I've always been a fan of Esper. Something about having those three colors together has been catching my eye since Day 1 of me playing Commander. I have had an Esper build in the past, using Sen Triplets, but that deck was taken apart a few months ago. Now, with Oloro, Ageless Ascetic available, I believe the time has come to build another deck with these colors.

As it stands, I'm not exactly sure where I want to go with this deck, only that I want to use and abuse Oloro's ability to destroy my opponents with either life loss or card advantage and using cards that get insane based off of my life total. Since this deck is brand new, I am using the majority of just the Eternal Bargain pre-constructed deck list, but I do not wish to use that list for very long.

Please comment below with suggestions if you think of any, comments if you want to post them, criticisms or concerns if they catch your attention and can further benefit the deck, and/or phone numbers or emails if you enjoy long walks on the beach into the sunset. Thanks!


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