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Behold, the mighty Maraxus Molotov, a deck that's red hot and ready to ignite the battlefield!

Say hello to Maraxus of Keld, our fiery commander who's sure to turn some heads (and smash some faces) with his explosive power. You might think this commander's a dud, but trust me, he's a total stud.

Our mission is simple: beef up Maraxus to epic proportions with untapped treasures, creatures, and lands. Then unleash him upon our foes, either through a direct attack or by flinging him like a flaming bottle of glory. Why settle for a boring old unblockable equipment or extra combat trick when you can hurl Maraxus and watch the world burn?

Our enemies will never see it coming. They'll think they're up against just another ho-hum voltron deck, but we'll surprise them with Maraxus, the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.

Ready to join the Maraxus Molotov crew? Check out some of our key cards below and let's light this fuse!

Light the Fuse

  1. Unleash Fury
  2. Rush of Blood
  3. Blackblade Reforged
  4. Strata Scythe
  5. Nettlecyst
  6. Blackblade Reforged

Attack with Maraxus

  1. Shadowspear
  2. Delina, Wild Mage

Throw the Molotov

  1. Chandra's Ignition
  2. Soul's Fire
  3. Gravitic Punch
  4. Brash Taunter
  5. Rupture
  6. Thud
  7. Fling
  8. Kazuul's Fury  
  9. Heart-Piercer Manticore

This deck is packed to the brim with treasure-generating mayhem, giving our flame-throwing commander the extra oomph he needs to make even more of a dent in the battlefield.

And the best part? Those treasures don't just pump up Maraxus's power and toughness, they also provide a handy way to bring him back from the ashes after he's been unleashed in all his flaming glory. That's right, we're talking about a Maraxus Molotov that keeps on giving!

Of the 24+ treasure-tastic cards in this build, there are a few that really stand out...

  1. Ancient Copper Dragon
  2. Goldspan Dragon
  3. Professional Face-Breaker
  4. Rain of Riches

So, let's hear it! If you've got any card suggestions that should be added to the Maraxus Molotov, drop a comment below. I'm always looking to improve this deck and make it even more explosive!

Updates Add

I pulled a spicy Solphim, Mayhem Dominus and figured it would be perfect for The Maraxus Molotov.

It will help to deal damage with all of the fling effects and also will work pretty nicely with Ingenious Artillerist and Reckless Fireweaver

Decided to cut a mountain since I am already running a flip land, plus there are a lot of ways to make treasures too.

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