The Main goal of this deck is to ramp up to 6-7 Mana and then begin to Use Mayael's ability or play big, Devastating Creatures!


Ramp is our staple and surefire way of playing everything in our deck, and included are your Standard Ramp spells, and also Mana doublers that can assist us in allowing us the most of our mana! Honestly? These cards are just always going to be used as ramp, no matter what, it allows us to bring forth truly epic amounts of raw mana!


Like gasoline in the engine, this deck will usually need some draw power and top deck manipulation to help get the deck firing on all cylinders and keep things really consistent, especially when a lot of times, many cards will be going to the bottom of the deck due to Mayael's ability.


Protectors are cards that Protect our boardstate and defend ourselves when we are otherwise vulnerable. These cards are Strong shields that cover our whole board and tend to stick to the table for a while, rather then acting as a Momentary Shield (Although there is one in there). They are by no means weak creatures or spells either.

The Beatdown Suite:

My philosophy in Commander is that for Most decks, you should be able to function without your commander. From cheating out huge threats, or just smashing face, this is the Classic Bread and Butter. Creatures that hit the board and attack players to deal damage, take out chump-blockers, and overall just be incredibly big and Scary. Ideally, you would cheat these out, and then knock some heads in. Included are ways to cheat our your massive creatures as well, and snowball out of control into devastating places...


No deck is ever complete without a wide variety of tools to get rid of any problems that might be presented to you. Typically, these are more targeted, but some can clear out multiple issues at once or can even potentially clear entire players! Boardwipes are generally last resort options, as we dont want to destroy our own creatures... Unless you have some protectors out like Avacyn.


Updates Add

My god. What a state we are in where 3 mana ramp spells feel too slow... Its utterly insane to me that I even feel like I need to do this, but here we are.

Kodama's Reach, Cultivate ---------------------> Rampant Growth , Nature's Lore:

Like, I get that Mayael wants to thin the deck, but dude... 3 mana is just not fast enough in my local meta. It feels real bad. Its just not fast worth thinning the deck when I need to keep up the tempo with the rest of my playgroup.

Will keep everyone posted with upcoming Ixalan changes!

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