Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters Rare
Planar Chaos Rare

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Split second (As long as this spell is on the stack, players can't play spells or activated abilities that aren't mana abilities.)

Choose target card in a graveyard other than a basic land card. Search its owner's graveyard, hand, and library for all cards with the same name as that card and exile them. Then that player shuffles his or her library.

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Extirpate Discussion

JararoNatsu on Demon of Dank's Gate (Need's Help)

8 hours ago

Right now, this deck has very little in the way of protecting itself while it preps to sac the Shadowborn Apostles. You are working with a lot of 1/1 creatures that can be easily destroyed, and even one Extirpate can completely destroy this deck should but one of your Apostles die. You need some early game protection. For this I would consider splashing Blue rather than White, as it opens up more possibilities for use such as counter spells, while relying on Black to remove board threats that can easily destroy your Apostles.

Also, your instants are not helping you here at all. All they would do is serve to take up space in your hand until you (maybe) get a Demon out, and even then neither of the demons you have need +1/+0 and Lifelink/Infect.

Cards like Thrumming Stone can get multiple Apostles out per turn, allowing you to sac them as soon as possible.

Hope this helps.

Sargeras on Black White Control

1 day ago

Interesting build, so +1, here are my suggestions:

  1. Most of this stuff looks like the WB control deck from standard, which is a slower format, but in modern, almost every deck is trying to kill you around turn 4, which means cards like Read the Bones, Ruinous Path, Transgress the Mind just aren't going to make the cut, if you want card draw Night's Whisper is more on curve (you lose scrying but that should be ok) Phyrexian Arena is also an option that is more dependable. While Ruinous Path, Ultimate Price, and Hero's Downfall were great in standard, 3 mana in modern should get you more, cards like Go for the Throat, Path to Exile, and Dismember are much better at dealing with creatures and are more on curve. (Also, Victim of Night kills pretty much everything in the format, so I'd play it over Grasp of Darkness. Transgress the Mind is obviously outclassed by Inqusition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize but it could probably just be 2 more Castigate, since many deck in the format like burn don't even play 3 drops.

  2. Do you really need 26 lands? 24-25 is what most decks need to consistently play 6 drops, but that's more for you to decide. In any case, some budget duals are Isolated Chapel and Caves of Koilos, I'd probably put chapel in since you play so many basics.

  3. I'm unsure if you need to play both Languish and Wrath of God, because it really should be just 4 wraths if you think you need all 4 of them.

  4. This deck looks well pivoted towards beating creature based decks, but a deck like Ad Nauseeum would run right over you. I'd recommend playing 4 copies of Duress in your sideboard if you don't have inquisitions/thoughtseizes in the main.

  5. The deck needs a sideboard plan, as mentioned above Duress seems like a good option for the deck, I'd also recommend playing Disenchant or moving some amount of Anguished Unmaking into the sideboard, since you likely wont need all of them in a game. If gravehate is needed for budget Tormod's Crypt and Nihil Spellbomb are very cheap. Extirpate can shred combo decks and couples well with discard. There are other ideas but it's all meta dependent.

  6. While I like the idea of assembling Bruna and Gisela, I think a better plan would be to play 2 Gideon Jura, as he can fog for a turn, kill creatures, and is a finisher all by himself. Also, I think you get rid of some of your creature removal to play Lingering Souls since you are so overloaded with it and the synergy it has with cards like Sorin, Solemn Visitor is amazing. Elspeth, Knight-Errant could also be looked at as a one-of since it works with Lingering Souls and Shambling Vent.

These are my suggestions, let me know if you'd like anymore feedback.


TheSurgeon on Esper Salt Mill

2 days ago

@SavageGaul- It's always nice to hear from a fellow lobotomist!

There are a few sets cards that have been/are in here that I feel are a wash when it comes to benefits and personal taste. Take Thought Scour and Tome Scour; each works with my archetype but one offers a little draw in leu of more mill power. Or Breaking and Mind Sculpt. One is less color specific, so it's easier to cast, but mills one less. A relevant example of this is your aforementioned Extirpate and Surgical Extraction. This boils down to my local meta, as it runs a LOT of control and counter. So, I heavy-end the Extirpates to avoid so much countering with split second. Though, I whole-heartedly agree that having the ability to extract at will is pretty darn handy.

