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Chaos in the Maelstrom

Commander / EDH Storm




My take on a Yidris chaos deck. It works as a storm deck whenever you have cascade and also includes a few chaos effects to keep things interesting.

To start with I'll keep the precon mana base and I'll see how well the wheel effects work for keeping fuel in the tank. I also want to include some more chaotic effects.

Storms are neat and so the deck might end up shifting farther in that direction. So far in testing (in a vacuum), I have achieved storm counts over 100. My strategy so far for using cascade efficiently is to cast the 2-3 cost spells first and cascade into all the ramp at 1-2 cmc which lets me keep going. Working my way up the mana curve reduces the chances of cascading high cost spells into much lower cost spells which feels like a whiff.

Some important interactions:

  • Cryptolith Rite lets all my creatures produce mana which helps me keep storming. Add Paradox Engine and the storm is very quickly able to grow without end. Then combine this pseudo-infinite mana (at least 9 non-land mana) with Etherium-Horn Sorcerer for an infinite storm count, cast triggers, mana, and all of the spells in the library with cmc 5 or less.

  • Use wheel effects to refuel.

  • Chain of Vapor is more likely to be used on my own cards than other players' cards. It can be used to bounce a spell (or more than one) back to my hand in order to recast it.

  • With Cryptolith Rite and haste for all my creatures, Worm Harvest can be recast using the wurm tokens it generates. This lets me use extra lands from my hand before firing off the next wheel.

The main wincons are Aetherflux Reservoir and Consuming Aberration. Commander damage can be a legitimate threat and so can regular combat if necessary.


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