Heritage Druid

Heritage Druid

Creature — Elf Druid

Tap three untapped Elves you control: Add {{3G}} to your mana pool.

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Heritage Druid Discussion

Lanzo493 on Modern Elfkind

13 hours ago

I want to suggest adding the 4th Realmwalker . Realmwalker is such a powerful card advantage engine. It's great when you're ahead, and even greater when you're behind (such as after a boardwipe). If you do run a playset, I would suggest running a playset of Nurturing Peatland as well. You have mana dorks, so you don't always have to use the land. The real benefit is using the land to strip non-elves away from the top of your deck so you can continue to chain elves off the top. The card is broken. Since you're running 4 Elvish Warmaster already, you can take out 1 Ezuri, Renegade Leader . Yes, I know he's awesome, but he is legendary, which can be problematic. And Warmaster already gives you plenty of backup mana outlets for the games you don't have an Ezuri out. Plus, he provides you with enough bodies to produce that mana either with Heritage Druid or Elvish Archdruid , so he's about equal to Ezuri with some situations when he's better. Of course Ezuri is better for boardwipes and games when you need trample, but that depends on the meta. Elves usually go wide enough that a buff from either card will win you the game anyway. I haven't yet tested my elf deck in modern yet, so I can't say for certain, but I think I prefer this direction.

Lanzo493 on Modern Elfkind

4 days ago

Assassin's Trophy hits tron, Valakut, and bounce lands. It’s great if you deal with troublesome lands decks. I also like Choke . It’s decent, but I mainly use it due to my vendetta against control.

I’ve recently swapped all of my Elvish Clancaller for Elvish Warmaster . This is because elves benefit more from going wide rather than tall. Shaman of the Pack and Ezuri, Renegade Leader are stronger with more bodies. Not to mention, Elvish Warmaster also has an ability to dump mana into that is great for attack and defense. In some cases, usually turn 2, he is slower than Dwynen's Elite . Those are the same cases that Elvish Clancaller is slow as well since it doesn’t work too well with Heritage Druid on turn 2. In more cases, he generates even more tokens while also providing a way to close games. He’s always the better option off of a Collected Company . Every turn cycle he lives is 1, sometimes 2 (if you CoCo on an opponents turn), more elves.

Kiran_M on Modern Elfkind

4 days ago

Hardhitta7: I was running them, but a friend recommended that I cut them a few days ago so I was trying it out without them (unlike the other cards in my deck they are very linear, so I am a little wary. But I may go back to using them.

abby315: Hmm. I was using the Chord package as a way to a) get removal if necessary, b) sink mana in the late game, and c) get pieces I really need like Heritage Druid . And would you mind explaining why Warmaster is good? I considered it but it seems a bit slow, although I'm open to adding it in. And yes, I'm definitely going to put Sanctuary in the sideboard, especially since I just realized it also triggers on abilities. I was running Warden against mirrors and other aggro matchups, do you think I don't need any help there? As for Trophy, I am looking for some more veratile removal, especially if I end up cutting the Reclamation Sage , but I'm leaning a little towards Abrupt Decay

multimedia on The Goons

1 week ago

Hey, excellent upgrade of the precon with a high budget.

Some changes to consider:

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Lathril’s Shadowood Elves

3 weeks ago

Hey, nice budget version of Lathril. I really like the creative name Shadowood :)

Quest for Renewal can be a win condition with Lathril and Elves. 10 Elves + Lathril + Renewal with four counters makes each opponent lose 10 life on each opponent's turn, 30 life each for a full cycle of opponents' turns. Renewal is a budget Seedborn Muse and it could replace Wellwisher .

Birchlore Rangers is an Elf I'm not seeing in a lot of Lathril lists. It's like Heritage Druid , but it can make black mana with another Elf. The real reason to play it is you can tap pairs of Elf tokens the turn they're created to make mana. Rangers could replace Cultivate .

Woodland Chasm is a new Forest/Swamp Golgari dual land and since it's a Forest Wood Elves can search for it. It's an upgrade for Golgari Guildgate .

Good luck with your deck.

TriusMalarky on Elves Here, There, Everywhere

1 month ago

Aight, you still don't have Llanowar Elves, Elvish Mystic, Boreal Druid, Fyndhorn Elves, or Arbor Elf. You also don't have Wild Growth.

Those are not even lowkey the main reason to be in green in EDH. The speed advantage is SO worth it.

Out of the current enchantments, only Sanctuary is worth it. It is definitely a great card . . . but the rest of them are pretty much useless. Cryptolith should have no text box in Elf decks, Zendikar is too high cmc to do anything. EDIT: Alpha Status is a wincon, leave that alone.

Akroma's Memorial sucks. The rest of the artifacts are reasonable, but most of them outside Coat can be cut without a problem. But don't cut Staff, it's an infinite mana combo with several of your cards.

Outside of that, most of your list is solid, except I really recommend cutting a lot of the 3+ cmc elves for lower cost elves.

Oh, I forgot Heritage Druid and Nettle Sentinel. Also, Cloudstone Curio turns Druid and any couple 1 cmc elves into infinite combos.

UnrealDatBoi on G/B Elfs of isengard

1 month ago

I would recommend some more mana dorks like Heritage Druid or Elvish Archdruid

Tederollz on Lathril, Blade of Help this deck needs help

1 month ago

Lathril seems really interesting and I'm currently considering to convert my Nath (Deck

Since Nath cares alot more about stax while I want to combo of while having bunch of elves on the board. So I can give some suggestions based on my current ideas.

Copperhorn Scout and Seedborn Muse seems like really powerful includes since the first let's you attack and still tap your elves with Lathril, Blade of the Elves and the ladder let's you tap your elves several times in one rotation like crazy.

Some things I would definitely recommend is:

Final notes: Lathril, Blade of the Elves Wants alot of elves on the board and so does Staff of Domination, I believe that it's very easy to just make a regular elf tribal and include staff as a alternative win-con together with something like Torment of Hailfire but also since you're running a good amount of tutors I see no reason to not include it; Always fun to be behind in the game and then "accidentally" win out of nowhere.

Hopefully this helped out a little. :)

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