My first commander deck based off of Lathril, Blade of Elves Commander pre-construct. It's mostly untouched at the moment with a few exceptions of cards I had when I used to play. I'm looking to improve on this in any way possible.

How to Win: I like to place three win conditions in my deck, the first is to create as many elf tokens as possible to deal direct damage through card:Lathril, Blade of Elves ability or cards like Skemfar Shadowsage, and Shaman of the Pack. Second would be to buff up the elves with cards like Elvish Warmaster or Canopy Tactician and lastly by summoning a powerful creature, which at this time is End-Raze Forerunners in this deck.

Future goals:

  • My #1 goal is to find cards that I can untap with so that I may replay abilities that deal direct damage, pump up the elves, or even provide more mana. Need to do more research here
  • Add lands that with abilities or that add value vs the basic lands.
  • Add a board wipe to combo with Poison-Tip Archer for more direct damage
  • Add Planneswalker. Looking at getting Tyvar Kell
  • Replace End-Raze Forerunners with something stronger, cheaper (if possible) that still buffs the elves.
  • Add more efficient elves with lower mana costs. There are some cards in this deck that are too expensive for what they do.

Thank you for checking out my deck and build! I'll keep it updated as we go along.


Updates Add

Updated the deck to reflect the latest additions. At the moment I'm having an issue with consistency. There are some games were we just insta-ramp and pop off and other games were we have no mana. Going to be looking at potentially adding some more lands and mana dorks to the deck.


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