MTG Combo: Grave Pact + Ogre Slumlord + Viscera Seer

This combo is a lock that can prevent the opponent(s) from ever having nontoken creatures.

  • Assuming you have a 4th creature to sacrifice, and all 3 combo pieces are on the battlefield, activate Viscera Seer to sacrifice the 4th creature.
  • Grave Pact triggers and forces all other players to sacrifice a creature.
  • For each nontoken creature sacrificed, Ogre Slumlord triggers, exiling that creature and creating a Zombie token.
  • Activate Viscera Seer again to sacrifice the tokens, triggering Grave Pact. Repeat until opponent's board is wiped.

Keep in mind the opponent(s) can just sac a token creature to Grave Pact and Ogre Slumlord won't trigger, meaning the lock stops happening. This is much harder to prevent in multiplayer games.