A merger of Jund list's from myself and the deck made by UndeadxPenguins. Looking for suggestions from Jund players to fine tune the list. The list has gone through some changes but I think it's around the final list.

General Idea

The main plan is to "Jund out" your opponents by destroying their assents while maintaining your own. This is the essence of out-valuing your opponent.

Starting Hand Explanation

You'll want around 3 lands in your starting hand, some removal and a creature or two to start your board.


The creatures in this list help hold value by gaining life, drawing cards, creating tokens, removal. Pretty much the best value creatures in the format in colors.

Chevill, Bane of Monsters : A card not seen in the first iteration of the deck. This card is a menacing blocker with death touch and a good attacker in an early board. The ability it has to put a bounty counter on something when the deck holds much removal is perfect to maintain value while destroying the opponents creatures/planeswalker. Due to the legendary rule and the amount of 2 drops in the deck Chevill is a 3 of assuming he will be targeted once he hits the board.

Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger : This card was really pushed in certain variations of the deck and although different I think she fits in this deck as well. Her abilities are pretty much what we want to be doing in the deck, discarding cards in our opponents hand and dealing damage while later getting a big beater on board. 3 of her is run because she is a cheap drop while the escape cost is great so we wouldn't need to worry about the legendary rule. She is a new addition so we are testing her at 3 copies.

Murderous Rider : This card was seen in a few lists and for some more removal we added 2 to our list. A solid removal card while also becoming a creature later in the game can help out our plan while simply casting it for its creature side can help out with aggro decks in the main. 2 of these are run but this value could change depending on how useful he is.

Questing Beast : This is a great card and for testing purposes we are running 1. An obvious beater for any matchups keyword soup allows us to block aggro decks with vigilange, haste to get damage right away in an empty board, combat damage can't be prevented and this can kill planeswalkers as well.

Rankle, Master of Pranks : A new addition to the deck but a powerful one. Great finisher with evasion on a most likely empty board by the time late game can commence. His abilities are wonderful for the deck as well whether we make the opponent discard a card (on both sides), to sac a creature (on both sides) or to draw a card. The draw a card ability for both players works well because the card we draw should be able to remove the card that they get. Due to the legendary rule and the late game role this card plays 2 of these are run.

Tireless Tracker : The last value creature in the deck. This creature makes valuable tokens as lands enter, the tokens draw cards when their activated ability is used, and when the tokens are used Tracker gets bigger. Great value all in one card. Due to this 3 are run as having too many can get clunky.

These are all removal based cards and deal with different threats. Having a good mix of instants and sorceries help balance out the deck.

Abrupt Decay : Perfect removal spell. Colors are not difficult to get in the deck and the drawback of only being able to hit lower CMC permanents is almost negligible. This card is pretty much perfect in everything it can do and it can't be countered if relevant. Due to clunk-i-ness and needing to fit a wide variety of cards in the deck 3 of these are run.

Assassin's Trophy : The younger brother of Abrupt Decay . A great card being able to take out anything at the cost of giving the opponent a free basic, if they have any. The pros outweigh the cons with this card as a catch-all card is wonderful in a deck like this. Due to the drawbacks and amount of removal run 2 of these are in the deck.

Fatal Push : One of the best removal spells in the format. Great 1 drop instant destroy a small creature or activate revolt with a Fabled Passage or Clue token to take out something larger still for 1 mana. This card does just about everything we want in the early game while still being relevant late game. Due to the wide variety of cards in the deck this is a solid 4 of.

Kolaghan's Command : An early adoptee in the deck, this card is a spicy addition but does many things we want it to do. It can: 1) bring any creature back if we need it, 2) Gets rid of a card in the opponents hand, 3) destroys an artifact is relevant as many hosers are artifacts and some creatures are also artifacts and, 4) Deals 2 damage to a target, which can either kill a small creature, destroy a planeswalker at low loyalty or help finish off the opponent. 2 choices can be made on this card for 3 mana and at best, and at usual, is a 2 for 1. 2 of these are run for spice.

These cards along with the instants prove a great variety of removal while maintaining balance of types of spells.

Dreadbore : This card also fills another niche role as being a sorcery speed removal spell for 2 mana. By being a catch-all card this removal this spell works wonders early or late game. 2 of these are run as instant speed removal is just better due to the speed but to maintain balance between instants and sorceries this fills a vital role.

Thoughtseize : I shouldn't need to explain this card but will anyway. At 1 mana I get to see your hand, figure out what you're playing/planning and get rid of a vital piece for 1 mana and 2 life. Good card mainly for the early game but can be useful late game when a situation did not arise for the opponent to play their cards in hand or to drag out a counter spell. 4 of these are run to find at least 1 early game.

There are two planeswalkers in the deck. They do many things in the deck allowing us to preform multiple actions a turn while supporting the deck as a whole.

