Frenzy Sliver

Frenzy Sliver

Creature — Sliver

All Sliver creatures have frenzy 1. (Whenever a Sliver attacks and isn't blocked, it gets +1/+0 until end of turn.)

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Set Rarity
Premium Deck Series: Slivers (PDS) Common
Future Sight (FUT) Common

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Frenzy Sliver Discussion

TypicalTimmy on Sliver and Arrest.

1 month ago


Suppose you have Manaweft Sliver out and your opponent targets it with Arrest. While Manaweft can not attack, block or tap for mana all of your other Slivers still can. So your Frenzy Sliver can still tap to add , if you'd like.

If your friend still has confusion, explain to them that Arrest only cares about the enchanted creature it is attached to. Since, in my example, Frenzy Sliver is not enchanted with it, it is not bound by its restrictions.

Mortlocke on I will have just a sliver of that rainbow cake.

2 months ago

Always happy to see another Sliver deck i've yet to come across. It's a shame that your playgroup tends to single you out due to Sliver Hate™: "When you sit down at a table consider yourself playing Archenemy, and you don't get the silly cards to help. Usually everyone just blasts the slivers and then continues the game." Sliver decks tend to be politically weak - as in some playgroups they are perceived to be a threat starting at turn 0.

My advice to combat Sliver Hate™ is to have a turn 0 talk before every game, which is structured as "1. Hi i'm bringing

Now, moving on to your deck proper - interesting choice in choosing The First Sliver as your commander, but I think you can do so much better in terms of building around it. First things first - I know running ALL the keywords is cool, but unfortunately it hurts the consistency of your deck, putting you in more situations where you just don't have the interaction or options necessary to succeed. Yes, you need to cut some creatures. How many? I recommend between 15 and 13. Here are some suggestions (just to name a few):

  • Acidic Sliver: Sacing a creature let alone a Sliver to deal a paltry 2 damage is laughable at best. This sliver will not create any meaningful impact unless you have an infinite creature combo going. It's not worth the inclusion.
  • Constricting Sliver: The high CMC for an Oblivion Ring-esque effect for all Slivers you control is neat - the problem however is just getting to that 6 mana. You could be casting your commander, or at the very least multiple Slivers onto the battlefield. CMC for temporary removal at best isn't good enough.
  • Diffusion Sliver: This is commander. If someone wanted to pay an extra 2 to get rid of a troublesome sliver - they could do it without even thinking twice. This Sliver is designed to work in a format where you could have multiple copies on the field that would stack this effect. It doesn't work in a singleton format. Cut it.
  • Frenzy Sliver: Refer to my comments on Diffusion Sliver.
  • Fury Sliver: The CMC is far to high for the effect. Run Bonescythe Sliver instead.
  • Ghostflame Sliver: A cute effect. Only relevant if you are running Slivdrazi Monstrosity as your commander or you are running All Is Dust - or ideally both. Unfortunately you are running neither so this Sliver does literally nothing to advance your boardstate. Cut it.
  • Groundshaker Sliver: The CMC is too high for the effect. Run Horned Sliver.
  • Leeching Sliver: Refer to my comments on Diffusion Sliver.
  • Lymph Sliver: Refer to my comments on Diffusion Sliver.
  • Megantic Sliver: This Sliver is only relevant if you have a deck that focuses primarily on Combat Damage as a wincon. This one i'm honestly a bit iffy on cutting as it is a decent sliver. Just not a Great sliver in my opinion. For such a high CMC, i'd want a sliver to be downright game changing when it hits the board. This one just feels kinda..."Meh".
  • Mesmeric Sliver: Refer to my comments on Diffusion Sliver.
  • Poultice Sliver: This is honestly just a bad design. You don't need this Sliver. Get Sedge Sliver instead.
  • Mindlash Sliver: Paying mana to activate the ability, sacrificing a sliver, and you also have to discard a card as well? Terrible. Terrible design. I don't think this Sliver ever worked outside of it's draft format.
  • Screeching Sliver: Milling a player in EDH is hard. Milling a whole table? Even harder. Since mill isn't a primary theme within your deck - i'd recommend you'd cut this. It's just not contrubuting to anything.
  • Victual Sliver: This Sliver isn't really doing much. It just isn't. I'd run Hibernation Sliver instead. That sliver makes your Slivers nigh impossible to deal with as when your opponents cast targeted removal you can just go "return to hand" and play the creature on your next turn.
  • Vampiric Sliver: This is just a bad Sliver by design. I get that it's a reference to Sengir Vampire - which is cool and all. But by today's standards that mechanic is trash.
  • Virulent Sliver: Ah, the ol' Poison counter sliver. Refer to my comments on Diffusion Sliver.

