My name is Lunden, but you can call me Vector. I play casual decks for fun with friends at Gamer's Haven in Colorado Springs. I specialize in budget-friendly builds for modern and legacy. I also build and play a lot of commander these days.

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I'm guessing we're experiencing some user-specific bug with the new tags again. The same thing actually happened to me shortly after the feature launched. I was able to see the tribal tags but not the keyword tags. At least one person reported the same problem, but it did seem like it wasn't universal. Very shortly after, the problem apparently rectified itself as I was able to see keyword tags again. Looking at my own tribal decks and Laugh's Edgar Markov deck, I see the creature and color tags in the editor and deck page clear as day. Therefore, if they aren't seeing them, I'd think the problem would have to be localized to a handful of users. I wish I could provide advice on how to fix such an issue, but as I said, it just kind of ceased being a problem for me without any input of my own. I have no idea if any changes to the feature were made that could have created and/or fixed such errors.

January 18, 2021 5:11 p.m.

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Last_Laugh, these hubs are no longer in the main dropdown menu. When you create a deck, the appropriate color tag will be automatically added for you. To add color tags to old decks, you only need to go into the editor and re-save the deck. As for creature types, they (along with keywords) have been moved to a separate tag selection system you can see to the right of the original one. If there are enough instances of a type or mechanic in the deck, you'll see a box with that label. I believe you can tick up to 3 of these boxes to have them appear as tags for the deck. If you want to tag a deck with a tribe, keyword, or color combination that isn't representative of that deck, you're out of luck as far as I can tell. Still, the fringe cases where that would be useful aren't worth sacrificing the leaner tag list for.

TLDR: Mardu and Vampires are still tags; they're just applied differently.

January 16, 2021 2:07 p.m.

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As with most new decks, I'd recommend starting any edits by thinning down to 60 cards. Your land count is really low for a 100 card deck, but it should be fine for a 60 card deck with enough mana dorks, so I'd cut 40 from the nonlands. The best cards to remove are anything with poor cost efficiency or minimal impact in the ramp archetype. Elvish Mystic is an example of a card to keep because it serves as a cheap accelerant towards your biggest threats. By contrast, Orochi Leafcaller does (almost) literally nothing in a mono-green deck except be a 1 mana 1/1. On the bomb side of things, I'd choose Terra Stomper over Arcbound Wanderer every time, especially since Wanderer only has synergy with the aforementioned snake. Then you have something like Demon's Horn which is pretty terrible in most black decks. And since this is a green deck, it may never trigger at all.

Once down to 60, I'd start looking for upgrades to the existing cards. Some elf ramp options I'm partial to are Joraga Treespeaker, Elvish Piper, Ezuri, Renegade Leader, Craterhoof Behemoth/End-Raze Forerunners, and Archetype of Endurance.

January 8, 2021 9:57 p.m.

Before worrying about sideboarding, I'd focus on getting the main down to 60 cards. The closer you are to the minimum deck size, the more likely it is you'll draw the best cards in your deck. In this case, it looks like you want to build a party deck with Haktos the Unscarred as one of the bombs. The first thing I'd do is identify which cards are actively working towards that end or are particularly efficient. If something doesn't fit those descriptions, cut it. If it does, try to acquire multiple copies of it. For example, Gore Swine isn't doing anything here that a party member couldn't do better, so I'd remove it. Compare that to Expedition Champion who has more stats for the same cost and actively synergizes with the warrior theme, so having 4 of him wouldn't be bad. You can apply that logic to the entire deck. Practiced Tacticsis better than Sandblast. Suspension Field is more cost effective than Skybind. And so on.

After thinning the deck to its strongest options, then I'd focus on upgrades. Seek out other decks with similar goals and see what they're running. You can then endeavor to purchase the best cards you see in such examples, budget permitting. I don't know much about Boros party, but a quick search revealed Archpriest of Iona, Grotag Bug-Catcher, Stonework Packbeast, Squad Commander, Journey to Oblivion, Kargan Intimidator, Luminarch Aspirant, Relic Axe, Goma Fada Vanguard, Robber of the Rich, Tazri, Beacon of Unity, Fissure Wizard, and Seasoned Hallowblade, and that's only looking at standard. Modern brings even more options, particularly for Boros warriors. Arashin Foremost, Boros Reckoner, Mardu Woe-Reaper, Alesha, Who Smiles at Death, Obsidian Battle-Axe, Grim Lavamancer, Jeering Instigator, Fire-Belly Changeling, Grand Abolisher, Mirror Entity, Bygone Bishop, and Selfless Spirit all come to mind.

January 5, 2021 1:23 a.m.

The card selections here are good, but you do have way too many lands. Infect lists sometimes run land counts in the low teens, and without more expensive threats like Wild Defiance, I definitely would run 20 at the most. If you do want to stick with a higher land count to avoid mana screw, Groundswell will almost always be better than Titanic Growth while still being more budget friendly than Might of Old Krosa. Although, it looks like even Might is fairly cheap after being reprinted. Other relatively cheap buffs I'd look at would be Rancor and Mutagenic Growth. The former is persistent and combos well with Ichorclaw Myr. The latter is basically half an Invigorate, but Invig is so good it's banned in pauper.

January 5, 2021 12:33 a.m.

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I recommend Steel Wall if you want toughness for value to put on the pressure and Hornet Nest if you prefer a strong deterrent. I'd also suggest having more redundancy for your commander if you're not spending resources on protecting him. Assault Formation is the most obvious since it also serves as a mana sink on offense. However, Huatli, the Sun's Heart and Rolling Stones sort of work in a pinch. The alternative could be to run more cards like Asceticism.

January 1, 2021 9:26 p.m.




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