Hey Everyone! This is one of my first decks I've been tinkering with since I got the Battle For Bauldersgate precon with Captain N'ghathrod just chock full of fun horrors. As much as I love the good ol captain, the pod I'm playing with seem to always have some sort of graveyard recursion/benefits that just ends up biting me in the ass cause I dumped a few of the cards they needed for the win. That's where we shift over to Umbris. Decent mill/exile ETB effect for all nightmares and horrors I pop down that also make him extra chunky and hopefully mitigate the amount of useful cards that still slip through the cracks and into their grave. The main goal is to either deck them out while pumping Umbris so that I can also swing at them for commander damage. Any suggestions would be super appreciated


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After playtesting it some more I realized that Curse of Swine wasn't cutting it as a board wipe or at least a targeted removal considering so were going to test out how Mandate of Abaddon plays when we cast it targeting Umbris considering most of the time when we play Umbris he's the strongest creature on the field, effectively wiping the board and allowing Umbris to swing freely at anyone for commander damage.


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