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Cube cards of interest to be discussed. Maybe board for all cards $20+

I was particularly interested in adding more artifact support focusing this archetype in blue, red and white. I feel this sub-theme could promote more players into these hyper aggro colors. This could help dilute the over all strength aggro is going to get from this update as it is arguably the strongest strategy. There could also potentially be a sneaky cheat artifacts into play from graveyard strategy in red that could pair well with sneak attack decks as well as black re-animator strategies. I am also interested in a potential red-black sac deck but not sure if there is the support for that while keeping mono red competitive.

We will likely have to make artifact section larger for these strategies to work. Whether that means subtracting from other colors or just adding an additional 10 artifacts without cutting down. Alternatively we could up the number of cards in our cube to 540 (from 509) which is a more standard cube size as we are currently sitting in between the typical 450/540. This would buff midrange strategies as less "combo" pieces are likely to turn up.

Also possibly switch out the thriving lands for the bridges (aritfact indestructible duals enter tapped) This would add 5 extra dual lands to the cube. Also had the idea to possibly do doubles of the fetchlands, this could backfire into more five color piles though.

Mosswood Dreadknight, Kellan, the Fae-Blooded and Questing Druid should probably be considered gold cards.

Haywire Mite, Surge Engine, Steel Seraph, Scrapheap Scrounger and Mishra's Research Desk should probably be considered in their respective colors.

Things to consider cutting -kiki combo, we've had this for ever, we've all done the thing... Though it is always fun -true name nemesis, is it to powerful? -craterhoof behemoth, is it to boring?


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