“Just because you’re garbage does not mean you can’t succeed. It’s called a garbage CAN. Not a garbage can not” – Me, when asked why I keep building boros.

Brewer’s Note: This deck is a work in progress. I have admittedly only dabbled in the ways of the Boros Legion so I am not the leading expert on military stratagem that Suns_Champion is. With luck he will approve of this venture, though our strategies have diverged quite a bit. If you want to check his deck out and learn from the master himself it can be found here: Kick Start My Heart | Winota, Joiner of Forces EDH

Winota, Joiner of Forces offers us something that Boros has, admittedly, been in short supply. That is card advantage and selection. While she does not draw you card per say she does allow you to dig six deep for every non-human creature that is attacking and play humans for free, allowing us to cheat some costly threats into play far more quickly than any other Boros commander could easily manage. As if that were not enough she also makes them indestructible the turn they come in, making them far more difficult to remove. This deck is designed to (hopefully) pump out threats that either limit or opponents options through various hatebears while leveraging Winota’s ability to aggressively pressure life totals using effects that grant extra combat steps.
In order to truly benefit from Winota’s powerful leadership we need a core of non-human combatants to lead the charge. These brave souls are the first to engage the enemy, and the first to be bloodied as the battle is begun.

Legion Warboss serves as acting Centurion to the advance force, churning out non-human combatants every combat so that we can provide still more triggers for Winota. (Coincidentally this can also go infinite with Breath of Fury)

Isamaru, Hound of Konda he’s a doggo. All a good soldier needs in life is his weapons, and a dog.

Memnite and Ornithopter are our less capable soldiers. They neither act with speed nor do they hit the enemy particularly hard. But they are free to cast so even if they provide only a single Winota trigger before being taken from the fight they will have effectively served their purpose.

Hope of Ghirapur provides excellent scouting through its natural evasion and, should the need arrive, can be sacrificed to prevent a control player from hindering your push for glory.

Glitterfang, Goblin Champion, and Raging Goblin are all 3 eager to lead the charge. They may not be much of a threat on their own but each is cheap to cast, attacks the turn they come down, and Glitterfang even protects itself to a degree in that it bounces back to your hand after doing so.

Legion Loyalist provides another quick striker with the added utility of giving all of our other creatures haste and trample later in the game when our board has developed.

Ahn-Crop Crasher can launch himself at the enemy without warning, and his exert ability can help ensure that he gets through in the event that our opponents managed to get some blockers into play.

The backbone of our forces. That driving force which will, through Winota’s fearless leadership, outvalue and out maneuver our opponents. These are the humans we are looking to find every time we dig six cards deep.

Captain of the Watch creates a few bodies who can let us dig deeper. She also serves as an anthem to our various other soldiers, some of which are counted among our non-human infantry.

Geist-Honored Monk not only gives us more bodies but gets bigger the further that advantage stretches, pressuring life totals, which pressures our opponents.

Seasoned Pyromancer lets us filter on entry and gives us elementals should we discard anything but lands.

Auratouched Mage has the ability to grab our Breath of Fury from the library and cheat it into play attached to her. This is preferably done when Loyal Apprentice is on the board so that you can push for a win on the sport but, provided you have enough non-human attackers you will likely find him before running out of creatures to attach Breath of Fury to.

Loyal Apprentice as mentioned above this combos with Breath of Fury to provide infinite combats and because we rarely actually hard cast the aura to accomplish this is can be done incredibly early.

Godo, Bandit Warlord fetches his own win condition, Helm of the Host. Granted his attack trigger won’t go off the turn he is cheated into play with Winota but he will put a very tight clock on the game for your opponents, if nothing else.

Combat Celebrant is a less effective Godo but can serve the dual purpose should the former eat removal. Helm of the Host and Splintertwin both go infinite with him.

Village Bell-Ringer and Zealous Conscripts each create infinite tokens with Splintertwin and allow you to kill everyone on the spot with hasty tokens.

Yes I’m making words up here. This is the legion and it is the dictionary’s duty to conform to legion requirements. Here we have our hatebears, tutors, and otherwise strategic inclusions designed to either help us get what we need or slow our opponents down so that we have a chance to find them naturally.

Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero, Lena, Selfless Champion, and Selfless Spirit stand as our protective martyrs, sacrificing themselves for the good of their legion brothers and sisters.

Hope of Ghirapur deserves another mention because control players really do hate it when you don’t let them play control. (Pansies)

Aven Mindcensor doesn’t let our tutor heavy opponents search for whatever they want.

Spirit of the Labyrinth ensures that they aren’t going to draw cards all day. Because if the Legion doesn’t have to than neither do they.

Magus of the Moon punishes our opponents for playing too many colors. We also run Blood Moon for the same effect.

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben doesn’t bother us too much because we are a mostly creature strategy and are trying to cheat most of our key pieces in somehow anyway.

Thalia, Heretic Cathar because it slows our opponents down even further. I’m running her over Blind Obediance at the moment because she can be cheated in with Winota.

Keldon Firebombers reduces our opponent’s options. Especially those pesky tree hugging green players that want to ramp into a bunch of lands.

Finally Imperial Recruiter, Recruiter of the Guard, and Ranger-Captain of Eos all serve to call whatever forces we may need at the time to our hand. They can effectively nab nearly anything in the deck upon entry into the battlefield.

If this gets any traction I’ll try to add more explanations as to other individual card selection but for the most part that covers the basic strategy in mind.

TL;DR: Get Winota out, play our hasty, cheap non-humans so we can cheat out humans. Win.


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