In the beginning... Bolas and Ugin hatched from the same egg. Bolas being first, as he represents the manifestation of God (or the 3 Eldrazi titans combined into the banned Emmy in EDH). They simply just represent the Ego, Super-Ego, and ID. Bolas and Ugin is basically God vs the Devil; bother are the same person or being (dragon)... but only one exists in reality while the other in the mind. Look up, the Ontological Argument by Thomas Aquinas. That's why you can never kill Bolas, only banish him. So, he will return... much stronger... but I would imagine for good this time. Only 1 can hope.

Ugin, aka the Devil... played a trick on everyone and cast God away. That's why you can't kill him. But MTG should kill Ugin once the cat comes out of the bag. Maybe a new form of Emmy will emerge... a third final form? Interesting to ponder....

MTG is just the bible retold, or any other story such as the Matrix, LotR, Harry Potter, Sunny In Philly, Batman (BM Joker Harvey are all the same person), Marvel, you name it. It's all the same shit repackaged. People just gravitate towards whatever center they deviate from but it's all the same source :) Ha, that's the big joke.

Anyway, Big Daddy shits out warriors of faith. Probably "their" first child but just speculation...

Free will and destiny, aka the double slit experiment... both exists... in addition to a third.. [JUDGEMENT].

Unlock the secrets of my deck lists to find out, as they will unlock the secrets of the Universe to all of you.

Happy brewing.

[Disclaimer: this is purely conjecture and fictitious]

Oh, I almost forgot, this is a dragon deck if you couldn't tell. Just turn sideways.


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