Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Common

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Destroy target artifact or enchantment with converted mana cost 4 or less.

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Fragmentize Discussion

Countermage on Ixalan Boros Aggro

3 days ago

CryptonicNova Maybe I was a bit ahead of myself with that comment and only time will tell, but what does Ram Red have for the mid game that this deck can't have? We can run Hazoret the Fervent and Chandra, Torch of Defiance exactly like them. We can switch to a more midrange deck with Glorybringer, Rekindling Phoenix, Cast Out, Regal Caracal or Gideon of the Trials like Desert Red usually do. And now we have access to Fragmentize against Search for Azcanta  Flip, Riddleform, Authority of the Consuls, Drake Haven and all the new fliplands.

SynergyBuild on Kitty!!!

1 week ago

I believe the rules of these are 60 dollars mainboard, with 10 dollars sideboard?

Same as What a HORRORble Night to Have a Curse

and Spooky Ghosts (Budget tribal tournament)

and Disciples of Ojutai

Anyway, I want to help build this deck up, since it is only ~50$ and has no sideboard!

Cats are a very good "zoo" tribe. They can be very aggresive and kill the opponent before they have a chance to respond. From the most aggresive one drops such as Loam Lion, Savannah Lions, and Wild Nacatl, to landfall creatures like Steppe Lynx and Scythe Leopard (Think triggering landfall twice with Evolving Wilds) you could easily build a very powerful budget deck.

Fleecemane Lion is a great two drop, and later if you get him Monstrous, he can be a killer on the field. Longtusk Cub is another good threat mid game, and Pride Sovereign as a finishing blow.

Cards like Adorned Pouncer which you have in the deck are only really good when used with buffs like Prepare / Fight or Appeal / Authority and Cats just is not the tribe for them.

Regal Caracal is a great card, and it looks that way, but at five mana, it is a bit two slow for this deck. I will build a quick decklist below to show you how to build Cats in a more aggressive way:


4x Steppe Lynx

4x Wild Nacatl

4x Scythe Leopard

4x Savannah Lions

4x Loam Lion

4x Longtusk Cub

4x Pride Sovereign

4x Prowling Serpopard

2x Regal Caracal

4x Oust

4x Evolving Wilds

2x Terramorphic Expanse

8x Plains

7x Forest

1x Mountain


3x Watchers of the Dead - Against Control

2x Qasali Pridemage - To get rid of enchantments/artifacts

4x Fragmentize - To get rid of even more enchantments/artifacts

3x Prey Upon - Removal for creatures

3x Heroic Intervention - Against Board wipes

SynergyBuild on Disciples of Ojutai

1 week ago

Drop one of the three Evolving Wilds for a single Island, I've done some math to say it is better (Speed and Fixing Math)

I want to help all of these decks (like Spooky Ghosts (Budget tribal tournament)) and here is the help I can offer you:


4x Fragmentize

2x Dispel

2x Ixalan's Binding (These tribal decks use a lot of 4 of's)

2x Ghostly Prison

3x Unsummon (Can boucne your creature to avoid removal, or act as semi-removal if needed against a Thing in the Ice  Flip or something)

2x Oketra's Monument (Chump Blockers for ever!)

Moosemandude on Mono White Metalcraft

2 weeks ago

Additional deck tips for piloting!

Notable Interactions:

Kor Skyfisher can:1. Bounce a land to net an extra land drop if you have no lands in hand and haven't yet played a land.2. Bounce Thraben Inspector to create extra clues for card draw, especially good against control3. Bounce Flayer Husk after the germ dies to create extra creatures, good against decks plaing Chainer's Edict4. Bounce Tooth of Chiss-Goria which gives you an extra activation for free if you have three or more artifacts5. Bounce any creature post combat to give it pseudo-vigilance

Note: Glint Hawk can do all the things Kor Skyfisher does except only with artifacts.

When facing an aggro deck:

  1. Leverage the size of you creatures to both attack into their creatures and hold them back on defense. Trading two of their creatures for one of yours that has a Bonesplitter on it will net you card advantage in the long run which will put you ahead.

  2. If the ground is filling up, try to have the last flier standing. Regardless of how wide their ground force is, if you have profitable blocks and a Glint Hawk or Auriok Sunchaser left you'll be able to wear them down.

  3. You'll never beat an aggro deck on turn 4, don't be afraid to keep a slower hand if you have some draw power like Kor Skyfisher + Thraben Inspector .

When facing a control/combo deck:

  1. Mulligan more aggressively for fast hands. Control players are the ones you can kill on turn 4. Often a six-card hand with a one drop + Bonesplitter is better than a slow seven-card hand.

  2. Take note of how they plan to slow you down. Black decks filled with removal spells are best beaten by flooding the board and gaining card advantage with Kor Skyfisher because you'll eventually have more threats than they will have removal spells. Alternatively, if they plan to fog you into oblivion with Moment's Peace you'll need speed above all else and damage will be all that matters.

  3. Against combo players it's good to note that they won't risk losing important combo pieces in blocks, especiall if they know that you have Tooth of Chiss-Goria in your deck.

