Plaxcaster Frogling

Plaxcaster Frogling

Creature — Frog Mutant

Graft 3 (This creature enters the battlefield with three +1/+1 counters on it. Whenever another creature enters the battlefield, you may move a +1/+1 counter from this creature onto it.)

: Target creature with a +1/+1 counter on it gains shroud until end of turn. (It can't be the target of spells or abilities.)

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Plaxcaster Frogling Discussion

wallisface on Proliferating Proliferaters

3 months ago

Some thoughts:

  • Modern is a very fast format, and so it’s very rare to see people playing cards above 4cmc. I would suggest trying to lower your mana curve, by dropping those cmc5 & 6 cards, and playing more stuff in the 1-2 slot.

  • even with the above, 20 lands feels very low. The majority of your cards require 3 mana, and without ramp I would expect such a deck to want 22-23 lands.

Some cards i can suggest that might be of interest to you:

mrweaselman on Blue Green Counters

6 months ago

For creatures, seems like you have the deck split three ways between graft, adapt, and evolve. I would recommend taking out the graft creatures like Plaxcaster Frogling and Aquastrand Spider , I just don't think graft is a very good mechanic. I would also take out Skatewing Spy , considering most of your creatures have either evasion or a relevant activated ability already. Also Feral Hydra feels like it's easily outclassed other cards. That's eight creatures out, 28 to begin with feels high, so maybe add a combination of 2-3 Lorescale Coatl and 2-3 Avatar of the Resolute . Also this one is just my opinion, but I feel like something like Verdurous Gearhulk could be a better finisher than Vorel of the Hull Clade , especially since your 3 drop slot is pretty packed and you curve out at 4.

For non-creature spells, Plasm Capture is a little bit too high costed and the payoff isn't too relevant to you, consider taking it out for another Cancel or Frilled Mystic , however you may just want to take out all the Cancel for Mana Leak s. If you took out eight creatures and only replaced 4-6, then you have room for some more spells like Incubation / Incongruity .

For land, add 2 either Temple of Mystery or Yavimaya Coast and take out the Thornwood Falls . Overall, looks decent and has an adaptive enough game plan to be fun (pun intended)

Neotrup on Can you stack multiple replacement …

7 months ago

As Plaxcaster Frogling enters the battlefield, there is 1 replacement effect modifying how it enters the battlefield. You'll have to choose from among them (it), then check if any other replacement effects can be applied and choose from among them. You repeat this process, ignoring any replacement effects that have already been applied until there are no more replacement effects to choose. So lets go through this process:

The only replacement effect available is: Graft 3.

Now you have Plaxcaster Frogling entering with 3 +1/+1 counters, so you have 4 effects to choose from. You can pick any 4 of them, but you can't pick Graft 3 again. You'll probably want to choose Hardened Scales or Conclave Mentor , so let's pick the Mentor like you suggested.

Now Plaxcaster Frogling is entering with 4 +1/+1 counters, so you have 3 effects to choose from. Again, you can't pick Graft 3 or Conclave Mentor so you pick Hardened Scales .

So it's no entering with 5, with just Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider and Doubling Season left, so you pick one, it goes to 10, and you pick the other going to 20 +1/+1 counters, just like you wanted. If instead you had two Doubling Season s, it would work the same way. Having the same card name or a different card name doesn't make a difference here, and Doubling Season actually gives us this useful ruling:

8/7/2020 If there are two Doubling Seasons on the battlefield, then the number of tokens or counters is four times the original number. If there are three on the battlefield, then the number of tokens or counters is eight times the original number, and so on.

doodkyle on Can you stack multiple replacement …

7 months ago

Specifically, if I have Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider , Doubling Season , Hardened Scales , and Conclave Mentor in play, then I play Plaxcaster Frogling , can I order the effects like conclave -> hardened -> doubling -> Vorinclex so the frog gets 20 +1/+1, or do I have to choose hardened or conclave then choose vorinclex or doubling?

JANKYARD_DOG on Old Yeller

11 months ago

No Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon? I assume budget reasons, but would be a nice addition for any infect deck. Plaxcaster Frogling can offer single target protection as well as being and making more proliferation targets. Speaking of protection, Teferi's Time Twist can be useful with Ukkima. Also, considering your creatures can get big Greater Good and it's ilk may be worth considering. Hope that helps, unfortunately I can't say what to remove because I'm terrible at that part of building, and it's pretty well done already.

NyulaDewott on I'm Pako and sometimes Haldan ...

1 year ago

Hey, thank you for your comment and your suggestions Voltaire26 !

I hadn't thought of As Foretold, great option ! I need to test it and find what to replace. But i like !

Plaxcaster Frogling and Sporeback Troll : I didn't build this deck around the + 1 / + 1 counters matter. More attractive in your deck ^^

But that gave me the idea to use other protective spells than counters. Like Steely Resolve, maybe Asceticism, Yavimaya Hollow

But I have to think about which cards to cut ^^

Don't hesitate to share your deck when you've finished your list!

Voltaire26 on I'm Pako and sometimes Haldan ...

1 year ago

I just started brainstorming my Pako deck today too! Under protection a few cards that I'm looking into are Plaxcaster Frogling and Sporeback Troll, though I'm going more into +1/+1 counters matter than making a hulking Pako so there's some extra utility there for me. Under your free spells section, you should 100% include As Foretold, it can be used on Pako's fetched cards and during your opponent's turns!

I'm looking forward to following this deck as it progresses!

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