Gather the Pack

Gather the Pack


Reveal the top five cards of your library. You may put a creature card from among them into your hand. Put the rest into your graveyard.

Spell mastery — If there are two or more instant and/or sorcery cards in your graveyard, put up to two creature cards from among the revealed cards into your hand instead of one.

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Gather the Pack Discussion

axeswinga115 on Soulflayer vine

1 week ago

I really like this list! I like the idea of the vengevine, but I think if the idea is quick and brutal beatdowns with SF, vine is preventing that. Also, try Gather the Pack in place of Grapple with the Past, since you get way more out of it. I also run Traverse the Ulvenwald since delirium is always going to be active and gives you the option to tutor for whatever creature you need. You can check out my list if you want any more ideas! I call it Trollflayer.

TRANSFORMERS159 on Jarad vod Savo

10 months ago

these are some of the spells that come to mind when filling the graveyard. you may want to consider these. Drown in Filth Commune with the Gods Gather the Pack

MahBoi100 on The Ladybug: An Apex Predator

10 months ago


Firstly, I apologize for the late response. I got caught up a bit with schoolwork at the end of last week. I typed out my response a couple of days ago, but I must've managed to only click Preview and not Post. That makes me feel a little silly, hahaha.

I love Geier Reach Sanitarium as a way to discard impactful creatures that have ended up in your hand. On the topic of cards like Library and Arena, there's also other persistent sources of card draw, like Erebos, God of the Dead, Greed and Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip.

Doom Whisperer is really great in this deck. Dumping cards in the yard as you please and its control over those cards really greases the gears of our machine. Regarding Elder Gargaroth, I must admit that I'm primarily running it for the keywords, so I'd definitely recommend getting a Doom Whisperer before the Gargaroth.

I find Acidic Slime to be an all star in my grindy midrange decks running green. There's always a problematic permanent it can get rid of, and in this deck in particular, the Deathtouch is also pretty nice. Angel of Finality is a card I am a little iffy on, to be honest. That being said, I like that it provides some graveyard hate outside of the common Bojuka Bog.

It is true that this deck is lacking in board wipes. The only card that comes close to that is Living Death, which can be unreliable. So far, this hasn't posed too big of a problem. I can usually get some of the most important cards in my graveyard by turn 4-5 and from there threaten with a big lifelink swing. That being said, I should probably try to fit in at least a Toxic Deluge or something.

Regarding utility spells that incidentally get things in your yard, I'll list the first cards that come to mind from the top of my head.

One of the cards that I've wanted to try but haven't found room for is Death's Oasis. The thing keeping it from being super good imo is that you're forced to return a creature to your hand, which can screw you up if you're stacking your graveyard for Kathril. Other cards that are close to being run is Splinterfright and Stitcher's Supplier

Removal: Price of Fame, Mephitic Vapors, Drown in Filth.

Card draw and filtering: Theres a bunch of these, but among my favourites are Gather the Pack, Ransack the Lab and Winding Way.

There's also quite a few Dredge cards that get good mileage in our deck archetype. The heavy hitters imo being Golgari Grave-Troll, Life from the Loam and Golgari Thug.

zapyourtumor on

1 year ago

I feel a bit of a split between the "creatures in graveyards" theme and the "delirium" theme. One wants you to run a ton of creatures in your deck (which you do, at 36), while the other wants you to have more variety in your card types. I would probably stick with the creatures in graveyards theme, since 1) you have no fetch lands 2) Perpetual Timepiece exiles itself, if you go for delirium you can run stuff like Mishra's Bauble instead.

If you want to go more for delirium, I would add more filtering cards like Gather the Pack. Vessel of Nascency is also great since it puts an enchantment in the graveyard.

TheSimikBOat on A Chromantiflayer Named Zetalpa

1 year ago

I saw that other decks played Questing Beast, but I played Hazoret instead for the indestructible. I don't think that Cathartic Reunion is great here, because to discard cards the deck already has Lotleth Troll, wich is better, since it can pressure a lot the opponent; and for the card draw you can play cards like Grisly Salvage, since the filtering is better that normal card draw to search for Soulflayer. I saw recent Soulflayer decklists and that are the changes that I would make to the deck:



The main change is that you cut all the "blind" mill cards, and you change it for the cards that let you take at least a creature from these cards to prevent milling a Soulflayer.

