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Tazri Hulk Druid

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This deck is a mix between Shaper's Food Chain Tazri and Sigi's All Nightmare Long (SBT Primer). Sigi's Sidisi list is a layered combo deck but all of the combo lines (Hermit Druid, Hulk, and Food Chain) require the graveyard to win. Shaper's Tazri list is a focused fast combo deck that already shares a number of cards in common with the Sidisi list.

By making the change from Sidisi to Tazri, we gain a combo line in Food Chain that's resilient to gravehate. It also allows us to improve our other combo lines thanks to the addition of red. By taking the layered combo approach to Tazri, we gain combo lines that are much faster than the typical Food Chain build, as Hermit Druid and Flash Hulk are both exceptionally fast. It also provides a number of ways to win the game through stax pieces that hurt the Food Chain combo.

Tazri Hulk Druid is a layered combo list, which means that it tries to include a number of different combos with overlapping combo pieces in order to increase the lines available for victory and allow the deck to play around different stax pieces. The cost to this approach is that there are fewer slots for interaction.

The primary combos in the list are Food Chain, Hermit Druid, and Protean Hulk - the specifics of these combo lines are described in more detail below. Hermit Druid and Protean Hulk are the fastest combos and typically the go-to lines in scenarios where you need to race the other decks at the table. Food Chain combo is slightly slower but more resilient to stax in general.

Hermit Druid line:
  • Mill a Narcomoeba onto the battlefield then Unearth Fatestitcher and untap a land.
  • Dread Return Goblin Dark-Dwellers, sacrificing Hermit Druid, Narcomoeba, Fatestitcher.
  • Cast Yawgmoth's Will for free

A number of wins are available with your library in your graveyard and your graveyard effectively in hand. Play all your fast mana and then either Laboratory Maniac + Gitaxian Probe or Food Chain + Eternal Scourge.

Hulk lines:

  • Hasty Hermit Pile: Dryad Arbor + Any Dork + Hermit Druid + Hellraiser Goblin. Use Dryad Arbor or the dork to make mana to activate Hermit Druid, then use the same lines as above.
  • Necromancy Pile: Dryad Arbor + Any Dork + Hermit Druid + Laboratory Maniac. Necromancy + Hulk results in a trigger on the cleanup step, which means that you typically must cast Necromancy during the end step of the player before you. Mill your library during upkeep and try to win during draw step.

Food Chain lines:

  • Assemble Food Chain + Eternal Scourge/Misthollow Gryffin creates infinite creature mana.
  • Cast Tazri to find an ally wincon (Kalastria Healer, Halimar Excavatar, Hagra Diabolist)
  • Exile Tazri and recast infinitely to generate infinite ally ETB triggers.
In addition to Hermit Druid, there are a few other lines to victory that are available from single cards. These are typically used to assemble one of the primary combos above. Tainted Pact/Demonic Consultation can assemble Food Chain combo by exiling a cast-from-exile creature. If Laboratory Maniac is in play, they can be cast on upkeep to effectively mill your deck. Necropotence and Ad Nauseam will typically help you assemble a combo as well.

In scenarios where you a single Demonic Tutor but no other combo pieces, the best target depends heavily on your current position relative to the other players at the table. If you need to make a Hail Mary play to try to win, find Tainted Pact. If it's the early game and you don't expect creature removal, find Hermit Druid. Ad Nauseam is the most likely to guarantee a win, but it's the most expensive option. Necropotence is cheaper and also likely to find a win, but you don't get the cards until your endstep.

  • Flash of Insight and Memory's Journey together can offer some protection after a Hermit Druid activation. Memory's Journey can return a Pact of Negation to your library, which you can draw by using Flash of Insight. You can exile Misthollow Gryffin from your graveyard with Flash of Insight, to open up Food Chain lines as well.
  • Cabal Therapy offers you a way to discard Hermit Druid combo pieces into the yard. You can target yourself with it in order to get Dread Return out of your hand and into the yard. This does reveal the rest of your hand to your opponents though. It also doubles as a sacrifice outlet for Protean Hulk. If Yawgmoth's Will is in hand, you can cast Dread Return Goblin Dark-Dwellers to cast Dark Ritual for free to pay for it.
  • If Halimar Excavator is your only ally outlet not in exile, but you're facing a deck that can't be milled out (e.g. Gitrog), you can target yourself to mill yourself and go for a win that way (see Hermit Druid lines)
Most of the following decklists have fairly detailed primers as well, which can provide some insight as to how this deck should be piloted.


Updates Add


  • Gemstone Mine -> Gaea's Cradle: Trying out Cradle as a way to make a lot of mana, typically for when there's a lot of stax out.
  • Spell Pierce -> Flusterstorm: Acquired a copy of Fluster, trying it out in the place of Pierce for now.
  • Boreal Druid -> Riftsweeper: Not having Riftsweeper for Consultation/Pact lines was killer.
  • Narcomoeba -> Haunted Dead: Haunted Dead creates two bodies for Dread Return while also filling the role of discard outlet, at the cost of requiring extra mana. Trying it out though, to improve slot efficiency over needing both Narco and Fatestitcher.
  • Fatestitcher -> Worldly Tutor: This probably should have been in the original build anyway.


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