Caerwyn on Skirmishing Nest

6 months ago

From a flavour stance, I am not overly fond of All Is Dust being in here. There are plenty of Damnation / Final Judgment / Languish effects that do not carry the lore baggage of Eldrazi.

Frenzy Sliver seems like it could be fairly terrifying with the token generation, without being so powerful as to make victory impossible.

Lymph Sliver is another that creates a relatively annoying, but not game-breaking effect.

Sidewinder Sliver and Toxin Sliver are pretty scary, making block choices more important and deadly.

Hooray for Slivers!

[email protected]_only on Card creation challenge

1 year ago

The Guildpact

Enchantment - Saga

~ has the colors of the colored mana spent to cast it.

& : For each color, each player sacrifices a monocolored permanent of that color.

: For each color pair, each player chooses a permanent they control that's exactly those colors, then draws a card for each permanent selected this way.

Seemed like the obvious one nobody had done yet

My bad on fury, I was thinking of Frenzy, as in Frenzy Sliver .

Make a Historic Card

Mortlocke on Slivers... Because someone has to be that guy

1 year ago this is a pet peeve of mine so take it worth a grain of salt but -always make your deck description as detailed as possible. As I'm looking at your deck and what you wrote here my only guess is that your game plan is to swing wide, and swing often. However, your deck doesn't seem to exactly have alot of focus to that end. You include some slivers with parasitic mechanics and/or (in my opinion) don't function well when there is only a "one of":

These Slivers are bad inclusions in an EDH deck because their abilities don't have much direct interaction with the other creatures in your deck. Additionally, when there is only one copy of them out on the battlefield their presence doesn't really make much of an impact - case in point Frenzy Sliver. With only one in play, your Slivers will only deal +1/+0 if they get through. That's it. If you had 4, that changes dramatically to +4/+0 - forcing the opponent to always block if possible. Can you honestly say that there is a situation where you would want to tutor for one of the previously mentioned creatures? Again, this is all my own opinion - but I would cut these Slivers for additional spells or permanents that could support you, but more on that later.

The inclusion of non-slivers is a bad choice given your commander. Overlord is designed to enable you to tutor for whatever answer you need. If that answer isn't a Sliver and is a creature - then what's the point of having Overlord as your commander? Speaking of lack of inclusions - why not have Amoeboid Changeling? It's a Sliver, and it interacts directly with Overlord's 2nd ability enabling you to steal enemy commanders. That's more of a control oriented play, but is a Overlord staple.

I'm starting to think that maybe you should swap out commanders for ether Sliver Hivelord or Sliver Legion. Your deck, as it is currently built seems to support a more aggro playstyle - which is completely viable within Slivers. Including the previously mentioned, I would cut the following cards:

Now, what cards do I think you could use?:

Sorry to write you a whole book lol, but those were my thoughts. Please let me know what you think and when your tournament is. I look forward to your response! Also, here's a +1 for you!

Dismal on

2 years ago

I dunno, but Hive Stirrings always seemed good to me. If you go beyond /,you could run things like Winged Sliver, Heart Sliver and one of my pet cards (it just looks so cool!) Frenzy Sliver.

TheDuggernaught on

3 years ago

well first off, Crystalline Sliver and Muscle Sliver are not modern legal. So that would be the first place to start :P Luckily, Muscle Sliver can be easily replaced by Sinew Sliver. There is not a super good direct replacement for Crystalline Sliver though. You also have some slivers that are somewhat sub-par. I would look to take out Venom Sliver (or at least reduce the number -- they are pretty meh in multilpes), Fungus Sliver, and probably also both Sliver Legion, and Sliver Hivelord. Chromatic Lantern also does not seem super needed if you have the manabase. Granted a good mana base is not the cheapest thing in the world. Crazy how fetchlands and shocklands can add up!

Slivers I would consider adding in place of the above cards are Blur Sliver (1 or 2 of), Darkheart Sliver, Necrotic Sliver, Diffusion Sliver, Sedge Sliver, Sentinel Sliver (super good as a 1 or 2 of), Frenzy Sliver, Sidewinder Sliver, and Syphon Sliver (1 or 2 of). Support cards I would evaluate are Collected Company, and Aether Vial.

