My first EDH deck was the Commander 2014 red deck, Built From Scratch.

I have modified it quite a lot now by adding artifacts that seem useful as I find them. I have also started to commit a bit more money to it by way of a couple of pricier cards to start inching it just that much farther ahead.

Daretti is awesome for cheating out expensive artifacts. It's a fun deck with lots of artifacts coming and going between the battlefield and graveyard. This remains one of my favourite decks and is among my most powerful.

The artifact pillow fort:

  • Orbs of Warding protects my graveyard from being exiled (most gy hate I see exiles target player's gy).

  • Silent Arbiter bogs down combat.

  • Darksteel Forge is pretty self explanitory. Pair it with Mycosynth Lattice to make all of my permanents indestructible.

  • Pentavus is great for blocking non-trampling creatures. Create pentavites during the declare attackers step then block with them and put them back on the pentavus in the declare blockers step. At per block, it can be expensive yet very reusable.

  • Defense Grid deters people from interfering with my turn (and others' too).

  • Platinum Angel is pretty self explanitory.



Updates Add

I have recently decided to try taking Daretti in a stax direction while letting Breya focus more on artifact combo.

Recent additions such as Silent Arbiter, Darksteel Forge, Orbs of Warding, and Akroma's Memorial are examples of how I am gradually building up power and defence on my side of the battlefield. In order to continue this movement I am seeking suggestions for which cards could be moved over to Breya as being better to work with combo.

To compliment a slower approach, I have also started looking at more alternate wincons for Daretti. I have considered adding a couple of infect artifact creatures and another one or two sources of proliferate.

While Dross Scorpion + Pentavus can generate infinite mana with a mana rock that taps for 3 or more mana I have often noticed that the deck has very few outlets for that mana. They can also merely generate infinite ETB or death triggers with any rock tapping for 2. I have added a couple of cards to the maybeboard to consider working with these interactions some more.

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