Hello, this is my Winota decklist, built largely from bulk. This Winota stax variant is an aggro deck focused on overwhelming the board with token creatures and consequently humans. Principally, the goal is to slow the game down, then overwhelm opponents with so many resources and threats that spot removal is inconsequential.

This deck was in my head beginning in February 2023 as I heavily considered a budget variant of the deck, with v1 built in March 2023 largely from bulk cards I owned. v2 was built in May 2023 after I started comparing the deck to lists online and ones my friends used, and finally the deck became Heavily optimized beginning June 2023, writing this guide to further optimize and clarify ideas. Still trying to clock in under $100, $200 max.

Another copy is available on my Moxfield page (, which may or may not be more updated.

Intro: Winota is another busted Legendary Creature from the Ikoria set at the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, so powerful that she got banned in pioneer. It’s worth noting that Winota is too overwhelming in Pioneer due to the slower speed of the format and the low 20 life total. In the commander format beginning with 40 life, she’s busted, but tolerable. As with most Winota decks, your goal is to begin with a few nonhuman creatures, cast Winota, then deck into humans and consequently more creatures until you get an infinite combo or attack for game. Ratio of humans to nonhumans is usually 50-50 to 60-40, depending largely on token spam.

-Casual Winota however, is very possible in lower power pods, which is why this deck became one of my most frequent decks. There is a version of Winota that is legal in Arena/MTGOnline, where Winota triggers once per combat. This version is very weak and no matter how much you max out Winota, it plays the same.

How to Stop Winota: Boardwipe, Flash in Containment Priest, Steal Winota/Oko it. You can also go faster than Winota. These are problems that Winota has that must be reckoned with rather than prepared for, especially in White/Red. Decks don’t do much until Winota hits the field around t4, and some of the best matches Winota has in from my experience are ones where other players are more potent than Winota. Conversely, some of the worst matches are when Winota is the lightning rod for all players to target and remove.

Usual Builds: cEDH Winota decks usually use stax to slow the game down, as Winota decks only go crazy when she hits the board. She rarely does anything extraordinary before turn 4. Conversely, budget decks often use creature token spam, using draft chaff and bulk rare, cheating out humans that have a high cmc and have high payoff or the ability to generate more tokens so Winota can trigger even more times. This variant is a middleground of both decks. Some cEDH decks even avoid almost all token generators and hope that a few stax or hatebears will do the job, which works well in a less creature-oriented or boardwipe light format like cEDH. Some decks also use Tocatl Honor Guard or Hushbringer to stop the infamous Thassa’s Oracle. Sometimes you want to hit humans that generate tokens to guarantee more effects next turn. To each their own.

Decklist Notes: Additionally, this variant goes full aggro, whereas some decks like to be more proactive. Cards like Mother of Runes can be great for Winota, but if a deck can simply recover, what would be the point? Why keep a stax piece or token alive when you can just get another piece? Winota often slips through the cracks of a cEDH game, and removing Winota one or two times hardly hampers the player after enough lands are played.

Deck Summary: I’ve Simplified This Deck into 4 Parts: Lands, Goodstuff, Nonhuman Creatures, and Humans. That’s basically all Winota is. Nonhuman Creatures include Noncreatures cards that create nonhuman creatures, Mana Dorks and Stax, which more often than not will attack to trigger Winota as well. Stick w/ Similar Ratios

Infinite Combos: (choose 1-2) -Kiki-Jiki + Zealous Conscripts / Village Bell-Ringer + Combat. All cards synergize well anyways, -Godo, Warlord Bandit (Human). Finds the Famous Helm of the Host. Run Cloudsteel Kirin or Hexplate Breaker or a Living Weapon for redundancy in case you draw Helm of the Host and to trigger Winota. I prefer Cloudsteel Kirin as it has flying and can stop a pesky Thassa’s Oracle win or similar wincons. -Auratouched Mage + Breath of Fury. Listed here for posterity sake, although I don’t use it. It certainly works, I just had Helm and Kirin and used Godo instead. There’s a surprising number of helpful auras Auratouched Mage can cheat out. Breathe of Fury may never trigger, but you can also get an Eldrazi Conscription, Detainment Spell, Coalition Flag, Cartouche of Solidarity, Shackles, Shielded by Faith, Swift Reconfiguration. This is best in pods with few creatures such as spellslingers and better for cEDH than high power decks. Title goes here Content goes here

See any other list like those on the cEDH database for budgetless upgrades. I like to challenge myself to consider the 5-10 best proxies to include. Here are recommendations and warnings.

