Duel Commander legal version of my normal EDH deck: let-em-die-1. Thus, it's better optimized for 1v1 play. Take out Ghost Quarter and Reliquary Tower for Sol Ring and Strip Mine if you don't care about the DC Ban List.

Took out some stuff that was multiplayer focused, and added in a few more creatures with discard effects. I've learned to appreciate black's form of card control.

I'd love feedback on what other kinds of removal I could run, or other discard effects, and always want more ways to protect Shirei.

I've never actually played Duel Commander, so I don't know what the general atmosphere is like. If I'm missing some major component for a D.C. deck, that's way.



casey says... #1

Pentavus could be good in here.

April 21, 2016 8:26 a.m.

SmokeyBear15 says... #2

Hmm. I'm skeptical. High CMC, costs an additional 4 mana to pop enough tokens to make it a 1/1 (to allow it to come back from graveyard). If I don't have 11 mana ready when it comes into play - or 4 mana on each following turn - I'll probably lose it. The little fliers are good, and with a lot of mana, it's nice that they work as their own sac outlet. But it's just too expensive to try to squeeze in.

This deck can already be slow as is, with Shirei's 5 CMC.

April 21, 2016 9:46 a.m.

SmokeyBear15 says... #3

Recently made a few more changes:

Took out: Perilous Myr, Kalastria Healer, and Reprocess.

Put in: Augur of Skulls, Thrull Surgeon, and Grim Haruspex.

Reprocess is great in a deck like this, but it's a one time effect, whereas Grim Haruspex can be used on multiple turns. It doesn't come back with my commander, but I can potentially get it back with one of my other graveyard fetchers. It costs 1 less to cast, but it also doesn't actually allow me to sacrifice anything by itself. I think it's a fair trade off, because a single-use sorcery isn't a reliable sac outlet.

Augur of Skulls makes them discard not one but two cards. It sacs itself for free, even if only on my turn. It's cheaper for the same effect on Brain Weevil, and who knows, its regenerate might be useful at some point. In 1v1, not being able to sac itself during their turn isn't as limiting as in multiplayer, especially if i have another sac outlet out.

Thrull Surgeon is an interesting new comer. He lets me see my opponents whole hand, and lets me choose what they discard. That's super powerful. It costs 1B to activate, which is limiting, but it's worth it, I think. Again, this is something I can only do at sorcery speed, but 1) there aren't many more 1/X discard creatures that I haven't used, and 2) it's powerful black control on my turn that is still a sac-able body on their turn.

I'm not really sad to see Kalastria Healer go. My artists are way more efficient at that task. But Perilous Myr will be missed, since it can hit smaller annoying creatures or do direct damage to opponents. I might want to find a way to work him back in. He was always a tad nicer than Infectious Host, which already didn't make the cut.

I also want to work in Ring of Xathrid if possible, and the only thing I can think of removing is Scavenger Drake, but he's been good to me.

April 21, 2016 11:05 a.m.

SmokeyBear15 says... #4

I doubt anyone is reading this, but....

I'm thinking about replacing Diabolic Tutor with Sidisi, Undead Vizier. He costs 1 more mana, but he's a 4/6 body with deathtouch (not bad). He exploits a creature (so sorta a one-shot sac outlet, which is nice), and tutors. I can get creatures back waaay easier than I can sorceries, such as with Dutiful Attendant, Cadaver Imp, Living Death, or Victimize.

So, that said, I'm gonna try it out and see what I think.

May 3, 2016 12:57 a.m.

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