snake, and possibly multiple life lost and gained with the spiders... I think that's worth 3, not to mention it bounces all of your Trial of Ambitions back, adding massive creature control potential. Why exactly is it underpowered in this deck?

Regarding the artifacts, I feel the point of the monument is the lifeloss, and the reduction in cost is just a bonus whereas the vault is more useful as bonus playpower per turn once you're in that 1/2 cards in hand phase of the game since relying on it to topdeck your PW will likely never happen since influence tutors for it. I kept it in despite removing the 3 6+CMC cards just for the fact that it's effectively a bonus draw/play and i've basically killed the instant speed in my build to fit the channelers and grind/dust. I also dropped the green crocs to make room for the eternals, making the monuments a little better.

Did I change your mind on any of these? what overall changes might you make?

Hyperalgialysis on Torment of Death

1 week ago

To imrpove it, we can add Essence Extraction to remove a threat and gain some much needed life. I also think Harsh Scrutiny is a must have against that red deck. Don't forget Dead Weight either. That deck is so fast that you basically need to answer everything it can cast right away. I think 24 lands might be a bit high considering your curve is so low, maybe try 22 or even 20. If you have Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet he is really good against that deck especially since he survives Abrade. Trial of Ambition is a second good way to get rid of Hazoret the Fervent. If you don't have kalitas make sure you toss in a couple 4 or 5 toughness creatures since they survive almost all of red's removal. Mindwrack Demon and Silent Skimmer come to mind at 4 toughness and relevant evasion. You could toss in 2 Ob Nixilis Reignited as another win condition and run 22 land, just swap out some removal and sideboard it back in against other match ups like g/b counters and mardu vehicles.

landofMordor on Blood In The Nile

1 week ago

Hey friend. Love this deck idea, especially the Torments. I think it has some teeth and you'll be able to slaughter control decks with it. Your problem here is probably matchups against aggro decks that can empty their hands onto the battlefield before you can empty it into the grave.

To that end, I would concur with a previous poster that sweepers are great, such as Yahenni's Expertise, maybe Bontu's Last Reckoning, or Sweltering Suns. Maybe adding in Trial of Ambition/Cartouche of Zeal over some of your more conditional removal would also help. I would prioritize making Dreamstealer connect over some other forms of discard/removal -- Khenra Eternal and Cut / Ribbons come to mind as cards that could be replaced with a playset of Dreamy and Cartouches to help him connect. Zeal, in particular, means you can sweep on T3 and then land Dreamy and swing for 3 discards on T4. That hurts way more than Glorybringer in my opinion (though I wouldn't cut all your Glories).

For sideboard, Abrade is huge, as is Magma Spray and Glorybringer. I'll keep thinking and let you know if I come up with anything else. Best of luck, and cheers!

TheWrongBunny on Black Death

2 weeks ago

have you thought of Torment of Scarabs? i was thinking maybe instead of Trial of Ambition

Atroxreaper on Scarabs and snakes

2 weeks ago

Not to bad what about Trial of Ambition

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