I hope this helped you! :)

Prospekt on Sultai Self-Mill

1 year ago

Okay so here's a bunch of suggestions that fit Gyruda's requirement and then some things to then take out.

Put in: Arcane Signet, Wake the Dead, Gravespawn Sovereign, Embalmer's Tools, Sakura-Tribe Elder, Disciple of Bolas, Forgotten Creation, Notion Thief, Oversold Cemetery, Skull Prophet, Clever Impersonator, Garruk Relentless  Flip, The Cauldron of Eternity, Sire of Stagnation, and Razaketh, the Foulblooded. The cards in your maybeboard seem good too.

Take out: Cranial Archive, Enhanced Surveillance, Devious Cover-Up, Gather the Pack, Migratory Greathorn, Polukranos, Unchained, Shepherd of Rot, Vengeful Dead, Void Beckoner, and all petitioners.

In terms of land, there are a lot of cheap options to include that will make a three color deck a lot better: Choked Estuary, Sunken Hollow, Botanical Sanctum, Blooming Marsh, Fetid Pools, Hissing Quagmire, Drowned Catacomb, Hinterland Harbor, Woodland Cemetery, Bad River, Ash Barrens, Dakmor Salvage, Exotic Orchard, Witch's Cottage, and stuff like that. Replace the guildgates and bounce lands and a few basics with those if you can.

And lastly if you want to run the petitioners then you should put more of them in, otherwise having just 8 won't do a whole lot for you most of the time other than for fun.

triproberts12 on Hogaak Persist Combo

1 year ago

Isn't this backwards of how these leagues normally work? I thought the winner is the only one that doesn't get the budget bump, so the most powerful deck doesn't snowball.

Anyway, Mindwrack Harpy is the most pushed intro deck card I've ever seen. That's my first add.

I also like putting in more creatures with ETB effects. It's kind of awkward that you'll want to tap mana dorks for Hogaak. Glowspore Shaman, Golgari Thug, Crow of Dark Tidings, Gamekeeper, and Mire Triton can all help get Hogaak out by turn 3 if you have a good turn 1 play.

There are a lot of good gold cards in BG graeyard stuff, too: If you have anyone that's relying on indestructibility, Drown in Filth is a good budget option to feed your graveyard. If you're built around Hogaak, I'd think it should regularly be a hard removal spell with upside. Nyx Weaver is just a great card in any graveyard deck, and cheap, too. Jarad's Orders is a good double-tutor. Underrealm Lich is worth the $2, in my opinion. I would also ask yourself whether Eternal Witness is $3.50 better than Acolyte of Affliction/Golgari Findbroker/Treasured Find. Storrev, Devkarin Lich didn't get much fanfare, but the power and price tag are there.

Animist's Awakening is good value at just over $1. World Shaper and Splendid Reclamation are a little more expensive, but higher impact than other $4-5 cards I see in the list. Lower on the ramp ladder, note that Harrow and Springbloom Druid put a land in the yard. Funeral Rites isn't a bad draw spell for this deck. Same for Winding Way, Gather the Pack and Relentless Pursuit. Syphon Mind doesn't have much to do with the theme, but I start with it in most of my black value decks. Dark Deal could be very good, especially if your draw power is maximized and you can use your yard as a second hand. Greenwarden of Murasa is just a powerful card. Same for Phyrexian Delver.

Some other general budget cards for considering: Ransack the Lab, Corpse Churn, Dead Reckoning, Grapple with the Past, Hatchery Spider, Millikin, Mindwrack Demon, Once and Future, Splinterfright, The Mending of Dominaria, Skullwinder, Blood for Bones, and Vigor Mortis.

Emyron5 on

1 year ago

Daarkest, I did have Gather the Pack in the original build instead of Scout the Borders, but Scout is more budget friendly, as this is a very janky, casual deck, so I don't wanna make it a $50 deck that only wins on occasion. Really just a fun idea I had when I saw the card spoiled, and I decided I really wanted to make a deck around mass Aura recursion. Thank you tho, and I would definitely recommend upgraded to Gather the Pack if you have the money/cards available, in fact, I have a copy myself and went ahead and swapped it in.

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