What to side out:

As a basic rule I will side out the Scale of Chiss-Goria first followed by 1x Flayer Husk, 1x Tooth of Chiss-Goria, and 1x Frogmite in that order. Although taking these cards out subtracts form the explosive potential of the deck in the early turns, they quickly get worse as the game progresses to a greater degree than most of the other cards in the deck.

What to side in:

Celestial Flare comes in against any deck that wants to win with one giant creature like a Slippery Bogle of an Ulamog's Crusher. It's good to know that if they attack with a tiny creature to try and protect their big threat, you can eat the small creature then play Celestial Flare at the end-of-combat step.

Dust to Dust comes in against affinity primarily because Dust to Dust turns into a double Stone Rain against artifact lands. This is probably the weakest card in the sideboard since the printing of fragmentize, I would suggest to cut this first when adding cards that better fit your local metagame.

Fragmentize is for any decks that play artifacts and enchantments. Can be very strong when used to blow up artifact lands and is incredibly efficient at one mana. I find myself boarding in all four if they have 10+ possible targets in my opponents deck.

Holy Light comes in against elves and delver, and basically any deck that plays lots of non-white 1/1's. Note: Holy Light will also hit your own germs and Vault Skirges.

Lone Missionary is primarily for burn, but you could bring in one or two against other aggro decks because gaining four to eight life can sometimes put you over the top.

Sunlance is the only removal spell in the 75 and gets brought in against decks that play creatures it can hit. Prized due to its efficiency at one mana, being able to both play a creature and a Sunlance in one turn can easily swing a game.

Note: The third Lone Missionary could be replaced with another Sunlance against creature heavy metagames or a Mana Tithe if combo is prevalent.

jon.grimes893 on Ixalan Standard Zombie

2 weeks ago

welcome to Magic!

-3 Untethered Express

-1 Liliana, Death's Majesty

-4 Fragmentize

-3 Bone Picker

-4 Wayward Servant

+1 Plague Belcher

+1 Gifted Aetherborn

+4 Dread Wanderer

+4 Binding Mummy

+2 Cast Out or Vraska's Contempt

+3 Dire Fleet Hoarder

Untethered is just bad, especially in a deck that isn't producing 1/1 tokens to crew the artifact.

Liliana, Death's Masjesty is a good card, but she works out better in re-animator style decks.

Fragmentize is a sideboard card. Cast Out / Vraska's Contempt are better all-around cards that can deal with planeswalkers and Scarab God.

Bonepicker is only a Turn 3 play at the earliest for you, as long as you Walk the Plank. Which implies you also have 3 black mana Turn 3.

Wayward Servant is good, but its mana intensive and Binding Mummy works out better for pushing damage.

Plague Belcher, Gifted Aetherborn, and Dread Wanderer are all too good not to run 4 in any black aggro deck. Its important to note that Plague Belcher can stick the negative counters on himself to prevent being blown out by removal.

Dire Fleet Hoarder is the only card recommendation I had slight hesitations about making. You are playing lots of 5 drops, so an early blocker/attacker who translates into an earlier Liliana's Mastery might not be the worst idea.

solarbeam on Brisela Control

2 weeks ago

You're really going to want to go up to at least 24 lands with the Brisela plan and Sphinx's Revelation. Swords to Plowshares over Path to Exile, you can also run OG Counterspell. Consider Fragmentize, Disenchant, and Wear / Tear to be able to address artifacts and enchantments.

Darsul on Senior Death-Stomp(y)

2 weeks ago


I'm trying to help really, that said. +1 The card work together but, lets be real giving any creature +2/+2 and trample for the cost of a creature you would be casting any ways is good deal. The fact your trying to put it on double striker is just icing. Greenbelt Rampager + Rhonas's Monument doesn't need white, right? Kewl, Ninth Bridge Patrol profits off the combo but, what is he on is own(?), not even a bear for 2 mana, doesn't cost less with the monument out (does trigger but, so does ANY other creature you cast) it just feels forced here. Looking to the side board I would say Appetite for the Unnatural is = or > then Fragmentize. The only real thing white is adding ATM for ya is Cast Out which is not really helping, yes does answer stuff but does it answer things you can't just tower over?

So, why add white? What does white answer that green doesn't answer on its own or just towers over?

PhyrexianGameplay on W/B Vampire Aggro

3 weeks ago

cut the 5 mana stuff and play some kaladesh vampires like Yahenni, Undying Partisan and Gifted Aetherborn. also, if you can afford it, the removal could see some uprgrades. Fatal Push, more copies of Vraska's Contempt, and even Thopter Arrest and Ixalan's Binding. the only five drop i could see you keeping is Bishop of the Bloodstained and just a 2 of if any. you could play some of the monuments to increase your clock and cut Demystify for Fragmentize. fragmentize is only a sorcery, but it hits all of the important enchantments and hits artifacts as a bonus.for additions to the manabase, the only good duel in your colors is concealed courtyard and that's about $5-7 each. for the sideboard, i would play Crested Sunmare for the temur energy matchup, Gideon's Intervention against approach, Sentinel Totem against anything playing the scarab god, and Kambal, Consul of Allocation against every control deck. angel of invention might get in against things like u/b as an anthem effect, but the five mana might make it unplayable as you would hopefully be tapping out for it on turn 5. one final thing for the maindeck if you are going to play monuments is Legion Conquistador. this card has been severely underestimated in the few months it has been out.

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