The ultimate Lightning Skelemental Deck

A deck that has been on my radar ever since Thunderkin Awakener was announced. I have always had a sweet spot for Ball Lightning and after seeing a deck tech awhile ago with a more gruul outlook I had hoped it would go somewhere. Sadly it didn't, but after the release of Modern Horizons and the showcasing of Lightning Skelemental this deck had some light shown on it. I'm looking for feedback on the deck as a whole and possible improvements I missed when making it or cards that just don't work in the current modern meta. The faithless looting ban a long time ago had killed the deck and only recently have I gotten back into wanting to complete it. I am looking for cards that came out sense the ban that could really spice up the deck. My biggest hope is to find some sort of turn one replacement for faithless looting (like the rest of the world), thought the best change I can think of would be Merchant of the Vale.

Update after a year: I would like to try and modernize this deck and need feedback. :)


Updates Add

Quite a few changes have been made to the deck.

  1. The landbase changed a little bit adding one each of the new kamigawa lands just for the chance they are relevant

  2. Took out a bit of the outdated removal in place of merchant of the vale and ashenmoor liege hoping to make it more consistent and the liege lets me recur the fulminator mage in game 2

  3. Still considering adding another color for better cards while still not straight losing to blood moon and leyline of the void

  4. Would still like feedback on this deck, plan on doing more playtests at FNM and hopefully get the kinks out before too long.


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