Siege Modification


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Uncommon

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Siege Modification

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature or Vehicle

As long as enchanted permanent is a Vehicle, it's a creature in addition to its other types.

Enchanted creature gets +3/+0 and has first strike.

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Siege Modification Discussion

cabal_patriarch on The Wheelchair Party (Primer)

1 week ago

I'm trying a similar deck as well: Vehicles & Mods. I would say the biggest cards I found useful that you might like are Built to Last, Built to Smash, Aerial Modification, and Siege Modification.

WhiteBuffalo79 on Hot Wheels

1 week ago

Not a bad start at all. I would replace Start Your Engines with Siege Modification. This will turn vehicle into hard hitting powerhouses. Aerial Modification will do near the same and add flying, but it is much more expensive. Good luck!!

Argy on Win on Turn 4/5 Consistently? Yessir

2 weeks ago

Once you attach Siege Modification to a Vehicle you lose the one big advantage that Vehicles have, which is they are difficult to remove with Sorceries.

As mentioned above, Fatal Push will kill them, but with the Modification Declaration in Stone will Exile them.

There are also spells that are problems for Artifacts now. Chiefly Dissenter's Deliverance, and Forsake the Wordly. A lot of Sideboards pack these against the Temur Marvel decks.

Fling would get around some of these problems but you would want at least four copies.

I think there is a deck that can win with Consulate Dreadnought, but I think it is a deck that packs counter spells.

Oh, and as pointed out above, Toolcraft Exemplar would allow you much more chance of Crewing your big Creature, as opposed to Thraben Inspector. The one draw it gives you is not really a good enough trade off.

clayperce on Win on Turn 4/5 Consistently? Yessir

2 weeks ago

Oh, this is sweet!

Have you looked at Toolcraft Exemplar? I loved them with Consulate Dreadnought in Craig Wescoe's Dogs in Boats (KLD - Retired), and they would enable a rare but not-TOTALLY-Magic-Christmasland T3 wins:

Also, have you tested Gryff's Boon? Because it's so fast, I'm wondering if it'd be better for the this deck than Aerial Modification.

Do your Lands feel about right? With 6x 5-drops in the main, I'm a little surpised to not see you with 24. Of course if it's working for you, never mind! Speaking of Lands though, Spire of Industry maybe?

Draw well!

Neotrup on Hazoret's Favor on Vehicles

3 weeks ago

Your Cultivator's Caravan will most likely still be a creature, as a crew ability wears off during the cleanup step which is after the end step.

However, assuming your Cultivator's Caravan is a creature because it's enchanted with Siege Modification, you target it with the ability of Hazoret's Favor, and then your opponent casts Appetite for the Unnatural targeting the Siege Modification (during combat, not in response), then you will still have to sacrifice Cultivator's Caravan at the beginning of your next end step, because the ability doesn't care if the creature stays a creature. If they cast Appetite for the Unnatural in response to the ability, it will cause the ability to be countered due to a lack of a legal target, so the delayed trigger ability that causes the sacrifice will never be created.

Luciferos on Win on Turn 4/5 Consistently? Yessir

3 weeks ago

@pickelchu Sure. But if they block and you Fling, your creature's now dead. Conversely, if you Built to Smash and then ALSO Fling on turn 4 after swinging a Siege Modification Consulate Dreadnought, that's lethal damage by itself unless their blocker has huge toughness, and BTS+Fling is less mana than Cast Out by itself.

Built to Smash or other Trample-givers also synergizes with the Insult half of Insult / Injury because if you double the trampler's assigned damage, all that extra tramples through. Fling does not synergize Insult because that double damage would still be blocked, and Fling deals damage (not the creature) so doubling its damage doesn't help Fling.

IMO Built to Smash is going to help you get people dead a lot more than Shock, whereas Fling is a card you should have to work WITH Built to Smash instead of one or the other.

mrbuech on Win on Turn 4/5 Consistently? Yessir

1 month ago

Maybe add in Sigarda's Aid to help you get around disruption so that you can flash in Siege Modification on your opponent's end step, after they cast their card draw?

Zaueski on R/U Burn/Control Siege Dreadnought

1 month ago

Wow... Um.. A lot of things:

  1. You have 64 cards, 60 is what almost all optimized lists run.

  2. Siege Modification + Consulate Dreadnought is a bad combo, I get that it's the focus of your deck... But just keep in mind that you're starting from a bad spot.

  3. The rest of the list is filled with 2-ofs and 1-ofs... That will NEVER be consistent. Find a focus and stick to it.

  4. I'll be happy to help once you've picked a direction and trimmed it down but you have too much stuff for me to advise a direction without building you a new deck.

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