Jar of Eyeballs


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2013 (C13) Rare
Dark Ascension (DKA) Rare

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Jar of Eyeballs


Whenever a creature you control dies, put two eyeball counters on Jar of Eyeballs.

3, T, Remove all eyeball counters from Jar of Eyeballs: Look at the top X cards of your library, where X is the number of eyeball counters removed this way. Put one of them into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.

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Jar of Eyeballs Discussion

AwesomeDoofus on Delusional Agony

5 months ago

Far out Mandalorian! Thank you so much! This is a huge help, I was struggling but with this i should be able to get this deck flowing magnificently. I was kind of just expecting a sentence or two of advice and a few card recommendations but you really put in to help me get this deck running. Cheers!

Some of the cards you mentioned I already have (such as Mutilate, Grey Merchant of Asphodel, Duress, and Nightmares pouring out of my ears) but I dis-included them here just because I was using this list to decide what cards to buy.

Some others like Liliana's Caress, Hymn to Tourach, and Shrieking Affliction (I do have one of these but wanted more), I kept out either because the seller didn't have them or I left out to cut costs a bit. (Liliana's Caress is $8 ea! Why I went for Raiders' Wake instead, though it's CMC is higher)

And then there's those cards like Zombie Infestation, The Rack, Waste Not (far out that card is good) and Faith of the Devoted that I somehow never found when researching discard cards and now I feel I must hunt down these cards right away.

I also now totally see what you mean with Brain in a Jar, Tempt with Immortality, and Blood Tribute. Especially Tempt with Immortality I never even realised I was giving their discards back facepalm. Though I've already ordered those cards they'll fit fine in other decks I own so no issue being rid of them.

I was also wondering what's your opinion on adding some cards I already own such as Consume the Meek, Pestilence Demon (Mono-black can work wonders with him, tho it can also obviously be a detriment), Liliana's Reaver, Jar of Eyeballs, Wight of Precinct Six, and Crypt Incursion. Although Crypt Incursion could result in lofty amount of life, it also kind of ruins the synergy of cards like Guiltfeeder but in the other hand denies possibilities of opponent's getting their cards back and could even make Tempt with Immortality more viable.

Another thing I was worried about was that besides Creeping Dread I don't have much consistent opponent discard sources. I did originally consider Cao Cao, Lord of Wei but my seller didn't have it and I do prefer to avoid spending $5 on one card (there are exceptions of course). Other than that I just thought of adding more discard spells like more Mind Shatters, and now, adding a few Unnerves. I do own heaps of Mind Rots but they down seem very CMC efficient. Also adding some of these cards (which I plan to do) will return my issue of deck size. What do you think I could replace? What's worth keeping? What doesn't contribute enough to warrant keeping?

Sorry I feel like I almost just wrote an essay question for you to answer, but I feel as though you probably enjoy this stuff ;P

Again, thanks soo much for your assistance, this is the first deck I've made that I'm trying to make perfect so I really appreciate the help in getting it there. Cheers!!

maxon on Spoooookyyy cards for a zombie ...

6 months ago

Hello all. I'm here to eat.. er.. pick your brains about fun support cards to throw in with a zombie build. Doesn't have to be top notch. I'm thinking along the lines of Cellar Door , Brain in a Jar , and Jar of Eyeballs .

What kind of spells can you think of that would be fun to cast on a halloween night of spooky spell casting?

(This is for AINT NO PARTY like an UNDEAD party... -casual play-)

Flagellum on Looking for pirate themed cards

7 months ago

All of the following suggestions are purely pirate-themed, not actual usefulness.

Gamble Favorite pastime I hear

Reassembling Skeleton Pirates always have a few skeletons around

Expedition Map need to know where we're going

Jar of Eyeballs in case we lose one

Rapid Fire:

War Barge

Powder Keg

Fodder Cannon

Mystic Compass

Star Compass

Explorer's Scope

Saprazzan Cove

Rishadan Port

Booby Trap

Stolen Goods




Steal Artifact



Bargaining Table

Trading Post




TehGrief on Yahenni of the Endless Offerings (EDH)

8 months ago


I just checked out your deck Ruthless Vengeance and it looks like a lot of fun, I used to run an deck similar to it: Ghave, Spore Farmer (Retired), perhaps there are some ideas there that you might enjoy?

