“Storm” tribal. First the sky starts to cloud over ( Bant Panorama ) then the Storm Front starts to roll in. Shortly after a Refreshing Rain begins. All of a sudden a bolt of Lightning Strike s a nearby tree. The Thunderclap is deafening and a Sudden Storm begins. It begins as a Lightning Storm and once the Lightning Cloud eases off the Downpour begins. Next, the Windstorm starts and that’s when people start to realize that this is turning into a Tropical Storm and that’s when the stormchasers ( Stormchaser Mage ) and Storm Seeker s begin to show up. The Hail Storm hits moments before the Cyclone and Tornado s begin a ways away. People start saying that this is turning into the Storm of the Century. Now the Floodwarters start coming in with the storm surge before the oncoming Hurricane makes landfall. People start screaming out to Keranos, God of Storms “why are you doing this to us?!!?”. Keranos thunders out a Thundering Rebuke saying “Look to Ral, Caller of Storms for he is the one behind this”. The longer this storm goes on and and refuses to let up they begin to realize they can no longer Weather the Storm and begin to flee as the Flood waters continue to rise. As everyone starts to evacuate they hear the call of one Storm Crow cawing out as if laughing at the storm as it enters the Eye of the Storm as if to challenge Keranos himself. It is upon witnessing this that the Storm God's Oracle begins to believe in the legend of the Thousand-Year Storm

I went with Kalamax, the Stormsire as commander rather than Keranos, God of Storms because I really wanted to use Storm Seeker and all the other storm based cards in green and Kalamax was the only temur legend I could find that fit the theme of the deck. I also have the deck listed in the hubs as a flash and storm deck. Those two hubs were chosen for the lightning “flash”es in the “storm”.


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