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Vaevictus Reanimator. No tutors.

I have 3 backup commanders. Etali and Aid from the Cowl . Each of these can serve as redundant Vaevictus effects should Vaevictus be hated out.

Things that are obviously missing:

I need more discard outlets. I currently have Sire Of Insanity , Rix Maadi Reveler , Mindslicer , and Faithless Looting . And Conch Horn kind of. Normally I would include Fauna Shaman , but I made a specific requirement for this deck of zero tutors (outside of land tutors).

Sacrifice Outlets. Less necessary with the way this deck should operate, I would still like a couple. I am not sure something like Carrion Feeder would actually be a valuable inclusion, however.

Board Wipes. I recently included Nevinyrral's Disk and Pernicious Deed but I am not sure if theyre right for the deck. Unfortunately its not really synergistic to include cards like Deathbringer Regent and Dread Cacodemon . Oh, and Liviing Death

Most importantly, I have zero graveyard interaction at the moment. I was thinking Nihil Spellbomb , since I can feed it to Vaevictus if I need. Are there any other 1 shot graveyard hate spells that stick around to provide Vaevictus fodder?

Other questions: How is the balance of graveyard filling cards to reanimation targets? Do I have enough? Do i need more cards that put things from my graveyard on top of my library? If so, what? I am lacking a fair bit of instant speed interaction, but do have a lot of sorcery speed interaction.


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