As stated in my previous comment, I did order another Orb, but would like to keep the potential first-turn mill on the table with Tome Scour.

Sorry it took me a minnit to get back to you, it's been one of THOSE weeks.

Play on, friend!

Devinmlake on Control From Within.

3 days ago

You should definitely put some more counters in your sideboard incase you're playing an opponent who can systematically get rid of your Saheeli's with discard or cards like Surgical Extraction or Extirpate

Decapablo on Esper Salt Mill

5 days ago

Wonderful! Maybe Ghost Quarter to:
- activate Archive Trap
- against tricolor deck you can exile non basic lands with Extirpate and Surgical Extraction- ...then make Mind Funeral better!

SavageGaul on Esper Salt Mill

5 days ago

Glad to see another Esper Mill player. Here are my thoughts:

I'm amazed that you're having success with just 19 lands! I run 21, with a lower curve and cheaper cantrips, and I still consider myself to be playing with fire by not running 22+. We've got a painful landbase and we benefit from landfall, so don't be afraid to up the land count if it's impacting you negatively. But if it's working for you, keep on keeping on.

Is Extirpate in over Surgical Extraction due to budget issues? If not, I'd make the swap. Split Second can be relevant, but the ability to extract when necessary regardless of mana access is just more widely applicable.

Since you splash white, Ghostly Prison might be an option over Ensnaring Bridge against go-wide decks--Bridge is amazing, but Visions of Beyond cripples it to a degree. If you're against more of the decks that cheat out big goons--especially Emrakul, the Aeons Torn--keep Bridge, and also consider Hide/Seek, which is a little-known card that can turn a nearly unwinnable matchup (Nahiri Control) into a favorable one.

Any reason Mesmeric Orb isn't a 4-of? Since you're more control oriented (and rightfully so), Orb puts in massive work over the course of even a moderately long match. If you take this advice, the first cards I'd look to cut are Breaking/Entering and Tome Scour. Neither is terrible, but Orb puts in so much more work. Fatal Push is also certainly worth considering--it's inferior to Path for our purposes, but in an aggro-heavy meta 4 spot removal might not be enough. I personally run a 4/2 split of Path/Push (check out my deck here: Esper Mill).

Leylines from the side are a nice touch, as are Remands in the main. I personally haven't gone that route, but there's nothing wrong with them whatsoever. Consider a sweeper or two if the go-wide decks really get out of hand in your area. Supreme Verdict and Damnation are both viable.

+1, and good luck to you! I'd welcome any feedback on my own build.

TheSurgeon on Draw, or Draw Not... There is no Deck

6 days ago

I agree. A playset of Surgical Extraction or Extirpate would get more done with less mana than Echoes. You can probably run 1 echoes as a wincon (I do this in casual games with my mill deck) using Shelldock Isle to get it out for cheap.

Consuming Aberration is also a bad card for the mill meta. Beneath its shiny veneer of text is a mana sucking lifeless suicide play. Don't use this "sucker card". It Sounds good.. It isn't. Wasting 5 mana to play it, then you have to wait till next turn to use it? Crap! You can cast 2 Glimpses and a Tome Scour for that price with immediate effects.

Take Jace out. Planeswalkers don't win you games with mill. Period.

Take out a couple mind funerals for a couple Mesmeric Orbs, this will speed up the deck LOTS, and lower your cmc.

I would also consider Snapcaster Mage for some chump blocking and Glimpse recasting.

Good start, I'm anxious to see how this final product turns out.


ghoul_Legion on Phenax, God of Has No Friends

1 week ago

Crypt Incursion all, ALL mill decks need this card.

Like you said Glimpse the Unthinkable is amazing, but yea it comes at a cost.

Extirpate to make sure your opponent doesn't get to play some of the spells you mill.

Nice take on ub mill :)

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