Chandra, Torch of Defiance : Chandra is a wonderful addition to the deck. She has many abilities that are all relevant. Her first plus ability gets us card advantage and in turn allows us to remove more threats or do some damage if we don't cast the card. Her second +1 ability is still relevant even if dropped turn 4 as if a clue token is out she can sacrifice it with the mana she produces. Producing is also helpful to pay for half the cost of escaping a Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger . Her neg ability removes a creature and her ult allows us to maintain our controlling state while also dealing direct damage. Not a guaranteed win on it's own but in grinding games it can really help out. 2 of her is run to have us see just 1 a game.

Vraska, Golgari Queen : This card is great. Her plus ability can sac an extra land, a clue token (which triggers Tracker's ability), an extra creature, to then draw a card and gain a life. It's just trading cards in this way to upcycle the available cards to us. Because of the wording on the card as well nothing needs to be sacrificed either to just get Vraska to a high loyalty. Her neg is a sorcery speed Abrupt Decay which isn't bad and if she can survive until the next turn gains more value. If her ult is somehow activated you can pretty much guarantee a win in future turns as long as the board state allows it given that some creatures have evasion and due to the plan of the deck to remove threats while maintaining our own should lead to some damage not blocked. 2 of her is run to not be clunky and to see one every now and again.

The lands in this deck try to allow us to have untapped lands without taking too much pain and to gather all 3 colors for the deck while fitting room for 3 Fabled Passage and 5 basics for Tracker and in case we would need to search for a basic. We generally use the shock check manabase with some extras for value. The manabase may take some fine tuning to be perfect cutting one for another down the road.

Blood Crypt : The plan of the deck is to play shock then check lands to ensure all lands enter untapped as this is a slower deck but all lands are important until late game. 4 Blood Crypt are run because getting black is important turn 1 for Thoughtseize and red is needed for Kroxa.

Blooming Marsh : This allows us to not take pain first turn and still cast a Thoughtseize to minimize the pain taken. 2 of these are run to try to get 1 in the starting hand then not see them later game where they would ETB tapped. This also gives us our green source for early turn removal or creatures.

Dragonskull Summit : To start the check lands this is run to give us our red if we need it, or double red for Chandra while coming in untapped due to a shock land in play.

Fabled Passage : This card allows us to fetch for whatever color we need in the moment and get double land triggers for Tracker. 3 are run to not get them too early and fill our hand with early game tap lands while still providing a great bonus for playing Tracker.

Forest : These are run to help search for in case we get hit with a search basic card or we use a card:Fable Passage. 2 are run because the secondary color of the deck is green.

Hissing Quagmire : This card allows us to use our excess mana as a blocker or a beater in a grindy game. The black and green colors offsets the larger amount of red in the deck namely Blood Crypt . 2 are run because we wouldn't need more than 1 at a time on board and to ensure we don't draw it when we need an untapped land.

Mountain : This card is great to search for if we need a source or another source of red while not taking up too many valuable land slots needed to maintain the 3 colors. 1 of these are run to search for primarily if we need a red source.

Overgrown Tomb : Another part of the shock check manabase this rounds out the red by including green and the primary color of the deck black. 3 of these are run to get at least 1 shock land (any) in the starting hand to ensure the rest of our check lands come into play untapped.

Rootbound Crag : Another check land that gives us our colors while coming into play untapped thanks to the shock lands in the deck. 1 of these are run to keep the value of the colors while also allowing us to run different lands like the Fable Passage and basic cycle.

Stomping Ground : The last of the shock lands and generally the least important unless given an opposite land second (Golgori or Rakdos). We typically wouldn't play this one first as black is our only 1 drop and is a primary color in our two drops. To round out the shock land cycle in the deck and to maintain the color scheme 2 of these are run to ensure we get at least one shock land a match but not too many where we need to shock every early turn to keep our mana untapped.

Swamp : The last of the basics. Because black is the primary color of the deck this compliments the Forests in the deck by having 2. Not too many basics are warranted because we typically only want to fetch for them and not draw them normally given our shock check plan but in the event we would need more basics these are run and always come into play untapped.

Woodland Cemetery : The last of the lands and the last of the checks. Finishes up the check lands by providing the last of the colors, green black. 2 are run because we only wanted 25 lands while being able to get all of our colors.

The sideboard will always go through changes as the meta shifts but this sideboard looks fairly complete at this time.

Abrade : Good early game removal and dedicated artifact hate good for aggro match ups where the instant speed removal is great and against anything that says artifact on it which can be a good amount of hatecards ( Grafdigger's Cage ). 2 of these are run because not much artifact hate is needed as complimented by the catch all removal in the deck and the deck itself has much removal already. This slot here is pretty much a flex slot but in our local meta much artifact aggro decks are present and this helps counteract that.

