Idea and Basics:

This was my first EDH-Deck once and I wanted to build a cleric tribal. Since the was no Orah, Skyclave Hierophant at that time I went for Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim .

Then the level of my playgroup got higher and higher, so I decided to pimp this deck a bit. I run less clerics now and added some combos, gud stuff and more ayli-interaction. Have fun!

With some cards I stayed in the cleric-world. In example I run a Weathered Wayfarer to ramp and a Alms Collector to draw.

I want to go with slightly more than 10 ramp- and 10 draw-cards. It's hard to find very good stuff in Orzhov. Cards like Necropotence can save your ass. I can even combo that card, you'll read about it later.

So let's get started!

Getting Started:

For a good start we need about 2-3 lands, 1 cheap ramp card (like Sol Ring , Land Tax or Weathered Wayfarer ) and a draw engine (i.e. Phyrexian Arena or Skullclamp in our hand. A good add is one of our sisters ( Soul Warden ) or good stuff like Serra Ascendant .
First of all, we want to survive until we got a combo in our hand, field or graveyard.

To reach this part of the game, we need to protect ourself a bit. Get things like Auriok Champion , Mother of Runes , Children of Korlis or Tree of Perdition on the battlefield. There are more options than these in this deck..

When we got some lands and mana rocks out and drew some cards we can finally start to get some ayli or combo action! You will read in the next chapter how theyre working..

Tactics, WinCons and Combos:

The main way to win with this deck is to get cards like Sanguine Bond , Vizkopa Guildmage , Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose or Marauding Blight-Priest on the board. All of our cards and combos are aiming to get a lot of life.

In combination with Exquisite Blood we can get instant wins.

First of all we got cards, that got a simple way to interact with our commander. We play stuff like Tree of Perdition or Kokusho, the Evening Star .

We will sac these creatures with Ayli. Gift of Immortality even brings us those cards back every f***n turn!

A funny one is the Daru Spiritualist -Combo. For that we use Shaman en-Kor to target any cleric we have. Repeat that to get a really really high toughness creature. Sac it to Ayli and have a good life.

This shit is my favorite. We play a Wall of Blood and pay a lot of life. We sac it to Ayli and get a lot of life back. With Tainted Sigil or Children of Korlis we even get double that life!!

This is a great finisher if we have winning cards (i.e. Sanguine Bond ) in play.

Necropotence works the same way. We just draw a lot of cards here. In combination with Bolas's Citadel we can draw our whole deck aswell.

We have some endless sac combos in this deck. The following pieces are working:

Since Ayli cannot make endless sacs itself, I added Ashnod's Altar and Phyrexian Altar to get infinite mana and even infinite life when Ayli is on the board.

The Fiend Hunter can be abused for perma-removal aswell and the Broodmoth ist a very good recursion card even without the combo.

Here we need our Leonin Relic-Warder in the graveyard. We cast Animate Dead from our hand to bring back Leonin. With his ETB we exile the enchantment, that causes leonin to die. This brings back animate and go on and on...

This combo makes us infinite life with our Soul-Sisters or infinite Zombies with our Rotlung Reanimator .

Another way to combo Leonin is to get endless ETBs and LTBs together with Fiend Hunter / Glorious Protector and Oblivion Ring .

If we dont get the combos working we can still use Leonin to exile an artifact or enchantment. We can abuse it if we sac while the ETB is on the stack.

Since we have a lot of creatures to sac to Ashnod's Altar and Phyrexian Altar we could use this mana to cast gamewinning X-Spells like Torment of Hailfire , Debt to the Deathless or Exsanguinate .


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