"Praise the Absolute, she will reward us well for this carnage."

--Minthara, Cleric of the Absolute

Seeing Minthara put on a Magic card is a little weird, but I guess I can't complain. Squeezed behind Capena and before Double Masters, it feels like Baldur's Gate already passed by. Regardless, even during the brief spoiler period, I felt people were undervaluing the Cleric of the Absolute here.

The game-plan is simple. Aristocrats, fetchlands, treasures? Shriekmaw, even?? Anything to get the experience ball rolling with Minthara in play. After that? She'll become gradually better at protecting herself with ward as the experience counters slowly tick up. Cards like Disciple of Bolas, Ruthless Technomancer, and Esper Sentinel get outrageous with higher powers. Elenda, the Dusk Rose, Nested Shambler, Carrion, and Inkshield will give you a preposterous number of tokens as a return. (Side note: there is nothing like turning someone's attack of 10 damage into lethal against them with Inkshield.) Once you get to five or six experience, most mass token generators become totally devastating. I'll get a full primer as soon as I finish building the list and get some games in.

And while I realize flicker is another viable strategy with her... she would much prefer I spill blood for the glory of the Absolute.


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