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Forbidden Justu - Dragon Reanimation!

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Thank you for taking a look at this deck. All suggestions are welcome; All upvotes are appreciated.

Scion of the Ur-Dragon Reanimation

This deck focuses on the tutor ability of Scion of the Ur-Dragon to fuel the graveyard for reanimation. The deck is not a traditional reanimation deck where your graveyard serves as an extension of your hand. Instead, the Win Conditions of the deck focus on three elements: (1) Commander Damage via Scion's ability; (2) Dragon Combat; and (3) Reanimation.

The categories and list are fairly self-explanatory, but the Reanimation win condition and Utility category deserve a little discussion.

Reanimation is the main win condition of the deck. The reanimation goal is to use sporadic single target reanimation to get additional value from your dragons. Then in the end game, use wide-spread reanimation (preferably end-step Twilight's Call) to pull out as many dragons as possible to swing for the win.

Why No Hermit Druid?

We want to take our time in fueling the graveyard, by playing through Scion. As a result, I have omitted Hermit Druid. Hermit Druid is a powerful staple in many re-animator decks. However, the combo with Hermit Druid is an all/nothing reanimation style. When the Hermit hit the battlefield, it was removed, I didn't get the fuel I needed in the graveyard for a win condition, or the game turns into a game of Archenemy where the group hates me out before I can exploit the combo.

Aggravated Assault: Exploit this extra combat phase to quickly deal lethal commander damage. Alternatively, if you have Savage Ventmaw, you create an infinite combat loop.

Boseiju, Who Shelters All: With mass reanimation sitting at sorcery speed and costing anywhere from 5-8 mana, we need to make sure those spells land when we play them.

Bower Passage: Unblockable Dragons.

Prismatic Omen: Anti-Blood Moon.

Tainted Strike: This is one of the most underrated cards in the deck. It offers a wide range of utility and combat tricks. Played with Balefire Dragon you have an almost guaranteed indestructible-proof board wipe against one opponent. Anything that lives is significantly weakened. Played with The Ur-Dragon, you have an instant win condition. Paired with Ulvenwald Tracker's fight ability, you can target something before/after combat as necessary.

Again, thank you for checking out the deck. All suggestions are welcome; All upvotes are appreciated.


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