Etherium-Horn Sorcerer


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Pauper Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Planechase Anthology Rare
Commander 2016 Rare
Commander 2015 Rare
Planechase 2012 Edition Rare

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Etherium-Horn Sorcerer

Artifact Creature — Minotaur Wizard

: Return Etherium-Horn Sorcerer to its owner's hand.

Cascade (When you cast this spell, exile cards from the top of your library until you exile a nonland card that costs less. You may cast it without paying its mana cost. Put the exiled cards on the bottom in a random order.)

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Etherium-Horn Sorcerer Discussion

jkolb712 on

1 week ago

megaPisces13 The cards I took out are these:


Gigantoplasm, Broodbirth Viper, Illusory Ambusher, Lone Revenant, Warchief Giant Goblin Electromancer, Charmbreaker Devils, Arjun, the Shifting Flame <-(Might be worth keeping), Etherium-Horn Sorcerer, Melek, Izzet Paragon, Dragon Mage.


Faithless Looting, Stolen Goods, Chain Reaction, Call the Skybreaker


Echoing Truth, Desperate Ravings, Reins of Power, Steam Augury, Word of Seizing, Aethersnatch, Magmaquake, Act of Aggression, DominateFor artifacts its a toss up, but I got rid of Seal of the Guildpact.

Get rid of all three enchantments.

For lands, limit it down to 36. Get rid of Rogue's Passage, and Temple of the False God.


I'll just put this is as a block text. Dig Through Time, Pieces of the Puzzle, Void Shatter, Swiftfoot Boots (or Lightning Greaves, if you prefer, thought you can go with both), Whispers of the Muse, Mystical Tutor, Part the Waterveil, Scour from Existence, Commit / Memory, Desolate Lighthouse, Cyclonic Rift, Tezzeret's Gambit, Mirrorpool, Disallow, Insidious Will, Shivan Reef, Spirebluff Canal, Metallurgic Summonings, Temple of Epiphany, Reiterate, Past in Flames, Learn from the Past, Meekstone, Epiphany at the Drownyard, Ponder, Merchant Scroll, Blasphemous Act, Mnemonic Nexus, Treasure Cruise, Guttersnipe, The Locust God, Wheel of Fate, Reforge the Soul, Sky Diamond, Expropriate, Insurrection, Caldera Lake, Halimar Depths

If you want some other upgrades to make this deck truly yours, you can go to EDHRec ( to see what else you want to do. My deck is by no means the end all be all of upgrades. Keep it fun and make it work for you. :)

Hyperalgialysis on Mizzix is not impressed

4 weeks ago

You may want to consider either removing Etherium-Horn Sorcerer or putting in more modal spells. The former would be easier since he is just kind of meh unless you manipulate the top of your library. He is a weak creature without cascade, and with all the counter magic he will probably have no pay off a lot of the time.

RicketyEng on Moskstraumen

1 month ago

The page's background makes it very difficult to read.

Yidris can be pretty interesting and can get crazy. Here is my Yidris storm deck in case there could be useful ideas there.

If you like cascade then here is a list of cascade cards for Yidris: Bloodbraid Elf, Shardless Agent, Maelstrom Wanderer, Bituminous Blast, Etherium-Horn Sorcerer. I see you already have a couple of them.

Another stormy interaction I use is Cryptolith Rite + Paradox Engine .

If you like chaotic interactions, Possibility Storm can get pretty crazy. I have also found that Teferi's Puzzle Box works as hand disruption against anyone trying to hold up certain cards.

Waste Not is a great way to get value off of wheeling your opponents. I see it in your description but not in the list. Megrim and Underworld Dreams look like great cards to include!

RicketyEng on YIDRIS: Storm Amalgam [[Primer]]

4 months ago

Looking good! I'll give you your first upvote!

I thought I didn't really have any card suggestions for you, but then I noticed that you only have one of the cards which naturally has cascade. Maybe you have good reasons, but getting extra cascades is worth suggesting them: Bloodbraid Elf, Etherium-Horn Sorcerer, Bituminous Blast, and the mighty Maelstrom Wanderer.

I am curious about your thoughts on something. I also have a Yidris deck and I find that casting the lower cost cards first and gradually working my way up the curve works well toward getting the most out of cascade. I'm sure you've experienced how casting a large spell and cascading into something tiny can feel almost like a whiff sometimes. It makes sense that if you've already cast all the tiny spells then only spells closer to the cmc you're casting remain. Perhaps some discussion on these sorts more subtle strategies (if you use any) would be good to include in the primer description.

demonicgrizzly on Æther Assault [Needs Cuts]

5 months ago

I agree that liliana vess is not a very good form of reliable deck manipulation. You wanna use something like Sylvan Library or divining top to filter the top of your library. Top is nice cuz your u can do it at instant speed.

There are some creatures that allow you to scry as well. Or you can use the combo I run in my Yidris deck to make infinite mana and get infinite cascade triggers. Pili-Pala + Grand Architect + Etherium-Horn Sorcerer. It's a janky combo but its really fun. You make infinite mana with pili and architect and just bounce and recast the sorcerer to get the triggers.

Xenephrim on Wheel and Deal With It

5 months ago

Kilrane Thanks for the suggestions!

Jushi Apprentice is currently in the deck, and I'm probably going to rework this deck here in the near future. Right now I just don't have the money or drive to do it.

I'm definitely going to re-add Etherium-Horn Sorcerer and Possibility Storm.

I'm still unsure about Recurring Insight due to both its mana cost and how effective it would be during the turn I play it. Just from my playgroup, by the time 6 mana becomes available there aren't usually many cards in hand. Chasm Skulker is one I've seen but never considered using in this deck. Seems like something that my playgroup would intentionally kill off early, and since I'm not running counterspells, I wouldn't have a way of saving it for the long run.

I must have misread Master the Way because I thought it only damaged creatures, which is why I never included it before.

Unfortunately, Ancestral Vision is way outside of my price range. Even if I had that kind of money, I'm not sure I would want to buy one for that much.

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