Fraying Sanity

Fraying Sanity

Enchantment — Aura Curse

Enchant Player

At the beginning of each end step, enchanted player puts X cards from the top of his or her library into their graveyard, where X is the number of cards that went to their graveyard from anywhere this turn.

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Fraying Sanity Discussion

RyuSama420 on milltesttesz

1 week ago

you have too many counter spells and not enough mill spells. mill isn't a control deck, it's meant to be fast like aggro. you don't want to waste turn 3 tapping out for Fraying Sanity or Sphinx's Tutelage. you're missing things like Glimpse the Unthinkable, Hedron Crab, fetch lands for the crabs (so you can get 2 triggers per turn) and the most important piece by far is Tasha's Hideous Laughter.

shadeslayerx22 on Simple Mill

1 month ago

How has Thought Collapse worked out for you? How often can you afford to spend your turn 3 countering a spell instead of dropping those repeated mill effects like Fraying Sanity or Memory Erosion? And because most of the deck is at sorcery speed, if your opponent doesn't cast anything counter-worthy and just swings you waste one of the most important turns on your curve. I obviously don't know your playgroup and haven't had any experience using it as a potential clutch card, but that's what I see. Looks like a really fun list too.

RambIe on Deck challange

1 month ago

Hermit Druid + Fraying Sanity + Gaea's Blessing cuz why not have a 60/60 trample general right

StoryArcher on Modern Dimir Mill & Dauthi …

1 month ago


The version of the deck you're talking about (well, MY version of the version of the deck you're talking about) can be found below. I think it's pretty strong right now, though any specific recommendations would be welcome - there are a number of other options I'm considering for those Maddening Cacophony slots, including Thought Scour, Mind Funeral, Tasha's Hideous Laughter and Tome Scour. I was also trying to decide whether the Thoughtseize / Inquisition of Kozilek suite might provide better value than Mana Leak / Counterspell.

Mind Rape

Modern StoryArcher


I'm in agreement with you about Fraying Sanity, the trap of 'win more' is one I'm always on the lookout for. On the other hand, I've found value in the past of building a deck with more than one way to win, and backdooring a legitimate option through damage isn't something I want to discount right off the bat. Judicious use of the sideboard can allow you to shift the deck towards one option or the other in the 2nd & 3rd game, depending on what you're seeing across the board. Jace's Phantasm and Dauthi Voidwalker are excellent options in that regard and you can get some crazy value out of those mills for the latter.

Caerwyn on Modern Dimir Mill & Dauthi …

1 month ago

Do you happen to have a deck list? I would be curious to see what you are using for your basis.

Right now, I think the best Modern mill deck you can run is 8-Crab. 4x Hedron Crab, 4x Ruin Crab, a bunch of fetch lands to enable your crabs, and then Drown, Visions, and some “burn” spells and some removal to finish off the deck.

I also know some folks who have been having decent success splashing into Green for a few copies ofAssassin's Trophy - since the deck should run a lot of fetches for your crabs, one can splash into green with one or two copies of Overgrown Tomb and no other green lands relatively easily.

I will also note there are a few cards which are traps - they look like they might be good for mill, but are not. Jace's Phantasm is one of those cards - you are not trying to hit their life total, so you don’t need an attacker. If you feel you need a blocker due to your meta, you’re better off with Ensnaring Bridge than a single 5/5 with flying.

Fraying Sanity is another card that gets tossed around a lot as a suggestion. Realistically, I don’t think Sanity does much for Mill - you want to focus on burning your opponent as quickly as possible, and Sanity comes down at the critical turn 3 point. It does no burn for turn (other than doubling what your crabs might have done), and usually is more of a “win more” card than a “this wins you games” card. By that I mean any game it helps you win, you likely could have won with something else in those card slots, but it doesn’t do much to let you win games you would otherwise lose.

Brian-123 on Mill Is terrible but i will build a deck anyway

1 month ago

might i suggest if you havn't seen them already Fractured Sanity, Maddening Cacophony, Fraying Sanity

Grubbernaut on

3 months ago

I'm not talking about milling creatures. I'm saying if you have your opponent nearly dead from damage and then draw Fraying Sanity , it does literally nothing to help you win (and vice versa).

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