Magar seems like he’s just begging to be broken wide open. He is also in an interesting space in Unfinity in that, of the eternal legal legends, he seems to be the only one revealed so far that doesn’t need dice or attractions to do his thing. Right now, the focus is to put a big spell like All Is Dust, Blood for the Blood God!, or Demonic Tutor in the graveyard, reanimate it as a 3/3, and connect for its effect. That is why the deck is heavy on ways to make creatures unblockable. This has the downside of the fact that these spells are so impactful that they become must-answer threats, so some form of protection like Whispersilk Cloak, or a way to grant haste like Lightning Greaves become absolute requirements.

Right now, the deck works, but it folds hard to graveyard hate, as most reanimator decks do. It also folds to most forms of board disruption because the spells themselves get exiled if they go anywhere but the board. This is why Void Maw is important. He sets up a replacement effect that allows me to exile the spell under his effect instead of its own, which allows me to get it back if it gets removed. There are several spells I am considering adding from the new 40k decks, specifically the chaos one, but at its root, I think I need to improve my interaction with my opponents’ interactions. Being able to threaten game if I have Savage Beating in my graveyard and Magar on board is great, but I need ways to protect it on the stack.


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