When your friends want you to build a cheap Jank deck consider a Self Milling Tribal Frogs Deck!

-I tired to add any frog themed spells and incorporated any 3 mana or less frogs into the deck for flavor.
-Added into the maybeboard ways of ramping up the deck if you're so inclined.
-Add whatever land base you want, to continue with the theme only lands under $1.
-Only cards over $5 were Mesmeric Orb, Fraying Sanity, Hermit Druid, and Jace and a total of $90 at construction.

If you like this deck could I interest you in a jank salamanders deck!?

Well, She Turned Me into a Newt! A Newt!?

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After being able to play this deck a few times now I was surprised on how well it ran and the reaction of my friends when I played certain cards. While it runs great as is, I think I can make it better...there is always improvements that can be made!

Hermit Druid -> Thassa's Oracle: While I love Hermit Druid in this deck only running basic lands its lack luster. For my most expensive card in the deck ($10) there is a better option. For $2 more Thassa's Oracle gives us another win con.
Adaptive Automaton -> Irenicus's Vile Duplication: The +1/+1 counter from Adaptive Automaton definitely helps beef up my weak frogs but Irenicus's Vile Duplication allows to clone our commander doubling our self mill effects for the same price.
Scute Swarm -> Slogurk, the Overslime: Slogurk interacts extremely well with our commander's exile with croak counters effect. This allows us to thin out the land as the deck doesn't have much draw and starts top decking late game. It also interacts well with a couple of our new additions (Constant Mists and Dawnstrider). Looks like the frogs will be hungry as their main source food will be replace lol.
Mystic Snake -> Dawnstrider: Wanted to add a couple more reoccurring fog effects as mid to late game swinging weak frog into a board state never turns out well.
Maskwood Nexus -> Constant Mists: Constant Mists is the best fog in MTG period! Maskwood Nexus didn't perform the way I thought it would and really didn't do much for the deck the couple of times I saw it.
Arcane Signet -> Rampant Growth: With only a 2 color deck Arcane Signet is not needed, I much rather have an extra land of the field verses an artifact that can blown up.
Explore -> March of Swirling Mist: March of Swirling Mist is an amazing card imo and provides our froggies some much needed board wipe protection.
Tolarian Winds -> Dissipation Field: Dissipation field is a good deterrent to making our opponents not swing at us.
Frogmite -> Trollbred Guardian: Lack of artifacts in this deck make Frogmite weak for a basic 2/2 frog. Trollbred Gaurdian for 1 mana more adds some needed beef!

Overall deck cost went from $92 to $100 flat, which is right where I want to be with this deck...$100 or less.


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-1 Hermit Druid main
+1 Irenicus's Vile Duplication main
-1 Island main
+1 March of Swirling Mist main
-1 Maskwood Nexus main
-1 Mystic Snake main
+1 Path of Ancestry main
+1 Rampant Growth main
+1 Rite of Replication maybe
-1 Scute Swarm main
+1 Slogurk, the Overslime main
+1 Thassa's Oracle main
-1 Tolarian Winds main
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