Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Common

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Destroy target artifact or enchantment with converted mana cost 4 or less.

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Fragmentize Discussion

Oloro_Magic on Procellam Legit [[Ad Nauseam]]

1 month ago


As far as individual cards go you are correct both Fragmentize and Disenchant are more powerful than Patrician's Scorn, however my choice of playing Patrician's Scorn is not out of judging what the most powerful enchantment hate I can use in my sideboard is, it's more specifically targeted at a couple of decks in my current local meta where it is very good, notably the advance of R/W prison around here, a deck that has access to a multitude of problem enchantments, notably Card: stony silence, Eidolon of Rhetoric, Blood Moon, Rule of Law, Runed Halo, Banishing Light, and the list goes on as this player really focused on the enchantment side of things, not to mention U/W control seeing more play here with Runed Halo, Card: stony silence, amongst over more fringe tech. Scorn opens up a line in certain scenarios (basically when Rule of Law isn't out) where I can Angel's Grace then scorn removing any obstacle and then casting Ad Nauseam and winning from seemingly nowhere. As such for my current needs a simple Disenchant, while considered, will only serve to solve part of the problem. At a larger tournament I'm more likely to take the Disenchant as you correctly pointed out it's more powerful, but at this point in time Patrician's Scorn is the best option to deal with the problem. Thank you for pointing it out and allowing me to more fully explain the choice!

SynergyBuild on Procellam Legit [[Ad Nauseam]]

1 month ago

I would argue that Fragmentize or Disenchant are both more powerful than the scorn.

Funkydiscogod on Need help with white token ...

1 month ago

Welcome to the site!

By tradition, when we need help with a deck, we create a new "deck" in our profile. We itemize our cards so it's easier for players unfamiliar to hover over and know what they do. And when linking them, We use double brackets.

1 Avacyn, Angel of Hope 1 Archangel Avacyn  Flip 1 Shalai, Voice of Plenty 1 Iona, Shield of Emeria 1 Baneslayer Angel 1 Exalted Angel 1 Bruna, the Fading Light 1 Gisela, the Broken Blade 4 Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip 1 Cathedral Sanctifier

1 Elspeth, Sun's Champion

4 Devout Invocation 3 Entreat the Angels 1 Fragmentize

1 Murder Investigation 3 Anointed Procession 2 Secure the Wastes 1 White Sun's Zenith

2 Cobbled Wings 2 Darksteel Ingot 1 Gilded Lotus 1 Gauntlet of Power 1 Panoptic Mirror

1 Sandstone Bridge 24 Plains

Remember that deck building skill increases with blood alcohol content (but only if you're 21, otherwise stay away from the stuff).

Silverdrake on GW Saprolings

1 month ago

The hard part with tribal decks is having a reason to actually play the tribe. Right now you've got Sporecrown Thallid but that's it. You could consider Metallic Mimic or Adaptive Automaton, and if you're willing to splash into another color you should definitely spring for Slimefoot, the Stowaway and Pack's Disdain.

As for sideboard, the two general directions you can go in is planning for the decks that are good against you, or planning for the meta (the decks you expect to play against). Wrath effects and dedicated burn decks will both be a struggle for you. I'd recommend you up the number of Heroic Interventions for fighting against control since you can't recover very well from a wrath. I'd also recommend you look at some cheap lifegain or way to interact with burn. I see Congregate there, but by the time you're able to cast it burn decks will have already killed you. Timely Reinforcements is a good option, so is Blessed Alliance. Leyline of Sanctity is a great option too, but its pretty pricey. If you splash black like I suggested you could even look at a few copies of Collective Brutality. Beyond that you should expect the meta. It's very graveyard heavy right now, so I'd recommend 1-3 copies of Rest in Peace. Tron and Storm are also both present, so 1-3 copies of Damping Sphere would be a good idea as well. Artifact and enchantment destruction is always good to have access to, so 1-3 copies of either Fragmentize or Naturalize would serve you well. 1-2 copies of Pithing Needle can be nice as a catch-all, and a bit of extra removal in the form of Blessed Alliance, Journey to Nowhere, or Condemn could be nice in some games too. If you run black those could swap for Fatal Push, Collective Brutality, or Go for the Throat. With the addition of black you could also throw in some hand disruption against combo or control, things like Thoughtseize or Inquisition of Kozilek.

Whatever you choose to do, good luck!

Silverdrake on Junk/Abzan

1 month ago

Lot to love here, great deck to rejoin the game with. You'll likely struggle against control - depending how much you're expecting to face it you might want to find a slot in board for a hard to remove value engine like Bitterblossom. I could see burn becoming a problem for you as well, in which case you might look at 1-2 copies of Kitchen Finks somewhere in the 75. Even a 1x Blessed Alliance could be nice since it can also come in against bogles. And I can't help but notice you have no way to destroy leyline of sanctity except wasting a maelstrom pulse on it... Might want to swap out the creeping corrosion for a Fragmentize or Naturalize. Creeping corrosion would likely only come in against affinity, which would have killed you by the time you could cast it.
Of course, those are just my thoughts- play whatever makes you happy. Whatever you decide to do, good luck!

DarkStarStorm on Make Mill Great Again

2 months ago

This list is a bit confused on what it's trying to be. Snapcaster is too slow for mill. You're not playing the long game, so cut it and replace it with Trapmaker's Snare. It acts as copies 5-6 of your best mill spell. You also NEED to be splashing white for Fragmentize or Disenchant. You lose to Leyline of Sanctity, every game, with this build. Path to Exile is also great because they will NEVER fetch for the basic for fear of Archive Trap. That makes it the best removal spell in the entire history of magic.

Sorry, but this list won't get an upvote from me until it's tuned to be capable of beating one of the most sideboarded cards in the format. (and no, Mesmeric Orb is NOT a way to win through it, even when Fraying Sanity is on the field too. That's way too slow) Also...four copies of Darkness in the main? Either you have nothing but aggro decks in your meta, or you enjoy losing against control because you keep drawing dead cards.

SynergyBuild on Undead Life Gain

2 months ago

I would greatly recommend Fragmentize, ot is pretty bugdet and is super cheap to cast, +1 and good luck!

Flooremoji on Listerine

2 months ago

It's working...

Maybe add more Disenchant in the side. or better yet Fragmentize.

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