Attention CanLanders, are you tired of opponents having all those pesky Memory Banks and Storage Devices online? Well, allow me to introduce my latest creation - CTRL+ALT+DeLAND. This is a finely-tuned Land Destruction virus designed to corrupt your opponents' SSD and leave them with a fatal System.BlueScreen.

The mission specs are simple - we start by running efficient uninstallers like Strip Mine and Wasteland to wipe their SSD clean of resources. Then we deploy hazardous payloads like Fulminator Mage that do further drive demolition as they're removed from the system.

But we're not just angrily bashing delete here - this is a precisely engineered cycle of disruption. Pingers like Molten Rain act like a slow MemoryLeak eating away cycles. And when we Run Cruel.LandPrompt.exe with cards like Assassin's Trophy, we either purge their most persistent applications or force them to add bloated storage they can't handle.

The key is, while we're crashing their system, we've got robust data backups and recovery protocols. Cards like Ramunap Excavator and Crucible of Worlds let us recycle previously deleted Strip Mines right back into their SSD. Titania manufactures whole new virtual storage units whenever they trash their drives.

And that's just standard recursion. This virus has some nasty rootkit privileges as well. Opposition Agent lets us hijack any new Storage they try to install. If they manage to add Memory Banks, cards like Polluted Bonds corrupt them into liabilities that further destabilize their system.

The real ClimateCatastrophe.exe hits when we combine Nahiri's Lithoforming with Tiller Engine or Amulet of Vigor and graveyard effects to keep replaying Strip Mine in a loop of SSD destruction. Game over - their storage and Memory Banks have been reduced to rubble while we've forked off copies to stay operational.

So if you want to deliver that fatal System.CoreDump to your CanLander opponents, pick up this CTRL+ALT+DeLAND deck. I guarantee their drives won't be able to handle the cycle we put them through.


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