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Golos' Zombie Horde & Extra Turns

Commander / EDH


This is a lands based deck, that creates a real zombie army through the Field of the Dead, that we can search with our commander Golos or other spells such as Tempt with Discovery! We can also copy the Field with Vesuva or Tespian's stage and doubling the effect! In addition, through the Ancient Greenwarden we will double again the trigger effects of our lands, creating a real ZOMBIE HORDE! In each turn we will have the opportunity to play more lands per turn in different ways, with the various creatures such as Azusa, The Oracle of Mul Daya or The Dryad of the Ilysian Grove or the various spells that allow us to search for lands in our deck! In addition thanks to the fetchlands we will have to double trigger the effect of the Field of the Dead! If this is not enough we will be able to cast for free with our commander and his ability up to 3 spells per turn, and playing cards such as Omniscence, the Eldrazi or the extra turns that will allow us to make even more advantage and kick our opponents'ass with our zombie horde or with the Eldrazi! Finally in the deck there are a couple of combos: one with Azusa, Crucible of worlds and Walk the Aeons, allowing us to take infinite turns, and another combo through Wrenn & Six which allows us with its emblem to replay spell from the cemetery as Time Warp to infinity!


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