Forge Anew

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Forge Anew


When Forge Anew enters the battlefield, return target Equipment card from your graveyard to the battlefield.

As long as it's your turn, you may activate equip abilities any time you could cast an instant.

You may pay rather than pay the equip cost of the first equip ability you activate during each of your turns.

gzusvictory on Halvar, Divine Voltron

1 week ago


Codsworth, Handy Helper

I would run it. It’s got the bottom effect of Forge Anew, which is nice since our commander doesn’t help with the initial equip and only passes the equipment around for free. Codsworth is still Reanimate-able. I like that it ramps out our equipment with the second ability. Codsworth helps synergize with our commander by simultaneously protecting it some and speeding up the game plan of equip+kill.

The question really is what would we take out? Probably take out Loyal Warhound or Thousand Moons Smithy  Flip for it?

Loyal warhound is the second iteration to Knight of the White Orchid which is both played in this deck understandably for ramp, but Codsworth ramps out equipment every time while the warhound may miss if you have the greatest or tie the greatest land count.

I haven’t given Thousand Moons Smithy  Flip a shot yet. Seems like a good alternate win con of going wide and synergizes well with the artifact theme, but has nothing to do with helping our equipments get equipped outside of becoming a land.

Crow_Umbra on Isshin in the Red Zone

1 month ago

I think if Forge Anew is your only equipment support card, then it is likely not worth it to run the big heavy equipments. If you like equipment, but don't want to necessarily carve out an equipment support subtheme, the equipment that will be most (generally) helpful for Isshin decks are:

  • Equipment that help your entire board by providing +1/+1 counters, a keyword anthem, or create tokens. I think both of the Andurils help towards that by making tokens or antheming your board somehow.

  • Helm of the Host is arguably the most worth it of all your "big equipment" as a potential combo piece, but I think you'll want to get up to at least 35ish lands, to make it more feasible.

I will admit, that equipment generally aren't my preferred play-style, but more so if they're at the top end of a mana curve without additional support of some kind to help them out.

GeminiSpartanX on Halvar, Divine Voltron

6 months ago

I was able to play a few games recently, and I just want to tell you how impressed I am with Bitterthorn, Nissa's Animus. Having 2 of that effect in the deck that can stack on each other is absolutely worth it. It often feels cheaper than Sword of the Animist in the early game since you don't need to immediately equip it for it to start gaining value (3 mana with a free body for the effect instead of 2+2). It also doesn't feel bad to attack with it into blockers since you still get the effect and the equipment hangs around afterwards. I'd try and find some space for it if you can (maybe in place of loyal warhound or a similar effect). I like the other changes you've recently made as well. Forge Anew is big value and instant-speed equip leads to nice interactions with first-strike + swords and 2 creatures.

Crow_Umbra on Equipped Samurai

7 months ago

If you're open to Universes Beyond cards, I'd suggest replacing Naomi, Pillar of Order with Frodo, Determined Hero. You don't really have a high enough concentration of Enchantments for Naomi to trigger consistently enough. Frodo also has an ETB and on attack trigger, which would allow him to cheat those Equip costs.

I think you could probably cut a land or Armory of Iroas, since your mana curve is fairly low, and add in Conjurer's Mantle.

Although your build is budget, a few more expensive (and off-Samurai theme) upgrades to consider are Forge Anew, Sigarda's Aid (excellent for cheating equip costs), Leonin Shikari, and Puresteel Paladin. Puresteel Paladin is getting a reprint in Commander Masters, so it should hopefully go down in price a bit.

Delphen7 on Is there a way to …

7 months ago

The usual templating for this would be something that gives you the ability to do effects at instant speed. Cards like The Wandering Emperor or Forge Anew explicitly state that you can take some game action at instant speed, while others like Necromancy or Lightning Reflexes again use the word instant as the word for changing their timing, but an oracle search for "abilit" and "instant" reveals nothing that allows you to change the timing of abilities. "abilit" and "flash" gives nothing relevant either.

pssst. Down here. Yeah you. You could just cheat. Activate the ability during combat. It's their fault if they don't know what your card with tiny text in a hard to see place does. Who reads the cards anyways...

Crow_Umbra on Rograkh + Ardenn Equipment Deck

8 months ago

Hi there! Have you had a chance to play this deck irl at all yet? Do you have a set budget in mind per card, or overall for the deck? I have a few suggestions for potential additions as well as some likely swaps:

  • Sigarda's Aid - Super helpful to cheat Equip costs, as they can get mana intensive

  • Dismantling Wave / Wear / Tear - Can maybe replace Austere Command as a slightly faster options to deal with multiple artifacts/enchantments at once, and also because you can likely afford to run 1-2 fewer board wipes.

  • Forge Anew - Some more excellent new equipment support.

  • Frodo, Determined Hero - Excellent attacker that can skip on equip costs for himself.

  • Generous Gift - Is a versatile removal option since it can also destroy lands. The 3/3 Elephant token is fairly irrelevant in the grand scheme of an EDH game.

  • Promise of Loyalty - Can likely replace Slash the Ranks. I've played this in a Voltron Aura deck a couple years ago, and found it to be super helpful since it kept some heat off me while I swung away as everyone else was in rebuild mode. This is also a bit better than Slash the Ranks since the sacrifice removal gets around Indestructible, and destroy effects don't

I think you can remove Winds of Rath since your deck isn't really running any Aura enchantments to have your creatures benefit from.

Crow_Umbra on Fun with Equipment and Enchants (Galea)

8 months ago

Welcome to TappedOut! I have some suggestions for equipment support that could be helpful. The pieces aren't super pricey, but may be, depending on your budget. There's some cool new equipment and equipment support in the new Lord of the Rings set that might be worth a look:

Stuff that's not from the LotR set, but still worth checking out:

Crow_Umbra on Samurai Army

8 months ago

If you're open to Universes Beyond cards, there's some new tech in the Lord of the Rings set that is worth checking out, especially for Equipment strats. More generally speaking, here are a few newer cards that I think could fit, a couple of which I'm currently play-testing and liking for my Isshin deck:

Some more generically good, but pricey upgrades for Isshin decks:

  • Reconnaissance - A pseudo-Vigilance anthem that lets you save creatures from combat by taking advantage of combat step timings. This article helps explains that timing a bit more in detail.

  • Sigarda's Aid - Not necessarily for Isshin lists, but a helpful utility piece for Equipment focused strategies.

  • Dolmen Gate - I think it's getting reprinted in The List (again), so prices should hopefully dip a bit soon on the newer reprints.

I hope these suggestions are helpful. Best of luck with brewing and piloting Isshin!

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