Black, Blue, White Creatureless Control with Oloro, Ageless Ascetic as the commander. This deck is purposefully without creatures and planeswalkers. Playing this deck will get you uninvited from friends' houses and probably your kneecaps broken. Enjoy!


  1. Mechanized Production (Self explanatory)

  2. Approach of the Second Sun (Lots of mana and tutors to make this faster)

  3. Infinite Mill/Infinite Turn combo with Temporal Manipulation, Soldevi Digger, Planar Portal, and Duskmantle, House of Shadow (You take an extra turn with Temporal Manipulation, use Soldevi Digger to put Temporal Manipulation on the bottom of your library, Planar Portal for the Temporal Manipulation back to your hand, and activate the mill from Duskmantle, House of Shadow. Repeat. It takes a total of 15 mana to do this combo: 3 blue, 1 black, 11 colorless)

  4. Jester's Cap with Soldevi Digger and Planar Portal or Academy Ruins (Use Jester's Cap to exile all opponents removal and high threat cards from their libraries. Use Planar Portal and Soldevi Digger or Academy Ruins to get Jester's Cap back. (Opponents will concede often against this)

  5. Soldevi Digger your graveyard back into your library and outdraw opponents (Not the fastest or prettiest win condition, but you will never run out of cards in your library with Soldevi Digger. Just put cards back into your library from your graveyard)

  6. Bolas's Citadel (Self explanatory as well)

If you have any suggestions or questions, please leave feedback and I will respond. Thank you!


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