Commune with the Gods

Commune with the Gods


Reveal the top five cards of your library. You may put a creature or enchantment card from among them into your hand. Put the rest into your graveyard.

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Commune with the Gods Discussion

godzilla116 on Tough Footing

1 week ago

Durkle: I really like the idea of Heliod's Pilgrim , i've been hesitant to add a 3 cmc option as this deck wants to win quite early, but Pilgrim provides very good flexibility late game, and I definitely see adding it over the yoked oxes. Village Bell-Ringer while good, isn't as great is this deck with all the vigilance running around. I agree Whiteout is amazing with tireless tribe, but I worry will be a dead card in too many games. Still, with the Commune with the Gods I could see adding a copy in the main deck or perhaps a few in the sideboard when I need a faster game plan.

Thanks for all the great suggestions. I most certainly will be giving the deck a look over.

Grubbernaut on The Fence

4 months ago

I would go with some other draw spells, myself, but I mainly wanted to ask about Benefaction of Rhonas . Without any enchantments in the deck, Commune with the Gods is a strict upgrade at one less mana.


Grubbernaut on Discarding with Windgrace

5 months ago

Full disclosure: I'm a complete casual, but here are some ideas!

Entomb Animate Dead Exhume - maybe Faithless Looting Buried Alive And some doable, but less exciting ones: Cathartic Reunion Tormenting Voice Stinkweed Imp Golgari Thug Grisly Salvage Commune with the Gods - maybe Satyr Wayfinder

I'd also add more ramp, focusing on 2-CMC spells like Three Visits , Rampant Growth , signets/talismans, etc.


Pellaeon on Kathril

6 months ago

I thing I will add one of the following cards (or both): Commune with the Gods and Benefaction of Rhonas. This combines milling with card drawing. I suppose this is an improvement compared to some of my "only-milling cards".

Lujotheganker on GW REANIMATOR

6 months ago

EDIT: update: So I have been messing with this deck for quite some time, and I decided to change a few things. First of Commune with the Gods, as good as it is in this deck, ended up burrying oue lands a lot of the times, so I had to replace it with 4 copies of Grapple with the Past. For now, it has been working really well. I added 2 copies of Eternal Witness for our Vesperlark in the late game. I've also added two more copies of Deep Forest Hermit. Unfortunatelly Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite ended up being pretty useless in most of the games, and would just sit in my hand for no reason, so I've moved it to the sideboard vs creature based opponents.

I also changed the manabase a bit. One Gavony Township for the late game works really well with Kalonian Hydra. Once we have these two cards on the board and a little token army ready to bite our opponents, just pump all of our creatures and let them get bigger with each swing.

The initial idea remained the same, and I have to say this deck is just so much fun to play. It's also pretty decent in competetive league, so I'm really looking forward to it to my local FNM.

If you have any new/interesting suggestions, please let me know, thanks a lot peeps:-)

whatqwerty on Karador EDH Deck (Hulk/Boonweaver Combo's …

6 months ago

I would take my advice with a grain of salt, but reducing the number of tutors and adding in some more low power alternatives could be good. For example replacing Demonic Tutor for Commune with the Gods. Demonic Tutor is obviously more powerful, as it finds any card, but Commune with the Gods is not a terrible replacement, while reducing consistency. And I find that consistency is what makes the most powerful decks as powerful.

Lujotheganker on GW REANIMATOR

8 months ago

Hej abby315,

thanks for the amazing tips. I tried adding a playset of Seasoned Hallowblade but soon figured, that the mana consistency is pretty bad. So I added my mana-fixing dudes back, and added two Seasoned Hallowblade which (for now) seems to work really well with the deck.

I also added one more copy of Commune with the Gods, making it a full playset, but decided to keep my 3 Fauna Shaman, because 4 just seemed a little too excessive. In order to make Fauna Shaman useful, you need one on the board, to tutor for your vesperlark combo, but with four copies I often times ended up with 2 or 3 in my hand, which seemed a bit slow. I also have 3 copies of Eladamri's Call so if I don't have it in my hand, I can just fetch for it.

After giving it much thought, I cut my one copy of Doubling Season as it is really too expensive and slow for this deck. The initial idea was having Sekki, Seasons' Guide and/or Kalonian Hydra on board by turn 4, and then just casting Doubling Season on turn five and attacking, thus making some crazy counter and token multiplication haha. However I left one copy of Anointed Procession in the deck, because it just seems so good, and with four copies of Commune with the Gods it seems pretty easy to fetch for it, and the pay-off is just great.

Also, I have to disagree with the Triumph of the Hordes, because it really did end games by turn, and it's very effective vs life-gain deck in the late game. It just seems really efficient and is a overall finisher.

Anyway, thanks for the comment, was very helpful and much appreciated:-)

abby315 on GW REANIMATOR

8 months ago

Love the idea! I have a few suggestions to possibly make it a little more consistent:

Given that it makes up the core of your build, I recommend going to a full 4x Fauna Shaman and 4x Commune with the Gods and cutting the two enchantments. They cost too much mana to hard-cast and you'll be in a much better position if you don't wait to reanimate a creature until you have one of the two on the field. You'll instead get more consistency on the best cards for your gameplan.

I also don't think Triumph of the Hordes is very good - the odds that you have it in your hand and are able to cast it on exactly the turn where you can swing with your tokens/big creature before your opponent removes them are low. It also strikes me as a little win-more? In most cases you should either get a concede from putting 10+ power on the board in one turn, or they have a boardwipe and Triumph wouldn't help you anyway.

Instead, a fun thing you might want to consider is running an Eldritch Evolution package. In addition to reanimating a big Trostani's Summoner, if you run Eldritch Evolution, you could also turn that Summoner into something like Iona, Shield of Emeria or Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite. It'd also allow you to turn your 1-mana dorks into Fauna Shaman if you need it.

You could also run the Spike Feeder / Heliod, Sun-Crowned combo, since you can reanimate Feeder with the Vesperlark and find Heliod with your tutors!

Finally, you might want to consider discard options that don't need to tap so you can do everything in one turn. Seasoned Hallowblade is a great option and also gives you some defense or offense on the early turns. Vivien's Arkbow is a fun option too, which does need to tap but doesn't have summoning sickness.

It's a fun build anyway so take my comments with a grain of salt!

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