MTG EDH Oath of Yidris Storm Primer.

This was my competitive Yidris Combo Storm deck. The deck is kind of stale, with not much significant support released since I last editted the deck in 2018/2019.

Yidri’s 4 colors puts a wide array of spells at your disposal, and the storm mechanic makes the deck a formidable opponent in the mid-late game. However, Yidris is a mid-range competitive deck that usually exists on the mid-low cEDH tiers only because it takes a while for the storm engine to go off.

Yidris holds a special place in my heart as being my gateway drug into cEDH after buying the precon. I was immediately drawn to the deck interaction and found all the combos I could do when I slotted Grinning Ignus into the deck. I learned all about cEDH with him with extreme deck optimization, extreme combos, and OTK’s.

Unfortunately, I learned through playtests and games that it’s hard to build Yidris on a budget; for the deck to be competitive, you should have the moxes and rainbow land colors for efficiency. I stopped throwing money into Yidris about 1/4 of the way through and disassembled the deck to put pieces into the competitive (and more inexpensive) decks I pilot today; Zur, Dargo/Jeska, and Kenrith.

Yidris typically wins around turn 6 from games I have played; that in too many cases is just too slow for some cEDH games. However, don’t let that dissuade you from having a degenerate storm combo. Yidris has a lot of flavor as a commander, from being able to cheat out spells, using Wizard tribal, or simply Voltron mechanics. Double strike is fine in casual, but competitive optimizations will use other spells. You just need to know who you're playing against first.

This deck aims to set combos, chain storm spells, and use aggro to win. For that reason, it’s somewhat difficult to pilot but rewarding when done right.

  • Oath of Druids Only two creatures in the deck You have a 50/50 shot of getting needed creature. Turn 3-4 win after gambling out Grinning Ignus. banned in legacy for a reason. Helpful in this creatureless deck.
  • Mill into Laboratory Maniac FTW. If all else fails, you also throw enough cards in your graveyard to win via Laboratory Manic + Brain Freeze or replay cards via Past in Flames

  • Storm Chain (e.g. Mind’s Desire/Volcanic Awakaning) Deck’s primary build. Chain spells and storm FTW Tutor win con. Don’t be alarmed if a turn takes over 20 minutes with one of these spells. You've gotten a good playgroup if you can actually chain this off. Call a doctor if a storm chain last more than 4 hours

  • Aetherflux Reservoir Combine with any storm spell or the simple Bolas's Citadel Sensei's Divining Top loop.

  • Grinning Ignus = Yidris’ one card combo. Once Yidris has dealth combo damage is out, it’s hard not to win with a cascading Ignus. Chain together with any storm spell or the reservoir FTW

  • Doomsday Your easiest T3-5 or Emergency Wincon. Put yourself in your game-winning state. Win in under 2 turns with a 5 card combo Laboratory Maniac + Phyrexian Probe + Manamorphose + Brainstorm + Sensei’s Divining Top + Frantic Search


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