Agonizing Remorse A great card against slower decks, control, midrange, combo. This is just about the best hand disruption card behind Thoughtseize . Allows for the possibility of a turn 1 Thoughtseize turn 2 Remorse. 3 of these are run to allow this combo and to complete the hand disruption removal package.

Radiant Flames : A great card for the aggro match up. This specific card is run because getting double of a color is harder than getting each color in the deck and the modular ability of the card allows us to hit for either 2 or 3 sometimes keeping our creatures alive in the process. 4 of these are run to ensure we get it when we need it.

Slaughter Games : The best card removal in the format for the deck. This card will get rid of any finisher or combo piece that we may have a problem with. 3 are run to ensure we get at least 1 copy.

Soul-Guide Lantern : Great graveyard hate card. Once it enters it gets rid of a card and its modes can be activated at instant speed to exile the rest of their graveyard (and not ours) or to draw a card if needed. 3 of these are run as temporary graveyard removal (temporary because with only 3 in the deck the opponent may have a graveyard at some point in the game) but the ability to exile the graveyard at instant speed keeps the card in check and in the sideboard. The second ability, which not why it's run, can also help out to dig us deeper a card and to get an additional removal piece.

A typical guide on how I sideboard using the deck. This is not complete as we can't really play any games as of yet.

When to take a card out:

When to put a Card in:

This is honorable mentions, cards that used to be in the deck and cards the may make the cut later on.

Bloodchief's Thirst : I can see its potential. At worst its a sorcery speed Fatal Push and at best can destroy anything late game for 4 mana. Good versatility on this card and good to find later on but still good early game. Due to the niche role this card plays by tying together all the removal and filling gaps only 1 was run.

Castle Locthwain : I saw this card in some lists and want to include just 1 somewhere. I don't think I can make it fit anywhere and I'm also not sure the extra card draw is needed but in case it's needed being on a land is pretty strong but the manabase is tight by having basics with Fabled Passage and running manlands as well.

Damping Sphere : This card was obviously run in some decks against combo and land ramp. I like the inclusion of it but it can also hurt us with its combo hurting ability because each second spell we cast cost an additional 1 and so on. I haven't seen much land ramp strategy and I like to think our hand disruption and Slaughter Games is good enough to take care of combo.

Grim Flayer : An early adaption to the deck. Good body and evasion with a great ability to filter the top of our deck or fuel delve for Tasigur, the Golden Fang or fuels his ability. This card was generally used because we added Chevill, Bane of Monsters . Competing for slots in the list Grim had to be cut to allow for more valuable cards although his value won't be forgotten.

Languish : I saw this in some lists and it's a very good board wipe card. I will have to compare this to Radiant Flames to see if the boardwipe on turn 3 is sufficient vs this more inclusive board wipe on turn 4.

Liliana, Waker of the Dead : I saw this card when searching for good support planeswalkers for the list as well as in a couple of other lists. I can see her value by basically having Kroxa's ability on a stick, being able to remove a creature (with help from some sort of Grim Flayer card). And the ult plays along with the graveyard strategy. She may be better in a full-on Golgori graveyard build but I see her value nonetheless.

Necromentia : I saw this card when looking for a card removal for combo and wasn't sure at first if the turn earlier matters as much compared to the un-counterable ability and ability to grab a land. Because of these points this card will stay in the maybeboard in case it is needed for a direct swap with Slaughter Games .

Oath of Chandra : We used to run this card as a sort of sorcery speed bolt and a permanent to sacrifice to Vraska and an additional card type for the graveyard. Because we don't exactly care about types in the graveyard anymore it's time to replace this card with something better. We didn't exactly one for one this card with another but by taking the playset out this allows us to add some new cards to the deck and to change it up with more flexibility. Due to us using the card prior this will stay in the maybeboard as a reminder if beginnings.

Scavenging Ooze : I saw this in a few lists and wanted to include it. The life gain and graveyard hate can help out in the main or the side while being a great beater. We found other life gain and graveyard hate cards in the meantime and while we wanted to include this the 2 drop slots were very tight and the sideboard as well and this guy just never made the cut. Great card and therefore it'll remain here.

Tasigur, the Golden Fang : This card was a wonderful finisher in the deck. Not exactly in attacking but by being able to get cards back Tasigur allows us to keep the pressure on by having more resources than our opponents. Tasigur, along with having a Grim Flayer out allows us to use Grim Flayer's ability to "scry 3" leaving not desired cards two 2 and our card 3rd then when we use Tasigur's ability we mill the top 2 leaving us with the card we want to draw along with an extra card from the grave. Due to the legendary rule, the role Tasigur plays in the deck and the high cost (either mana wise or exiling much of our graveyard) only 1 was run. Once Grim Flayer was cut the benefit of running him was much less and so he was cut as well to allow us to change the deck some. He will be missed as I believe his ability was pretty good at grinding out but there are other cards that allows us to grind out currently.


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