Mana Crypt -> Basic Land Drannith Magistrate -> Victory’s Envoy Grand Abolisher -> Mentor of the Meek Myrel, Shield of Argive -> Baird, Stewrd of Argive Moggcatcher -> Magus of the Disk Ethersworn Canonist -> Odric Imperial Recruiter -> Mentor of the Meek Recruiter of the Guard -> Rakka Mar Ranger-Captain of eos  Ranger of Eos

Lands + Fast Mana: The Usuals. Replace Basics Cavern of Souls Ancient Tomb -> Guildless Commons Sacred Foundry -> Stone Quarry Gemstone Caverns 6-8 fetchlands Mana Confluence// City of Brass Possibly a City of Traitors Plateau

Fast Temporary Mana Cards that can replace lands and bring the deck down to the usual 32 lands most decks have: Lotus Petal Mox Diamond, Chrome Mox. A fair warning that Winota is a tempo deck, and more lands and slower mana rocks help keep the deck staying healthy especially after boardwipes or Winota counters, warranting a higher land count. Chrome Mox often seems to net a net negative in this build. Your choice about how risky you want to run.

Jeweled Lotus replace Weathered Wayfarer Deflecting Swat -> Ricochet Trap Mana Vault -> Boros Signet Card by Content goes here

The important thing to note about Winota is that she really needs fast mana. As of 2023, Winota has the lowest win rate of all my cEDH decks. She has trouble keeping up with most of the stuff in the meta and often needs to pray to the rng gods. She and her creatures must be rushed in ASAP, so jam as much fast mana as you can.

Avoid the rituals, as they only get one mana and are a net negative with stax. Chrome mox Docksode extortionist Ancient tomb Jeweled lotus Mana crypt Gemstone caverns Mana vault Lotus petal Mox diamond

Goblin Assault: Most players use Goblin Rabblemaster or another token generator in its place. However Goblin Assault survives boardwipes, which cannot be said for the other pieces of Winota.

Serum Powder: You really don’t care about cards in your deck except 5. Exile until you flip into these. Kiki-Jiki + Zealous Conscripts / Village Bell-Ringer Godo, Warlord Bandit (Human). Finds the Famous Helm of the Host Still, replace this with fast mana

Seller of Songbirds : she gains a blocker on attack and does not rely on Winota to be out, and bear in mind Winota will be removed.

Spawning Breathe: I’m very surprised how applicable the card is, killing dorks, 1 mana toughness.

Spirit of the Labyrinth: Not bad, just never lives long enough but most importantly there are better stax pieces.

Mentor of the Meek. Will be replaced eventually. Replace w/ Esper sentinel in cEDH. Too slow/mana intensive

Sanctum Prelate: Usually use 1 or 2. 3 stops a host of cards, including Kinnan infinites, Doomsday, Stock removal

Silence/ Flamescroll Celebrant/ Revel in Silence Some decks Run Silence, this uses Flamescroll to be better in a pinch as the front side is a human. Silence is only used for the Winota turn or reactive decks to silence opponents, which this Winota build is not.

Tibalt’s Trickery. A funky red counterspell. There are many times when a counterspell is the only thing that stops a lot of combo heavy decks. This actually synergizes very well given the hhigh amount of cards that limit players to one spell per turn or counter if no mana was used to cast it.

Red stuff you should absolutely add: Dockside Extortionist Ragavan


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