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Four Color Breach

This deck is based around the card Underworld Breach. Underworld Breach is a new card that allows you to exile three cards from graveyard, pay the CMC of the selected card and cast it at its correct spell timing. This makes many cards resilient to counter spells and other types of hate.

In this primer, I will go through what Four Color Breach's game plan is and how we attempt to achieve that.

This deck is great at going under the radar until you (the pilot) is ready for an explosive winning turn. This is all about incrementally controlling the board state and understanding when is the right time to attempt the win.

Four Color Breach is all about the set-up before the win. With Underworld Breach going to graveyard at the end of the turn after its played you must attempt to win the same turn it is cast. While there are other ways to win in this deck Breach is considerably the fastest and most resilient.

In mulligans your best hands will be, a hand with 3 lands, one or two pieces of interaction and a creature you can use to block. As you will need a way to protect yourself form losing a lot of life.

How To Win

When we are ready to go for the win we need 4 mana + and three cards, Underworld Breach Lion's Eye Diamond and Brain Freeze.

Once Breach resolves, we cast Lion's Eye Diamond then cast Brain Freeze targeting ourselves and milling our library. We continue to loop those two spells until we decided which option would be best from there:

Milling Our Opponents

With Brain Freeze, we can loop it enough to completely mill out our opponents leaving them with no cards in library. Giving them only your end-step and their own upkeep to attempt to win.

Doing this could also be dangerous if our opponents are playing any type of shuffler effect in their library. This will cause them to still have a card or multiple cards in their library. If this happens, we should move to milling ourselves.

Milling Ourselves

Milling ourself can be a very advantageous game plan, with Brain Freeze we can mill ourselves and then cast Thassa's Oracle either through reanimation or through Underworld Breach and win the game.

It is also possible to cast the Oracle and on the stack cast a forbidden tutor Demonic Consultation or Tainted Pact either from hand or graveyard at instant speed. Allowing us to win without giving our opponents an advantage.

This is the recommended route as its more protected than milling our opponents.


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