{{2U}}: Tap target creature without flying.

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Flood Discussion

FormOverFunction on Best 1-drops?

1 year ago

Black Vise and The Rack are always rad. I’m super happy to see Will-o'-the-Wisp in the lists.

Flood is a trap I always fall into; as I always forget that the activation is more expensive than the CMC. Still a perfectly-flavored card. <3

Epicurus on

1 year ago

This is my favorite deck of the month, for sure! I love pillow fort decks :3

Here's a few suggestions. Some are kinda weird, so bear with me here...

I remember back in a time, long ago, when no flying theme deck was complete without Radiant, Archangel. Alas, those days are probably passed.


TheFawn on Commander: Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor

1 year ago

Ooooh nice deck. This will really annoy my play group - muhahaha

I first read about how to build a Aboshan deck at edh-commanders.com - but yours is much clear to me.

Can Flood be used too? That card has allways worked for me :)

Epicurus on Card creation challenge

1 year ago

Talessi of the Great Flood

Legendary Planeswalker - Talessi

+2 Tap target creature. It doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step

+1 Create a 0/5 blue wall creature token with defender and ": this creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn."

0 Create a 5/4 blue Elemental creature token

-3 Return 2 target nonland permanents to their owner's hands

-10 Each land becomes a basic island


Rocking out the Wall of Water and Water Elemental, with a nod to Flood. Then, after playing around for a bit, she f's everyone's mana production. Great Flood, bitches!

Long day. Happy Easter everyone!

Make a rabbit creature that lays eggs and comes back from the dead.

Spell_Slam on Tobias Fünke, Ana****ist

1 year ago

I like the deck a lot!

I personally would go even heavier on the X/1 side of things rather than splitting your creatures with 1/X creatures (except for the obvious good ones like Ophidian and Jhessian Thief, of course). Taking a quick look, you could think about including Phantasmal Forces and Rusted Slasher for raw power. I also really like Graven Abomination because it hits hard and also gets key pieces out of the graveyard, which your deck doesn't do very well. Otherwise, there's a ton of "high-flier" cards that are 3/1s with flying that can't block non-fliers. I imagine you excluded them because they aren't good enough, though. In terms of cuts, I would definitely think about taking out most of the equipment that pumps toughness.

I've never tried it, but Abjure seems like a decent hard-counter in your deck, considering that you're putting pressure on the opponent. Saving mana for more efficient plays by sacrificing a less-useful permanent seems worth it.

Considering you want to be the proactive player in combat, I think a great way to defend yourself would be Flood. It's mana intensive, but tapping down a few key creautres from the opponent could really swing the race in your favour.

Even if they're 1/1s, I think cards like Spellstutter Sprite and Cloud of Faeries would be great includes. They are still unblockable and hold equipment well.

Gush seems like a great option for card advantage in your deck. It also gives you stuff to loot away in the mid/late-game. I would definitely play it over Divination.

Mizzium Skin is a very effective way to protect your fragile creatures from certain board wipes like Electrickery or the occasional single-target removal.

It's hard to see a deck that is running Archaomancer and Peregrine Drake, but not Ghostly Flicker. You can get so much from just adding that last piece to your deck.

In terms of cuts, Sigiled Starfish, Proven Combatant, Select for Inspection, Storm Crow and Pardic Wanderer seem on the weaker end.

DreadKhan on No mana for you

1 year ago

Have you considered Slow Motion ? It can be pretty nasty, being able to be recycled like Rancor. I also like Flood a ton, that card has won my generally abominably bad blue decks some games. Useless vs flying sucks, but a one of maybe? I also wonder about some of those old, weird upkeep cost cards blue got back in the day that targeted enchantments I think? Power Taint might let you interact with enchantment type decks, maybe a sideboard card?

Random thing, but back when I was a younger man, I found a cheap Mana Web singleton in a binder nobody was looking through for years I bet. I was sure it and Meekstone could be good cards, but I'd have to find more... low and behold, neither is cheap! Good finds, and your deck looks like an interesting build.

Flooremoji on Battlewise Hoplite Voltron PEDH

2 years ago

Armillary Sphere is great vaule, and ia almost always helpful. Maybe you could add more duals or cycle lands for you manabase? I noticed you wern't using Rhystic Study and Mystic Remora , is there a reason (to slow)? Edicts are a beating, maybe add more creatures. ( Heliod's Pilgrim and Totem-Guide are great always.) I would take out Downpour for either Flood or Rhystic Deluge . Force Spike is probably to soft a counter in PDH, Daze would be better on turn 2, but want's basic Islands. Counterspell may be your best bet. Hope this helps!

P.S. how much GY hate do you run? Relic of Progenitus is always great.

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