Augur of Skulls


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Future Sight Common

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Augur of Skulls

Creature — Skeleton Wizard

(1)(Black): Regenerate Augur of Skulls.

Sacrifice Augur of Skulls: Target player discards two cards. Play this ability only during your upkeep.

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Augur of Skulls Discussion

corythackston on Shitty 8rack

1 week ago

Smallpox seems a whole hell of a lot better than 4 mana mind rot Augur of Skulls

xyr0s on UB Land screwing deck help

2 weeks ago

Agree with Kjartan on more or less everything. IF your strategy is to wait for your opponent to bleed to death from using his lands, or drawing cards, don't spend the time playing small-scale damage like Merfolk Spy or Bump in the Night.

Get 2 more Spreading Seas. They can cut an opponent of from a color, in ways that Sea's Claim can't AND draw you a card. Ghost Quarter and Tectonic Edge can take care of lands that you haven't somehow poisoned.

You could exchange Merfolk Spy for Augur of Skulls. Not because it does anything particular for your deck archetype, but it can block big creatures all day, and when you are going to play a sweeper, use it for discard.

majin_shinsa on Setting Your Cards On Fire

2 weeks ago

Shrieking Affliction is worthwhile. There is a deck called 8 rack that uses both of those cards to great effect.

Bump in the Night could be Vision Charm to have modular options. Also could use more Fatal Push Any black deck needs it and you have fetches for on demand revolt.

Cry of Contrition could be Raven's Crime which turns dead lands late game into more discard. You could swap Augur of Skulls for Asylum Visitor. If both people are hellbent, it is free cards. You also have 7 copies of Darkness between MB and SB.

Force_of_Willb on Shirei, Deaths Command

3 weeks ago


For Card Draw: Gate to the Afterlife, Carnage Altar, Scarecrone, and/or Altar's Reap better than Sign in Blood

For Land Ramp: Wild-Field Scarecrow, Pilgrim's Eye

Graveyard Hate: Heap Doll, Martyr of Bones

additional Life Drain Effects: Death Cultist, Gnawing Zombie, Krovikan Horror

Discard package: Augur of Skulls, Brain Weevil, Nezumi Bone-Reader

Hell's Caretaker over Apprentice Necromancer

Token Generators: Triskelavus, Pentavus, Thopter Squadron

1 v 1 game suggestion for unfun Hope of Ghirapur

Suggestions to remove: Necropede, corrosive mentor, plague myr, plagued rusalla, tree of perdition, sign in blood, death denied, Jar of Eyeballs,

xyr0s on discard hand

3 weeks ago

go 8rack: 4 The Rack, 4 Shrieking Affliction, and the only creature you use is Augur of Skulls, since it can block Death's Shadow all afternoon without getting tired. Drop the other creatures, and Liliana's Caress.

Oloro_Magic on discard hand

3 weeks ago

This deck is basically 8-rack without the win-con. You want four copies each of The Rack (there are cheap printings of it) and Shrieking Affliction. You also want to drop most of the creatures, Augur of Skulls or other things with recursion are your best blockers.

As for discard you want Wrench Mind and you want targeted discard in the form of Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize.

The Exquisite + Sanguine combo is interesting but slow, it could be put in the deck if the primary gameplan doesn't work but only if you really want it.

PickleNutz on My 8-Rack Deck

4 weeks ago

Hey, I have a few suggestions/ comments.

Why do you use 24 lands in a deck that has such a low CMC? You're chancing some uneventful draws with so many lands. 19 should be about perfect, it gives you room for more spell play.

Ratchet Bomb is also kind of useless If your deck is running properly, one boardwipe in the main board like Damnation would be fine. Grafdigger's Cage would be a good option for the sideboard.

Necrogen Mists is also a double-edged sword, but since you aren't running Liliana of the Veil it's hard to find a substitution. Since your deck is reliant on you playing spells though. Liliana, Defiant Necromancer  Flip might be a better option on a budget.

Thoughtseize over Inquisition of Kozilek might have a better effect for you too.

Some other interesting cards

Gnat Miser

Ensnaring Bridge

Cry of Contrition

Brain Weevil

Brain Maggot

Augur of Skulls

fasmith718 on 8-Rack Em Up Bridges

1 month ago

After some more play: I always side out the Augur of Skulls so lets just start that way. Also, I've run into matchups where Waste Not seemed relevant. Other card balances have been altered as I've aquired some better stuff.

  1. -3 Flaying Tendrils
  2. -4 Augur of Skulls
  3. -1 Raven's Crime
  4. -1 Blackmail
  5. +2 Inquisition of Kozilek
  6. +1 Smallpox
  7. +1 Asylum Visitor
  8. +2 Damnation
  9. +1 Never
  10. +2 Waste Not
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