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So I built this aggro/control/combo/hatebears deck with a lot of recursion to keep a threat on the field. It has a mix of both etb effects as well as hatebears to not focus too hard on a single strategy, but to allow myself to win in different ways. I personally call this my Birthing Pod deck, even if i don't end up using it.

If you play test it, you will see why this deck is so fun to play. There are many ways to find victory and be such an annoyance on the field. Most cards in this deck thin out my deck to keep more stuff on the battlefield or into my hand to play. This is the ultimate deck thinner deck. That being said, the ability to shuffle the deck is pretty important, especially if you have a Sylvan Library . It just allows you to continuously shuffle, and grab the next card you want/need.

Here is the break down.


There are little tricks that can be used to abuse ramp, such as Stoneforge Mystic to get Dowsing Dagger  . Another good mana fixer is Weathered Wayfarer because with dorks, I can quickly grab Gaea's Cradle for additional mana. While playing a land each turn is important, I built this to run on low CMC along with mana dorks so that way each game you have a good shot at moving to mid game quicker.

Draw Engines:

The main draw engines come from Sylvan Library , Rhystic Study , and Mystic Remora . These fit well to keep gas going, but more than most cards in the deck gets you to your next combo piece. Having an understanding of what to get when is vital to being a good pilot of this deck.


If i happen to get Birthing Pod out, I immediately sac Derevi and Grab Glen Elendra Archmage . It allows my to protect birthing pod and work my way to get out stax to have a soft lock. If i have to use a counter, i sac glen on my turn and grab Karmic Guide to keep glen on the field. From there I grab continue to assemble the pieces needed to win.

I put creature counters such as Mystic Snake to keep the creature theme and to gain benefits off of them. Gaddock Teeg is one of my favorite blue cards because it allows my stuff to stay on the field. Aven Mindcensor does so much work in this deck, especially the metas I play in. Finally some credit to Hokori, Dust Drinker because with my commander, it just ruins my opponents day creating the massive sea of salt.


Answer: Laboratory Maniac

So how do I win? There is the Palinchron and Deadeye Navigator route (or Eldrazi Displacer and Peregrine Drake ) which wins with a draw engine like Thrasios, Triton Hero and win with Laboratory Maniac . There are many ways to make this happen via Tooth and Nail etc.. Also if you get the infinite mana going, you can tap down all your opponents stuff on their untap.

To support the big swing, Finale of Devastation , sometimes mana is all you need.

Cyclonic Rift and Tooth and Nail get honorable mentions, because my opponents just sometimes scoops if they resolve. However if I play Tooth and Nail it is to win the game.

The Birthing Pod combo. It took me a while as I sat down and thought about this, but continuously untapping birthing bod will get you there. You have at least 6 mana and any 3cmc creature and Derevi you can win the game. Sac 3cmc creature, grab Restoration Angel target derevi, untap Birthing Pod . Sac Restoration Angel and grab Karmic Guide to get back Restoration Angel to target derevi, untap Birthing Pod . Sac Karmic Guide to get Deadeye Navigator and soulbond it to derevi, blink derevi, untap Birthing Pod . Sac Restoration Angel , get Peregrine Drake .... GG... this also works with Yisan, the Wanderer Bard and Eldrazi Displacer as an alternative.

The great thing, is there are many ways to find a win, and it usually just presents itself as the game progresses.

I hope you enjoy!!!


Updates Add

So it has been a long time since I updated this deck on here, but I have changed it to what my current build is for it. It previously had too much high CMC so I put a lot of work into lowering it.

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