TheGodofNight on Slivers By Mrtime

3 years ago

Here is a breakdown of your current list, and some cards that might prove to be better:

Battle Sliver - 5 mana for +2/+0 is ok, but 1 mana less, you can put out a Predatory Sliver and a Sinew Sliver, getting +2/+2. Arguably, Sinew Sliver does give all slivers +1/+1, but I haven't encountered many sliver decks in tournament play.

Blur Sliver - 3 mana to give all of your guys haste, perfect cost, comes into play and can be used right away, definitely a good addition to a sliver deck.

Diffusion Sliver - A 2 mana counterspell for spells and abilities for all slivers that stacks. This is a great addition to the deck, as the earlier it goes down, the more protection it offers.

Frenzy Sliver - This is an interesting card, I personally don't like because it relies on the variable of my opponent, and I don't like to leave things to chance, but I can see why you might use this. I would rather had the sliver lords Predatory Sliver and Sinew Sliver as first picks, because it is a guaranteed +1/+1 no matter what. So this comes down to what is strictly better, the guarantee or the maybe?

Galerider Sliver - A one drop that gives all of your guys evasion, this is an auto include of 4 copies, hands down. This comes down turn one and if left unanswered, wins games, and even in the late game, it can turn the tide to your favor.

Gemhide Sliver - Strictly speaking, Manaweft Sliver is the better choice, I'd take 4 of those, which will help round out your mana needs, and I might sideboard one or two copies of Gemhide Sliver for the matches were you need more mana production.

Groundshaker Sliver - Personally, 7 mana is way, WAY, too slow for modern in my opinion, and most modern players' opinions as well. Trample is nice, but the Lords give you more faster, so while I can see why you might use this, there are way better options out there.

Homing Sliver - This is a great card, but I wouldn't run more than 2 copies myself, and these would be strictly sideboard for when I need to fetch something specific to cripple an opponent's deck. Otherwise, it's a slow tutor, but it can still be relevant main board.

Leeching Sliver - Speaking strictly CMC, it is not a bad option, but you still need to swing in to get the benefit of the ability. It has merit, but it wouldn't be my first pick, if you are swinging in already, you'll do more damage with a sliver bolstered by lords, although, this could work to do the last couple points of damage you need. I'm on the fence about it.

Manaweft Sliver - 4 of in the mainboard, no question, mana fixing/ramp for days.

Predatory Sliver - A sliver lord, coupled with Sinew Sliver, this owns decks fast.

Pulmonic Sliver - 5 mana is a huge investment for a card that is going to just put cards on top of your library, which may or may not help you. I personally think it is too slow for modern, but with ramp, it might be something you could try. Personally, I'd rather 4 Galerider Slivers.

Sentinel Sliver - Vigilance to all slivers for 2 mana is amazing, swing in with vigilance, and then tap those creatures for mana for spells, other slivers, or whatever.

Sliver Hivelord - This screams singleton mainboard, because of the high cost. The legendary rule means 2 in hand is a dead card. Maybe one main and the other side board?

Steelform Sliver - Both sliver lords cost 1 mana less and give +1/+1, just more efficient than this card.

Striking Sliver - This is a great combat trick. Use AEther Vial or Collected Company to get this in during blocks, and boom, you could board wipe your opponent completely. Functional, but this would be one of my last picks as there are so many other good cards. If you got the room for it, include it.

Venom Sliver - I personally don't play defensively, as modern is often referred to as the 4 turn format, usually I want to be winning by then. I can see the merit of this card, but only as if you are on defense, not on offense.

Ancient Ziggurat - This is good only for creatures, so AEther Vial, Collected Company, or activated abilities can't benefit from this card. So it is good in a way, but in a very narrow sense. Cavern of Souls is still a much better, pricier option.

City of Brass - An interesting choice, but personally, the life loss might become significant against RDW (Red Deck Wins) style decks. A cheaper alternative, but I still think Cavern of Souls is better.

Mana Confluence - See Above.

Sliver Hive - An auto include 4 of in the deck, mana fixing for slivers and the token generation is great too.

Temple of Mystery - Tapped lands are too slow for this format. Shock lands are better.

Celestial Flare - I love this card, but not in this deck. Necrotic Sliver is the better choice as it removes any permanent, including lands. So for one more mana, you can remove anything that is on the field.

I hope this breakdown helps clarify choices, and gives you some ideas to work with. Good luck and may the hive prevail!

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