Format Legality
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh Common

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Destroy target artifact or enchantment with converted mana cost 4 or less.

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Fragmentize Discussion

bellz76 on Azorious Embalm (Looking For Suggestions)

1 day ago

I have two thoughts about your deck. First, I think you should be running Angel of Sanctions in the main. I would suggest 3 of them. I think a cast out attached to a 3\4 flying body is pretty good. Add to that it embalms? I see it in your sideboard, but what would you board that in for that it wouldn't already be good if it was in the main deck? Would you ever board it out? You said you wanted to add more removal, right? I think he's the real deal.

Second- I think you need some form of card drawing in here. Anything from Glimmer of Genius to Pull from Tomorrow to maybe even 3 or 4 Take Inventory... something to let you see more cards. You could even run something like Forgotten Creation to pitch all your embalm cards and draw that many more cards and then embalm them soon after. But I really think you need to see more than 1 card a turn.

I'm not sure what to suggest in the sideboard since it sounds like the main deck might be changing. Some generic sideboard cards might be Fragmentize for the artifact and enchantment decks, Negate for your control matches... I'd probably add one more Cast Out to sure up your match-ups vs decks with heavy planes walkers... The rest would be dependent on your local meta, or something you find the deck is weak against when you start testing.

Hope that helps some.

bellz76 on Undeadication

1 day ago

Alright, you're losing to the W\B Aristocrat deck isn't a big deal. It just means you need to actually build a sideboard. What you have currently are a bunch of leftover cards that didn't make the cut for the deck. A dedicated sideboard will allow you to sure up the games against the decks that your deck doesn't do well against. This is a relatively easy fix.

First off, you can start by running Fragmentize - I would suggest having 3 in the sideboard. This allows you to bring in the help you need vs any enchantments (like the Hidden Stockpile) or artifacts. Boom, just like that, the procession is done. Secondly, I like to run 2 or 3 Flaying Tendrils to help against a more aggressive deck, or in this case, a deck that depends on making tokens and sacking them for value. The tendrils takes out all the tokens, and the Zulaport Cutthroat. Yes, it does get your guys too, but with a mastery on the board, or a Lord, you're zombies survive. To finish up you sideboard, I'd recommend a discard spell like Transgress the Mind. 3 of those will help you vs any control deck you play. You already have a decent build vs control with the Dread Wanderer because you can keep bringing him back, so that's a good thing. The other 7 or 8 slots will be dependant on what decks are popular at your game store where you play. Cards like Dispossess or Lost Legacy really help vs the Marvel decks.. I do like Cast Out as well- that can help you vs plansewalkers too.

The biggest issue is what cards to take out. Typically you take the cards that aren't doing you any good- or the least effective cards. I will tell you this- I think it's a big mistake to ever take any of Lilly's Mastery out. Giving you a pair of 3\3 zombies and the rest of your zombies +1+1 is just too good. It's what makes the zombie deck work right now. For example- against the B\W deck, I'd take out the Binding Mummy and the Campaign of Vengeance for 3 Frags and 2 Tendrils. This gives you more power vs the enchantments and a board wipe for the lower power tokens and creatures. Sideboarding is always the most difficult part of magic (in my opinion). But when you think about it, typically more than half the games you play in any night are after sideboarding... kinda important.

Lastly, I would totally switch out the In Oketra's Name for 2 or 3 Anguished Unmaking. That is a great idea. It gives you main deck answers to anything, and if you get to use the Wayward Servant 3 times, it covers the life loss of the unmaking.

So I hope this helps- I know it's a bit much to read. Sorry- I can't help it- I'm a bit long-winded:-)

Entomo on Advertise your STANDARD deck!

1 week ago

@geminispartanx I know you wanted feedback before game day but it looks like you did great anyways. I cant really say what to suggest vs mardu, it seems like you've got most of the tools already. If you haven't looked at Fragmentize its a card I like because it can get enchantments and artifacts.

Cat Litter

Standard Entomo


This is a deck I just brewed up in an attempt to abuse Anointed Procession with Soul Separator. The idea being that soul separator splits its target into 2 tokens, and anointed procession doubles those tokens, so we will get 2 1/1 spirit copies of the creature and 2 x/x zombies with that creatures stats.

To further abuse this interaction i decided to use creatures for the target of Soul Separator that are creatures that can also benefit from Anointed Procession. I settled on 3 that can all win the game; Regal Caracal, Angel of Invention, and Hanweir Garrison. FOR EXAMPLE, Separating the soul of a Regal Caracal with anointed procession in play will result in two 1/1 Regal Caracal clone flying spirit cats, two 3/3 zombies, and eight 1/1 cats with life-link. The spirit cats buff each other and buff the other cats, resulting in 34 power on the board at instant speed.

The deck has been a blast to play and test and I think it might be able to compete, especially if mid range becomes more popular and control isn't too dominate. That being said the deck has access to amazing removal and sometimes feels like its operating on a whole other level.

I'm posting this because I'd love more feedback on it and I think its cool enough that more people should see it. Thanks.

JBert on Boros Humans

1 week ago

Amonkhet brought a lot of great cards to RW Humans, Honored Crop-Captain being one of them. I've been playing the deck for a few months now and definitely have some suggestions.

4x Always Watching is simply a great anthem with fantastic synergy with Humans that can be exerted.4x Glory-Bound Initiate combos well with Always Watching so that you can swing with a 5/5 Lifelink turn after turn.

Replace Village Messenger  Flip with Town Gossipmonger  Flip, I recently made this switch and it's brought me more success than you may think. Gossipmongers can also be flipped in response to blocks if you have an Always Watching out.

Metallic Mimics don't do well when played on curve, and do a worse job of beefing your board state than Always Watching as they don't provide any bonus to previously played humans with the exception of the Lieutenants.

Devoted Crop-Mate as a 2-of works wonders, bringing back 85% of your creatures and potentially providing a pseudo combat trick if you can bring back a Lieutenant.

As far as removal is concerned, I've found Declaration in Stone to be the best for MOST creatures, as the only naturally hasty threat is Glorybringer. For all others, Repel the Abominable will help you in every matchup except the mirror. Use Fragmentize on vehicles and keep at least 3x Cast Out in the sideboard for Planeswalkers and even Liliana's Mastery

bdtrinh on Trials of Modernity

1 week ago

Fragmentize, Disenchant, or Seal of Cleansing might be of interest for you in the sideboard. I saw a couple Seals of Cleansing in the Eternal Masters stuff I think.

Zaueski on Bant Crush

1 week ago

So based on what you said Argeaux, I'm thinking I should replace Manglehorn in the side with Fragmentize and find room for a Jaddi Offshoot. Its the best one drop in my opinion since I'd lose the Clue token from a Thraben Inspector... None of the other ones really impressed me as far as usuability went... I'll definitely test Tireless Tracker instead of Glimmer of Genius, thats a good idea and helps the back up beat down plan a lot.

Forestxavier20 on Throne of the God-Pharaoh

1 week ago

With the artifact hate from Fragmentize By Force and just plain hate from Cast Out, the throne will be basically useless, and the opponent would still have the ability to get rid of Rai quickly along with the profane prince himself. The deck is good, but the Artifact hate is strong

CallanBuckle64 on R/W Humans Exert

2 weeks ago

I would say run a few Hanweir Battlements in it. Also spells like Impeccable Timing, Declaration in Stone and Fragmentize would be good for side board?

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