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Step into the grand theater of power with Baeloth Barrityl Entertainer and Noble Heritage as your charismatic commanders! This deck is a captivating blend of strategies:

  1. Artistic Ramp: We'll stage a magnificent production with mana artifacts, ensuring we have the resources to steal the spotlight.

  2. Elegant Enhancement: Baeloth is our star, and we'll increase his power with equipments and +1/+1 counters. His growing presence will compel your opponents' creatures to take center stage.

  3. Unseen Elegance: To protect our leading performer and to take him out of harm's way, we'll employ a touch of mystery, making Baeloth unblockable and untouchable with effects like hexproof.

  4. Commander's Curtain Call: The grand finale! We aim to secure victory by dealing a decisive 21 commander damage, ensuring Baeloth's performance leaves a lasting impression.

Prepare for a symphony of strategy and a display of power that will have your opponents applauding your prowess. This is a show they won't forget!


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