I hope Aetherworks Marvel works out for you, honestly I do. In the case that it doesn't, but you want a similar effect, perhaps look into Jar of Eyeballs and let me know how it works out for you.


TehGrief on Yahenni of the Endless Offerings (EDH)

8 months ago


I appreciate your comment.

To be completely honest with you, Aetherworks Marvel really isn't that good of a card in a creature based sac deck. Though, that's certainly not to say it is an awful card.

But as you can see I am already running Jar of Eyeballs , which is strictly better in a creature based sac deck.

And to be completely honest, even now I am considering cutting Jar of Eyeballs as it is almost slow for the deck.

Going further...

Aetherworks Marvel Vs. Jar of Eyeballs

  • Jar of Eyeballs costs less to cast.
  • Jar of Eyeballs gets two counters per creature death, meaning it will be twice as fast to trigger (or have twice the value!).
  • Aetherworks Marvel can only ever look at the top 6 cards of your library.
  • Despite Aetherworks Marvel triggering off all permanents, if any of the Non-Creature Permanents in this deck are being destroyed... there is a problem.
  • Despite Aetherworks Marvel casting the card for free, the main premise of this deck is to have control over what you are casting, and more importantly when you are casting it; It is better to have the reliability of having the card in your hand than having the card cast on the trigger.

In conclusion,

Aetherworks Marvel is more appropriate in an artifact combo sac deck. It is also more appropriate in a modern or standard format where you have higher statistical probability of getting the card you are searching for in the top six cards of your library.

I am sure this may just be seen as a personal preference of mine, but again, like I said; I almost don't even see a place for Jar of Eyeballs anymore.

Thanks again for your time, and your comment.

jwe94 on Bad Luck Brion

8 months ago

A few more suggestions/questions. What do you think of Flayer of the Hatebound? True it doesn't shine without lots of recursion but the whole fling, trigger, burn and fling again is cute. Also Deathrender and Scythe of the Wretched seem like good equipment for Brion and friends. Jar of Eyeballs could be a decent way to do a little digging, thoughts? Finally they've got quite the mana costs but Stalking Vengeance and Vicious Shadows are pretty intriguing.

firstorb on

10 months ago

Hey thanks ElementalEd! I was hoping I'd have enough tap effects to stave off getting killed before I can pull of some of the 3+ card combos (Like 7 mana, Spine of Ish Sah, Priest of Yawgmoth, Mirran Spy, with a Disciple of the Vault and/or Altar of the Brood in play, being the most mana intensive combo) but yea, Reconnaissance was one I was not aware of, thanks! Also, spitting out annoying blockers with Nuisance Engine and Myr Propagator, killing with Kiku, Night's Flower, "sort-of-tutoring" with Jar of Eyeballs, Citanul Flute & Merchant's Dockhand are other reasons I have all those tap effects. As for straight up tutors.. I haven't decided yet if they're really needed, but will if they are. I do have a Trophy Mage in there though for digging up some useful artifacts.Arcum Dagsson and Master Transmuter are on my wish list atm, and I will eventually be trading out for more Inspired effects as this deck develops. Muzzio, Visionary Architect looks really groovy, too. Might have to get one. Lol, Caltrops. It's a great card, but is there a Sydri deck without it? I'll put it in when I get one. Probably, lol. With Sydri, Galvanic Genius effects, Kusari-Gama & Thornbite Staff & almost any other card in here will take care of early aggro..along with her effects & Liquimetal Coating to stave off early land drops in case I need to get rude..

There really is a ton going on with this deck, it kind of almost HAS to be played to see it all. Thinking of pulling the 7-8 mill effects though. It does play fairly defensively, but it's answers are usually to kill, exile, remove, or plain just give things Defender to just about anything..if I can get it moving fast enough.

AND, I just realized I should've put all this in the description, lol.

Thanks for checking out my deck though, feedback is always groovy. :)

XiphiasX on Shirei: good to have you back ($52)

11 months ago

Hey mahbucket, great suggestion of the Jar of Eyeballs, I'll put it into this deck the first chance I get. In your deck - albeit not budget - I like the addition of the teasing Chimney Imp: not too powerful or annoying, just a little bastard in this deck :-)

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